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Governmental Additions To Global Criminality
By Jim Kirwan
The Price of Citizenship
The Police-State in this country demands very strict adherence to the slightest infractions of the now dead laws, by any ordinary citizen, and keeps life-long records of every deviation from "the rules" which they create and then can change at will. Over the decades this government has become ADDICTED TO CRIMINALITY, in all its various forms. Please note that the link connecting the chains to the ankle bracelets above is also the US symbol for the Dollar Bill.
The Drug Dealers that have ADDICTED the government have been supplied by the for-profit multi-national corporate pirates that work for and with the Elites and the New World Order. The goal is simple: "Hook the government on massive criminality" while creating intolerably strict rules for anyone who is not part of their plans so that there can never be any reaction from the general public because everyone is now under threat of SUSPICION of being charged with a crime, any crime no matter how small, for any behavior not already approved of by any of the agencies of the government that have become very busy of late stealing and fining and prosecuting the citizens for virtually any and all actions that were once just part of ordinary life.
Some Examples: Throughout the system now we have Social Services at every turn along with parenting-counseling, anger-management, massive monitoring of alcohol and drug use by anyone, along with any anti-social behavior in any form including attitude adjustment, social-non-conformity, as well as every facet of family behavior that if reported can result in the immediate destruction of the family and possibly prison for even the suspicion of anything that does not fully conform to how the government views what should go on inside every home or apartment anywhere in America.
Whenever any child is involved; the STATE can intervene and take the child for any suspicions as to the behavior of either or both parents. These suspicions do not need to be proven; they only need to be alleged. Whatever mistakes are made by the state; "The STATE" is never liable for the actions that their choices produced. For instance if the state removes a child from a household wherein the father has just murdered people in his office and then shoots himself: The state immediately grabs the now parentless child and throws him in a shelter (a violent and unfriendly place in the best of circumstances).
This action is taken for "the best interests of the child," even though there were several friends of the family that he could have stayed with until the STATE had a chance to review the situation. But the procedure MUST be followed in all cases; completely ignoring the fact that the child had only minutes before learned that his farther was (a) a murderer and (b) that he must be sent to a STATE run shelter where there would be virtually no one sympathetic to himself. Still the STATE has rules, NO EXCEPTIONS. So the child is sent to the shelter, and some of the other children figure out almost immediately who he is and proceed to verbally attack the child ­ then one of the attackers spits on him. The boy retaliates and hits the boy that spit on him. The boy is then held for aggressive-behavior and will most likely be sent to prison for assault. None of this would have happened if the boy had been allowed to stay with friends, at least until the cops figured out what really happened. But there are rules and now the boy is "in the system." Twenty-four hours earlier his life had been normal and he had a father; but thanks to the State he is now about to become part of the Juvenile Just-us system. This was part of an episode on a television program ­ but the facts of this incident do happen all too often in the real world.
In the case of pregnant un-married teenagers, the state frequently becomes the arbiter of everything from the pregnancy to the adoption. Seizing the baby immediately upon being born and not allowing the mother any further contract: Thus creating a huge problem for the mother and the new born infant because there is no bonding, only the cold official custody of a state run nursery. Had the baby been born in a normal way without the "assistance" of the STATE: Both the life of the baby and the mother would have been much different. The only reason the state does what it does, is to destroy the foundations of the family which was once the bedrock of this country.
All of this stuff and a lot more now form a constant drumbeat for millions and millions of people that fall-through the cracks, so to speak. The STATE is involved every time someone cannot find a job or a place to live, but what the state provides almost always makes the circumstances far worse than they might have been if the individual had been allowed to fend for him or herself. The prison system and the welfare-society are joined together at the hip, and are guided at every turn by prosecutor's, lawyers, social-workers and judges that are serving the Prison-Industrial-Complex that is owned by the same corporations that are part of the ownership of this nation and everyone in it.
This is cruel and massively unusual punishment that is handed out in such a cavalier way as to make a joke of the so-called dignity of any real human being. Racism is a major factor along with poverty and between these two primary considerations this is responsible for most of the totally screwed up adults throughout the entire "system." DRUGS & ALCOHOL are major hot-button issues that are to be punished wherever they might be suspected; yet we notice that nothing at all ever happens to millionaires or politicians that steal trillions, pervert nations, or send millions to die in illegal and totally unfounded wars for colonial gains. A tiny amount of an illegal substance is enough to ruin a life forever: but lying to a whole nation or perverting the entire government is rewarded with Billions in Bonuses for publicly recognized theft, fraud, torture and mass murder.
