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Excess Baggage
And Those Who Determine That!

By Jim Kirwan
For the last six months I've been extensively studying the films and television programming in the United States surrounding what passes for the issues of everyday life throughout the criminal justice system and the state of the state of American life under our defacto Martial Law.
While the Extreme Right has been busy shredding the Constitution, and ripping the heart out of representative government, the Left has been even busier for the last 50 years destroying any semblance of family life, of a real education and of everything to do with the elderly, along with insuring that Americans can no longer pay for any of what they need to sustain themselves or their families in life under the now 88 year old Nazi-Regime. They rule over this war-obsessed nation as if they were Gods and the rest of us are nothing but cockroaches!
Yet despite the fact that this is not only NOT SECRET, but is in factthe centerpiece of the EXTREME Left's policies: American's have failed to even notice the subtle transition from family life to state owned and operated 'existence' inside the feral-prison of the federal government. Beyond that, this series of criminal legislative initiatives has now finished stealing our lives from the inside, while the politicos and the bankers have been raping and pillaging our exterior lives.
What follows is an amateur study of the sum and substance of films and television programming from the courts, the cops-shows and the lawyers all the way down through the whole corrupt boatload of garbage that passes for government regulated 'existence' in this once free country. And all this was packaged for your entertainment by the Zionists in Hollywood, who are offering YOU your own demise, as the main-protagonists in their scripts for their entertainment divisions. What is utterly amazing is that the public has swallowed this crap as if it is real and unchallengeable.
You might be surprised at just how completely controlled this nation has become since LBJ sold out this country, to the same Zionist-war-criminals that now own us to the point that they can discuss our capture openly and yes on television: As a routine part of "regularly scheduled programming" for mass consumption. Consequently none of what I'm about to say has ever been secret, except from those that have to live it and now must deal with how much the world has changed since 1963 and the murder of JFK!
Children in these entertainments play a variety of roles but because they are critical to the success of the new world order, they also provide a pivotal role in the new but already crumbling empire. This barbaric behavior begins with birth where the child can be taken away by the STATE the moment the child is born. And it is no longer in just those cases where the life of the child is actually threatened: Now its all about the mother and any imagined behavior of hers, or any member of the family, that might impact the child, at some point. The 'STATE' however has never proven that it has any parenting skills; in fact just the opposite is true. Would you want your child raised by a mindless machine with no compassion, no love and absolutely no affection anywhere in sight-just because it is NOT the natural mother?
But the STATE goes further, all mothers must surrender the health of their children to the STATE, from the moment of their birth: In order to receive over 40 shots in the first 15 months of life. These shots contain toxic poisons and diseases that no child-in-the-womb had ever been exposed to, but the STATE demands that if the child does not receive these vaccines then the STATE will remove him or her from the mother and 'it' will be placed by the state in a shelter of the State's choice. The mother that tries to defend her child will be arrested and fined, as well probably jailed for this "offence against the state."
On top of this the newly EXTREME-STATE has created a whole host of agencies, shelters, commissions and task forces to deal with virtually every aberration in anyone. Whether they be a child or an adult. They have psychiatric facilities, special hospitals and  clinics that deal with everything from Anger-management to those that might be afflicted with violent tendencies: without ever considering the circumstances that partially at-least have created the aberrant behavior in the first place. It is also fascinating to note that the STATE in this case just happens to be the most barbaric and criminally liable state in the history of  the world at the moment (and is not something that should be considered the best agency to determine how anyone else should or should not act when it comes to violence)!
In the vast majority of cases, regarding the actual conditions of the people that come before the state, had the STATE done its job, and insured that people could earn a decent living wage; then most of these so-called problems would not be there. But instead of doing what they are there to do (protect the citizens)-this STATE (USI) has decided to blame the parents and or the individual for any emotional conditions created by their non-co-operation with the state; on human failures that cannot be tolerated: Hence state intervention which goes on the record and will usually scar the individual for life.
Parenting classes are frequently ordered by these same soulless courts. Again, no one has ever even attempted to prove that the state has any parenting skills at all: yet this is what most adults that are having financial trouble are frequently ordered to attend. This same pattern can also be applied to anyone who is not expressing the correct preferences for let's say, type of work, choice of personal beliefs, or changes in a work ethic: The STATE has guidance rules for all of these areas, as well as guidelines for what makes a good citizen: and if these guidelines are deviated from at all, then punishment will always follow. And no one in these entertainment-related films seems able to oppose the state and win-EVER!
