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Freedom's Not Just Another Word!
By Jim Kirwan
"Freedom" is not just another word. Freedom is the key to all our dreams and to everything that has to do with living any LIFE at all.
Our current version of Freedom is nothing more than a truncated form of what the New World Order has "allowed us" to have: Which is to say we have NONE!
Here you can see that our freedom has been destroyed from the inside out; as those holes are exit wounds and the rest of this symbol has become just a cruel but realistic hoax in which there is no longer any freedom here for anyone except our owners.
When I turn on this monster beyond the keyboard, the messages roll in the hundred, each hour; yet most of them are junk. Amerikans have hundreds of different must-say things but
There is a back-story here that matters. When this place was founded we displaced and murdered more than 59 million people from over 5,000 nations; most of which had been living here for 15,000 years: We stole their freedom, when we "conquered this land." And to make it even worse, we also stole the FREEDOMS of the millions of slaves that were used to build up the wealth of the colonies, to give this fledgling country something to bargain with as well as a place in the wider world. So the America that so many venerate today was founded in murder, in massive theft and colossal barbarity: Now it's our turn to be beneath the wheels of "other owners" and in the path of the rapidly advancing Empire that no longer has any use for us-except as human-resources or profitable income-streams.
This weekend there might well be a real showdown between the people involved in the 950 cities; where OCCUPY AMERICA demonstrations are now taking place.
What we have witnessed so far are the cowardly acts of mayors, governors and attorney's general from around the country as each tries to put the genie of FREEDOM in this country back into their bottle, from which these freedoms are just beginning to re-emerge.
I would just remind people that without FREEDOM there can be nothing else of any real importance: Because where there is no freedom, there can be no life. The so-called version of what we call freedom today was bought and paid for by billions of others. We began by spilling one hell of a lot of other people's blood; and we followed that up by continuing to spill the blood of millions more as we began to work our way around the planet. During WWII we fought these same people who supported the axis powers as well as the allies (both sides of all wars were funded by these soulless criminals). But strangely we really thought that we were fighting to protect this country, and NOT for the acquisition of other nations, such as was the case with Russia and several others at the conclusion of that war.
But we spoiled all that when we decided to adopt, without any reservation, that shitty-little country of Israel that has been the most vile place that has ever tried to become a real state among the community of nations. (1)
Today we have reached the Zenith of that crossroads where we must choose either real FREEDOM or recognize that we really are no more than SLAVES.
EVERY OTHER CONSIDERATION IS VIRTUALLY MEANINGLESS, unless the people of this country have the right to think their own thoughts, hold their own opinions and live their own lives: Because if we cannot do these simple things, then we are not alive!
What we must also recognize is the FACT that any state, city, or federal officials that stand between us and our FREEDOMS, are the BLOOD-ENEMIES of all of us. That is just a fact that MUST BE DEALT WITH DIRECTLY, and this weekend is as good a time as any to show the illegal Police-State-Forces just who it is that OWNS THIS LAND!
"THEY" are nothing now but the uniformed servants of those of us who are demonstrating, and without our consent-they are NOTHING but just another common gang of criminals that must be rounded up, arrested and imprisoned. And as for their superiors,' those so called city, county, state, or federal officials that have committed TREASON by sending our own "official officers to arrest those who have turned out in numbers to DEMAND THEIR RIGHT TO THEIR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, in this pitiful country that was once a nation-state: Those (in-charge) people in particular need to face life sentences, at a minimum, for committing treason against both the Constitution and the people of the United States of America!
The defacto laws of this place are what the government is sighting, and unless we force this issue then the Defacto Laws become the ONLY LAW: So we must challenge all the current laws that seek to DENY us the RIGHT TO DEMONSTRATE WHEREVER THE HELL WE CHOOSE TO DEMONSTRATE, IN THIS PLACE THAT WE HAVE PAID FOR A MILLION TIMES OVER ­ IN EXCHANGE FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FROM THIS CORRUPTED SYSTEM!
Tell them; show them; and stand your ground; because if you do not choose to do this, then everything worth fighting for can never-ever be yours again! There should BE only one topic this weekend and topic ought to be SETTING THIS NATION FREE from the corporate clutches that are strangling us all to death with every breath we take that is STILL NOT FREE!
1) Rise Against the Barbaric Crimes of Israel ­ video
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