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Some Facts Not In Evidence
By Jim Kirwan
I have been writing a lot about the current and recent explosions of official-violence against the American population. But there are some very damning and still unnoticed facts that might change your thoughts about just how this Preemptive Strike against the least among us will go down. The particular people that need to become aware of these little noticed 'facts' are the same people that are carrying out these most recent attacks.
What is actually at stake here is a problem of proportionality coupled with the limitations of the use-of-force when this is contrasted with the physical size of this nation and the difficulty of trying to enslave an entire population that has always believed that they 'are free.'
The police are not who they say they are. The government is not what it claims to be, and 'the System' is totally in the hands of those forces that want to own everything we have; as well as each and every man, woman and child in this place: At the earliest possible moment.
As a nation-state America is a very unusual place. Our population is spoiled rotten and willful to the point of complete distraction and yet there is still that nagging "something else" that can be triggered at almost any moment now, as the BETRAYAL of this country and its people continues to deepen.It is this almost indefinable 'something' that carries with it the seeds of potential for a totally unexpected outcome.
First the public needs to understand some basic facts about the lack of effectiveness in the use-of-illegal-force. The rampage that is roiling across the nation is only the barest beginning of what is to come. It is violent and furious in its current applications because the forces being used are terrified about what might happen if they fail to convince the public that they are nearly supernatural in their dominance: But nothing could be further from the truth. This is what lies behind the vicious and callous murders of so many that did nothing to warrant that treatment. It is as if these thugs in uniform are convinced that if the public continues to remain terrified by their very existence; then there can be no real resistance offered by ordinary people to the tyranny that is rapidly beginning to block-out the sun of everyday life. But just look at the numbers and you can see this is a complete fallacy.
The number of police is ridiculously small compared to the overall population and given the huge size of this nation, as it might be compared to Iraq, where we've been 'fighting that population' for over twenty years now without success. Our "troops" are scattered all over the planet; and all together there are only 2.5 million of them versus the over three hundred million people here. They cannot be recalled to fight against their own families because if they leave we shall lose those bases to the local enemies that we have gone to great lengths to outrage at every turn. That leaves the Empire with only the local thugs and the mercenary-bastards that have swollen our overseas forces to twice their actual-military-size. But mercenaries are only interested in money and we have none to pay them with; so how "helpful' will the mercenaries be to the traitors that have organized this take-down of the USA?
This circumstance is very dangerous for the bankers and the corporate-privateers that want to finish this take-over in record time. If the public will just do the math; it will become very clear that "the forces" being used to routinely intimidate us all-is in reality not much of a real-threat at all. The reasons are simple. Real force depends upon communication and mobility to succeed anywhere at any time. One of the first things that will "go" once the bloodied-iron fists of tyranny reveal their real intent and that will be the ability to communicate or to travel in any of the zones where the first breakdowns of society will occur. Economic Collapse is a Mathematical Certainty and the top 5 places where NOT to be will be Israel, Southern California, Great Britain, New York and Washington D.C. The upshot of what will soon begin to happen here and virtually throughout the world will be the indisputable fact that real power has always been with the people and not with the pseudo-government constructs of the New World Order. (1)
Compared to what will begin to happen everywhere with the collapse of the US Dollar; the almost childish attempts to intimidate the population, a few people at a time, will pale by comparison to the massive failures of this government to control anything after the fall of the US Dollar on the world markets as well as here "at home.'
On top of this we already have a major example of what happens to a mechanized and corrupted society when if fails (without an armed revolution); as can be seen in the ruins of Detroit today. Too many Americans have failed to even notice this colossal collapse of what was once a major American center of commercial enterprise and capitol once all of its resources had been stolen or sabotaged by the feral US government under Cheney-Bush. (2)
To return to the point of this note: The uniformed instruments of evil that are currently running wild against the people they supposedly once served ­ are having a last-gasp before they will finally face their own extermination because of their attitude and behavior which at the moment they are seeming to relish: With no concern whatsoever for the consequences that will make each and every one of them into a major target for the vastly larger population that will soon see them all, for what even they know, they have each become in these final moments before the collapse! The cops, the criminals that created them and the politicians and bankers that made-this-happen will all become targets for anyone that chooses to make-them-pay for what they have continued to do against the rest of us.
Yes the population of this country is armed and dangerous (there are over 80 million weapons out there) and many of their owners plan to use them for defense; but this is not an accurate picture either. Because with transportation and communication stymied, most of us will be imprisoned wherever we happen to be when that moment of realization finally STRIKES at the heart of the corruption that has enslaved the world for far too long. Americans for the most part have no experience of anything like these Wars at Home that we have exported to the world at large. Most of those that will die in the first few weeks will have no clue about what is happening to them or indeed to the whole planet, because there will be no way to get any real information except for what can be seen from any local vantage point-and none of that will be good.
Without money or trust or anything really to believe in except oneself; chaos will begin to end this nightmare in ways that will probably be unacceptable to anyone that survives. However the thugs in uniform need to KNOW THIS: You are just existing on borrowed time now, because whatever else might happen you will be the first to die, and if by some accident of fate you manage to survive the initial onslaught then your thoroughly-earned-criminal-reputations will end your pathetic lives for you; with those that do manage to escape the initial slaughter.
This is not a personal threat from me or from others that might have the same opinion: This is just a fact of life that happens when people seek to unbalance the world to the extent that it has currently been destabilized by the same forces that will be utterly destroyed by their own arrogance and their blatant greed. Of course most of us will not live to see the conclusion of this global-tragedy; but it can sometimes be enough to KNOW that those who planned all this will be among the first to be extinguished in the effort.
Watch the video and study the extent of the damage done to Detroit without a major revolution and you can easily see where this society is now headed at the speed of light with no hope of any end in sight!
Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty, Top 5 places Where NOT to be. - Video
Captured: The Ruins of Detroit ­ An Image File of immense proportions
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