Ironically the STATE is everywhere in every life now thanks to our EXTREMISTS. Politically-correct behavior that no one has ever challenged successfully in the courts has now become mandatory. The courts simply assume that since the state is proposing the guidelines then they must be the right thing to do-and nothing could be further from the truth! Consequently the USA went from a family based nation of beliefs and a variety of personal choices to a holding camp where everyone must now behave in exactly the same way, regardless of what the STATE is offering, or not, to any individual. The only "law" that matters now is BLIND-OBEDIENCE to the STATE- regardless of the circumstances. And this pattern plays out in ALL CASES.
This behavior is not just in child rearing or child care, it applies to workers, the elderly and the infirm; all of whom are considered to be totally-responsible for their own situations, regardless of any the massive government failures to keep people safe or employed. And in most cases prison is given out as part of the payment for any mistakes the public might make (according to the state) in the individual's choice of what used to be their own personal habits.
Back to the content of the films. First the state privatizes all kinds of public services, this seen as just a routine part of life, along with seizures of property for business reasons, but this is never explored as a contributing factor to the human conditions that the evicted might have to suffer with. What is also "OVERLOOKED" is the fact that formerly public services have now become income streams for the STATE, and no longer have anything to do with services, but are now all about pure profits at the public's expense!In the convoluted jousting of the lawyers with their continual problems they are represented by their need to routinely break all kinds of laws both ethically and legally but this is all magically smoothed away by using this idiotic maxim: "Well if I didn't do this then there would just be someone else who would ­ so where's the harm in that - and besides I need the money!" Does this sound familiar?
Then of course there all the totally false representations of the cops, the lawyers, the politicians. All of these creatures are represented by passably attractive people, there are no gargantuan-overweight cops, no skin-head thugs wearing uniforms, there are just these misunderstood children of all ages up into their seventies that have basically no clue about life, love or justice of any kind, except maybe REVENGE which they seem to indulge in from time to time against the hippies and the non-conformists. So far they have not touched PROTESTORS or the PROTESTS IN GENERAL.
Then there are the cloak & dagger types from the CIA and the FBI all the way down through the Special Forces Units and all these heroic baby-killers that find employment by murdering millions of civilians for god and country. Most of this is straight out of the government manual, along with huge side-dishes about 911 and terrorism along with major portions of all the other continuing lies that have kept this criminal enterprise alive. In fact the only topic no one will yet touch is TSA and their sexual molestation of citizens of all ages. That's all strangely absent, from every film where airports used to be a huge part of everything: But now most of these thugs fly on private aircraft anyway (at government expense) so they don't have the inconvenience of showing how the public actually is being treated.
It's the same for the lawyers etc., no cases of molestation or indeed of any citizens suing for the loss of their basic constitutional rights ­EVER. And of course the same is true of Gitmo and all of that entire line of thought: gone! None of this is part of anything at all, and neither are the global mass-murders of millions of people, everything is pretty much about drugs or dirty bombs or TERRORISTS that are always the same completely warped members of one Middle-Eastern nation or another. The deeds of the Kissinger's, the Cheney's the Rumsfeld's, or even those NAZI stalwarts, like the Bush Family (12 years in office), are NEVER even tangentially mentioned.
During WWII the film industry made a lot of films about our wars: Now? It is as if there really is no war that isn't just something you can jet into and out of and be back in CIA headquarters in just minutes? Body counts , the destabilization of huge swaths of the planet are apparently of no interest to the film industry because they are the ones FUNDING all of this mass murder and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! (see the link below) There are no longer-term dangers or casualties that are ever seen anywhere, anymore (on either the large or the small screen) except maybe in the Projects or in the crime films, or the shooting galleries where the derelicts and addicts live; as almost 70% of the homeless, are former vets. When ever this comes up the reasons for the PTSD etc, or the suicides are not considered polite despite the fact that these very traumatic events would make riveting dramas. "Too touchy for Hollywood" way too difficult to "EXPLAIN"  to the public, so scratch all those topics immediately!
Given how much of our lives has been seized already by these nearly invisible Leftist Extremists; it is literally amazing that there are any people left to think about any of this as a real problem? However here is one of the most thrillingly-honest articles I have ever read-which explains almost all of it. The article is of course fiction, but what it says is the one thing that WE MUST DO if we are to have any hope of changing any more of this nightmare ­ EVER! (1)
1) "A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel."
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