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What Barry Soetoro Obama Is HIDING From US
Hold on folks.  It's wrong to ridicule citizens who are asking legitimate questions about the man who is our President. In fact, as responsible citizens, it's our duty to protect our country, not to blindly support someone who quite frankly, we'd never even heard of 3 years ago.
Here are a few things that Obama is hiding from you and all other Americans:
Barack Obama / Stanley Ann Dunham marriage license  --  Not released
Lolo Soetoro / Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama marriage license  --  Not released
Record of adoption by Lolo Soetoro  --  Not released
Baptismal certificate  --  Not released
Indonesian Passport, renewed for travel to Pakistan, a restricted nation for U.S. citizens in 1981  --  Not released
Student records at Mentung No. 1 public school in Jakarta, Indonesia  ­  Not released
Hawaii elementary school records  ­  Not released.
Punahou High School records  -  Not released
How his education at Punahou, a very expensive private school (Current tuition is $17,300/year.), was paid for.
Selective Service Registration  -  Released but proven to be Counterfeit
SAT score  ­  Not released
Occidental College records  -  Not released
Columbia College records  -  Not released
Columbia thesis  -  Not released
Harvard College records  -  Not released
Harvard Law Review articles  -  None (maybe 1, but not signed)
How he paid for his Occidental, Columbia and Harvard education  ­  Not released
LSAT score  ­  not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles  ­  None found
Law practice client list  -  Not released
Financial records while a community organizer in Chicago  ­  Not released
Annenburg Project records  -  Not released
Illinois State Senate records  -  None (Locked up to prohibit public view)
Illinois State Senate schedule  -  'Lost'  (ALL other Illinois state senators' records are intact)
Medical records  -  Not released
Passport  -  Not released
Why his social security number allegedly starts with 042, a number issued in Connecticut sometime during 1976-1977.
Why his mother, Ann Dunham, is reported to have nearly a dozen aliases, at least two different Social Security numbers, and upwards of over 99 separate addresses.
Father's name and address, and if dead, his death certificate.  Not released
Mother's death certificate showing who survivors are.  Not released
Mother probate estate records showing who heirs are.  Not released
In addition to being simply "Not released" most of these records are SEALED. 
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