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By Jim Kirwan
The  "ENEMY" in America: In this world of distorted images and hidden agendas amid so many deceptions and lies; it is sometimes very difficult to see, much less define: The most recent case in point being the week-old demonstrations on and around Wall Street, in New York. (1)
Yesterday I said this about that: "I walked across town to visit a pub in the Presido and a friend that works there. Afterwards I walked back through Cow Hollow, and discovered that every bar I passed was literally overflowing with the same kinds of people that ought to be at that rally, or at least at a similar one here. They were college kids, raging and screaming and yelling and oblivious of anything else that was happening round them - it was in honor or that sacred ritual "COLLEGE FOOTBALL" and you would have thought that the fate of the entire universe was hanging by a thread for each game they watched. Most bars have at least four screens trying to keep every game covered and THIS is the ONLY THING that these shit heads give a damn about! Tomorrow is sacred SUNDAY - professional football, which is exactly the same for a slightly older crowd; but the response from the public will be the same, just slightly less loud.
I can't be in those pubs while this is happening because it's all that anybody talks about - remembering first ever games they saw who was there how much they drank, and over and over again - football, football, football - and nothing else. Oh, did I forget to mention that the number of people that dress up like players with all the trivia that goes with getting drunk at a football game? Some of the women try very hard to outdo the men in enthusiasm; and I have to wonder when if ever, does anything that might really matter, ever intrude into this totally segregated world of professional sports?
I guess that I was just mad because if only one-tenth of these people were to show up; and scream in exactly the same way at the cops and the government: This shit would all be over in 24 hours - but we both know that's just not going to happen ­ yet!"
This morning I was commiserating in the coffee shop with some friends from the Middle-East, and someone said:
"Hey Kirwan, don't you get it, man? Those are the offspring of the filthy rich; they're the ones that are being financed, they're the ones with those over-priced apartments and the cars no one needs in the city ­ They ARE the enemy; of course they will never show up for those demonstrations; (no matter where they are) because they're the ones that are benefiting from the policies that are tearing the rest of us apart!"
Then my friend went on to say that it's the same throughout the Middle East. "For instance" he said: "The "fighters" defending Gadaffi were the same people that profited most from his policies while the traitors that brought in ZATO were the higher-ups that were pissed because they did not profit enough from his polices, even though he had made them all rich. They thought he gave away too much to the people. It's the same all over the middle east," and probably the world.
Here there is a distinct difference. Our "middle-class" is dead, all that's missing is the funeral. In the 60's it was the sons and daughters of working people that went to college in droves: It was also those kids that would have to go toVietnam to fight, because of the draft: OF COURSE THEY PROTESTED. Now their kids are the ones that are NOT PROTESTING and yet are the only people that can actually afford college, the bars, or much of anything else.  They are the evil-seeds descended from the criminally sold-out class, the ones that did protest in their youth! These are people that work directly or indirectly for "the man" and his invisible directors. They get their orders directly from the elites. College kids working on getting a grant to further perfect GM foods or maybe just jockeying for a position in one of those corporations that are larger than most countries. Is that because they became disillusioned with youthful-patriotism or were they lured in for the trinkets they once despised?
For this generation of college students 'LIFE is just one big-party', and "demonstrations" against the very people and companies that make their "lifestyle" possible is not just irrelevant; it's ludicrous! These are the sex-less foodies, the yuppies and all those very, very busy idiots that cannot stay unplugged from their cellphones and i-pods for any extended period of time. We need to REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE!
This is actually class warfare protected from public view by the CRIMES of those who are the parents and associates of today's college kids. And since these "children-of-all-ages" are masquerading as students or are working on internships for the companies that are stealing us blind ­ most (of the rest of us) fail to see that the enemy is actually all around us; and it is toward them that those Big Brother Signs are directed "SEE SOMETHING ­ SAY SOMETHING!" We've been living and working directly with the ENEMY since Reagan took the Tarnished House. There is a film that details all of this about Abramoff, Delay, and Gingrich and all their highschool buddies, some of whom went down t join the Death Squads in Salvador for first-hand experience, in learning about how to control the unruly poor, while planning what to do about the rest of us here in the old USA. (2)
Part of why our reactions to this quietly successful-shutdown of the media and the public's real concerns; can be found on the web as well. Because a large part of what passes for reporting; Now panders to the outrageous fears and insecurity, routinely. This is offset by another whole class of observers that maintain that all of this is mere illusion and it can be changed just by undergoing a total change of heart and mind that will end this nightmare and lead us out of trouble. Both are equally bogus and the combined effect just succeeds in wearing out the few that really thought they cared and tried to make a difference. . .
The FEAR is over amped and dripping with SUSPICION. While the happy-face version of solutions is very much like eating cotton-candy: All stickiness and color - but no real-food content. This just leaves that sticky stuff on your fingers afterward. So you move on down the mid-way of this political circus, searching for some new experience to brighten these days of overcast, of impossible fog, and of chemical depressions that only seem to deepen.
It would benefit many to discover the backgrounds behind the megaphones and anger-for instance how many are former cops? Just as it would profit the curious to know how much life experience any of the current commentators really have? Anyone still keeping track of the rich-kids game of politics for the November-Selections is already brain-dead; Because none of these creatures is any different than the entire Bush Klan of Nazi-sympathizers, supporters, or war-time traitors with the enemy: That NAZI party is still alive and in its 88th year of tyranny, torture, murder, repression and occupations worldwide.
The faces of the jerks running for office are somewhat different but none of them have any heart at all: Because they all share that black-granite "BANKER'S HEART" that still sits outside the former BofA headquarters building in downtown San Francisco which is so true and so hideous to see!
The ping-pong game of HORROR AND FEAR vs. NATURAL BEAUTY, WONDER & LOVE; Ends by leaving everyone caught up in that farce of extremes without an outcome, completely exhausted and frustrated because nothing really ever seems to change. Does it?
This is Sacred SUNDAY, again. Time to immortalize each moment on the grid-iron: All hail the mighty and steroid-packed athletes that strut their stuff all afternoon for fans that cannot seem to ever get enough-of what? (3)
Eventually all of this is going to come down to taking on the rich of every generation: Because if they survive that means that all the rest of us cannot! What really separates us? Humanity, and our dreams of a tomorrow that still holds some promise of an actual renewal that gets further and further away with each act of barbarity or murder.
The rich and their wanta-be friends will always only watch: Why do you think they are so passionate about taking pictures and making videos? Because the videos points out just how powerless we really are. When so many in the first footnote below are shown, just standing there like light poles each with their sign, but they are not moving and they say absolutely nothing-so that when they were grabbed and hurled to the ground, the people next to them had to scream at them: "HEY WHAT'S YOUR NAME" If they had been real demonstrators who have been out there all week long,; living together in the parks ­ they would have known the names of those that were targeted for arrest: but because they were for the most part only passive watchers, each of them remained anonymous to all the rest. And for the record: Where the hell were our ACTIVISTS? That designation requires that the person take action against the cops or whoever else comes to crush them-but so far at least that still has not happened here as it has in other countries-where the unarmed-demonstrators literally drove away the riot police with all their superior weaponry.
Well it is Sunday after all, and since you probably won't be reading this until much later in the week, maybe something will have happened between when this got written and when you found the time to take a look? Or Maybe not!
1) NYC Police Attack Tear Gas and Mass Arrests, 2,000 protestors
2) Casino Jack & The United States of Money - documentary
3) Just Another Sunday in Amerika
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