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Fukushima - The Prediction Comes True
By Dr. Tom Burnett
In MARCH, I wrote an article which stated that now only was Fukushima a level 7 incident (it was officially a level 4 at the time), but that the reactors were melting down; that it would dwarf Chernobyl and, that when the Corium in the breached reactors hit groundwater, they would begin spewing immense amounts of radiation.  I said it again two weeks ago on the Jeff Rense show, before this new information came out.
I was accused of making it all up - of trying to scare people for no reason - of being a paid shill for the anti-nuclear industry
Slowly the truth emerged. It WAS a level 7. The reactors HAD melted down. It has already dwarfed Chernobyl and will continue to do so for tens or hundreds of years. And now, almost five months after the incident, it is finally being revealed that enough radiation is escaping from vents BETWEEN the reactors, to kill anyone exposed to it in seconds. They don't quite know how much radiation is being emitted because it exceeds the capability of their instruments. But it is equivalent to the amount of radiation the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed to if they were not vaporized by the explosion. Still don't believe it?  For a minute-by-minute of the radiation in Hawaii, go here: http://www.radiationnetwork.com/AlaskaHawaii.htm that reporting station on the east side of the Big Island is me. My equipment. The software and cables to get it online were generously purchased and provided by Jim Albertini.
That amount of radiation cannot - CANNOT- be residual. The fissioning cores have hit groundwater, no doubt helped by the enormous rainfall in the area and are more a danger now than the were in the early days before the Corium escaped through the bottoms of the containments. In addition, the rainfall had the effect of washing hundreds of tons of radioactive particulate matter from where it was sitting either into completely new places - which will require that their radiological survey begin again at square one, but into the groundwater serving the entire island of Honshu, and the Pacific Ocean - which is now a toxic waste dump that can never be cleaned up.
The United States Government is still helping Japan cover up the seriousness of the problem by refusing to use the equipment and systems they spent billions of dollars to develop and deploy - to protect us in just such an emergency. They just turned it off. No news is good news.
Now the dumbass president and idiot congress have passed yet another piece of trash legislation which doesn't raise the debt ceiling - it digs us deeper into the debt hole, and we can no longer get out. Period. Forget about Greece - Portugal - Ireland - Spain - Italy - FRANCE - the UK - and the Euro. They will all end up either starving ins the streets or fighting in the streets for decades, and so will we. The only question is when it's going to start.
I believe it started yesterday when gold started to run up. I believe the people who are going to survive are making the arrangements. And I don't believe that the government - either ours or that of ANY nation - can do anything about it.
Do what you have to do. Do it now. You won't get weeks of warning. You won't get days of warning. You probably won't get hours of warning - it will will be and then it won't.
We in Hawaii need to understand that we have the best chance of anyone, but we are going to have to do it ourselves. The public services Big Brother operates will break down immediately and here's why: When the police and emergence services stop getting paid, they are going to go home to hunt and farm to feed their families. Your ass better be ready to take up the slack. We can run on volunteers for awhile, but we can't maintain the equipment without parts. We are going to be one of the first to hit the wall.
You can watch it happen in real time on my blog: <http://drtom.posterous.com>drtom.posterous.com
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