The worst part in all of this is that The STATE arrogantly assumes that only IT knows "how parenting should work; how ANGER should be managed; or how VIOLENCE should be managed. There is no proof for any of that at all, but there is a massive amount of proof that the State is indeed the Primary Criminal in almost everyone's life in this country, in one way or another!
There are also massive amounts of proof that this country has made-its-living by brutalizing, torturing and murdering people worldwide for over two-hundred years. This government has surpassed the nightmares created during the Inquisition and added to their tricks with some inventions of their own. When it comes to Anger and Violence, not to mention Torture, the USA does it better than anyone else on the planet, just ask Rumsfeld or Cheney? Yet citizens of this country cannot so much as raise their voices in a heated conversation without the Social-Nazi's jumping in to file charges and assign blame even before all the facts are in.
This is the truth behind this so-called social-network that is nothing more than the final few nails in the coffins of our lives. These people that are government officers are little more than street-thugs looking for yet another illegal buck; NONE of them are deserving of our respect. When they come for you, or for your money, your property or your life: STOP treating them as something that needs your respect: THEY HAVE COME TO ROB YOU OF WHAT IS YOURS; TREAT THEM THAT WAY, AND YOU'LL SLEEP BETTER EVERY NIGHT!
These incidents are not accidents or discrepancies: All of this was and has been done on purpose; just like the brutalization of the protestor's on Wall Street has been something that is being done in broad daylight; and will never have any official repercussions because the leadership of the NYPD have been the primary offenders. (1)
This nightmare must be overthrown, now because it has already grown far beyond all boundaries that any civil society could ever tolerate. How is it possible that the state can continue to involve itself (unasked) in virtually every aspect of your life: Especially when they have failed in the one aspect that they were sworn to do which was to protect this nation on 911.
We know that police forces across the country have been getting tanks and other heavily armored vehicles for their individual departments, along with heavy combat weapons - but ground to air missiles have usually been reserved for the Air Force to direct; NOT individual police-chiefs, and especially NOT the chief of police of the City of New York which allowed that city to be without fighter protection for an hour and 45 minutes on 911. The man at NORAD who was supposed to have shot down those hijacked aircraft was promoted just weeks after 911 to become the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the entire US Military - that was right after he FAILED to protect the nation on 911 - that's right the man physically responsible for shooting down those planes was PROMOTED, instead of being either courts-marshaled for treason or at least demoted.
Had NORAD done its job there would not have been any hostile aircraft in the skies fifteen minutes after the first plane hit: So all the subsequent deaths (after the first plane hit) amount to murder committed by the failure of the US government to do its job!
So now NYC has the ability to shoot down commercial airliners - whose brilliant idea was this? IT IS WAY PAST TIME TO HAVE A REAL INVESTIGATION OF 911, and those responsible in this country need to be arrested and charged! (2)
This country is NOT free, it's not even a country anymore; it's nothing but a POLICE-STATE. Commentators call our political parties the red and blue teams: But we only have one team running this place and it's the purple team. Red and Blue when combined produce purple: it's a very tricky color to create, which is similar to how this tyranny was created, by using bribery, lies and deception we finally managed to merge both parties successfully into this one gigantic Purple-Shaft: It's the Party of Conqueror's, Dictators and Kings, And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with democracy or Republics.
And incidentally their national symbol, which just happens to be the Obelisk on the Washington Mall - theWashington Monument ­ just happens to have been cracked during the last earthquake, so it tilts in a slightly less dramatic way than the tower at Pisa, which makes this the perfect symbol for this broken country.
Remember please when you next speak to a government official, just who they really are: They'reADDICTS; criminals one and all, by association if nothing else. And according to all their own edicts they should be rotting in jail forever because their offences against this nation and its people go far beyond anything that any drug dealer or addict could ever do to the people of this place.
1) Occupy Wall Street MSNBC Reporter Slams NYC Police Brutality
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