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Even Mirrors Lie!
By Jim Kirwan
Back when I had a commercial gallery everyone who entered came face to face with a very unusual reverse-mirror, in an ornate seventeenth century frame. Most found this confrontation to be very disturbing because it did not show them what they absolutely believed they actually looked like. The truth is that ordinary-mirrors show us only a reverse-image of ourselves that we become comfortable with over our entire lifetimes; until we see a photograph or a reverse-mirror image that tells us the truth about our actual appearance. This small deceit has remained the same for the entire political history of mankind for the many thousands of years that we have been on this planet.
Another way to look at this is to realize that if we genuinely seek the truth then we would have to be behind the mirror and be able to look through it at whatever or whoever is looking into it. This sums up just how massive the fraud has been when it comes to understanding exactly how human beings have been treated, by their owners, down through the millennia. There's an hour and forty-five minute video: "The Handbook of Human Ownership" (written for recently appointed élites ­ so that they might better understand who they are and what they must do and not do; with their human property). This is a video but you can listen to it like a radio program and thereby free yourself to avoid sitting glued to the computer.
Just one example: Beginning at one hour, 8 minutes and 29 seconds:
"Now that you have achieved the summit of political power it is also essential that you project calm, confidence, serenity; and all the other characteristics that are completely inappropriate to the immanent disasters awaiting the tax-cattle. The way you do this is very easy. 'KNOW' that you will now be taken care of for the rest of your life: And your children will never have to work and their children will never have to work and you will never face any significant legal problems or discipline actions or face arrest for anything you have done: Even if it means starting unjust wars, murdering people by the hundreds of thousands, imprisoning non-criminals by the millions-running up trillions in debt or authorizing torture-you name it! It's OKAY!
'Consequences are for sheep, not farmers [OWNERS]. A citizen cannot be caught speeding without consequences, but YOU; you're above all that now, no matter what hell's you unleash upon the world." (1)
This entire history which is so critically and beautifully told in The Handbook of Human Ownership; has inadvertently revealed something about this 'chessboard of savage-ownership' that needs to be ripped apart and then applied anew to the corporate-arm of the New World Order. This could easily cripple all their abilities to continue to function as they have for thousands of years.
Time For A Corporate Death Penalty
by Bruce A. Dixon, Black Agenda Report managing editor, Wed, 06/09/2010 -10:35, corporate rule
"There are more than 40 federal offenses for which the death penalty can be applied to human beings, most of them connected to homicide of one kind or another. But countless homicides committed by the artificial persons we call corporations go unpunished every day. Apparently "personal responsibility" applies only to humans who are not operating behind the legal shield of corporate personhood."
k) Is it not time for people to demand that whenever a corporation commits a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, a GENOCIDE, the RAPE OR PLUNDER OF A CONTINENT or of a people anywhere, that they should at the very least be forced have their Corporate Articles of Incorporation dissolved?
And after that those people on that corporate board could and should be charged under international law with their crimes?
"Click to download or play the MP3 of this BA Radio commentary
Over the last hundred or so years, corporations have gained many of the rights previously accorded only to human beings. Corporations have the right to buy and sell anything or anyone that can be bought or sold. Corporations have claimed the right to lie in their advertising and PR as "free speech," along with the right to help us mere humans choose our judges and elected officials with unlimited amounts of cash, including anonymous cash. Corporations have been awarded the right to patent genetic sequences of diseases and to monopolize their cures, as well as patent rights to living plants and animals not of their invention.
A whole type of new anti-pollution regulation called "cap and trade" actually enshrines a corporate right to pollute and establishes exchanges upon which speculators can bid, trade and capture rents for those alleged rights. And unlike a working person, who has no right to next month's let alone next year's wages, legal scholars working for corporations have devised and popularized something they call the "regulatory takings" doctrine, under which corporations may claim and recover from the government rights to profits they might have made in years to come. And let's not even talk about trillions in corporate welfare for banks, military contractors, Wal-Mart and others.
While many argue that corporations have too many rights as it is, this might be a good time to extend them at least one more right we humans have kept for ourselves until now; the right to be put to death for serious crimes. Right now federal statutes alone offer individuals more than 40 different ways to earn the death penalty, including kidnapping, treason, aircraft hijacking, espionage and many varieties of murder, conspiracy, threatening murder and some drug crimes. Individual states offer the death penalty for a host of similar offenses."
k) Corporations are nothing more than fictitious people that have absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for any of their actions as a corporation; because their only duty is to their shareholders and to the constant increase in the value of their stocks: The public must begin to realize that these inhuman mercenary-powers that call themselves corporations are just fictional enforcers that can steal, rape, plunder, torture and murder at will with absolutely NO FEAR of any consequences: This is the real price that
everyone pays for when they buy stock in these Too-Big-To-Succeed monsters that are devouring virtually any and all competition anywhere on the planet.
Putting bad corporate actors down the way we do rabid dogs and serial killers is not a new or even a radical idea. Corporations are created by the charters of individual states, so states DO have the power to revoke them. Early in this country's history, corporate charters used to limit a company's existence to a set number of years, to confine their operations to manufacturing a certain item, building a specific road or canal and prohibit them from changing ownership, dumping or concealing their assets or engaging in other kinds of business. These are legal powers that our governments have not used in a long, long time, but which it's high time to reclaim."
k) The corporations that have gone rogue must be utterly destroyed like the rabid scavengers they have become. If any human being even attempted to do one-one-thousandth of the things that corporations do each and every day ­ they would be arrested and in most cases they would get the death penalty. But whenever a corporation does anything global, or even nationally that flies in the face of every law that we have been living by since the Magna Carta: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER IS EVER DONE TO THEM!
"Homicidal profit-seeking on the part of corporations has become an everyday fact of modern life. Whether it's employers cutting health and safety corners, marketers pushing unsafe drugs, food and products of all kinds, or the deadly industrial fouling of the planet's air, soil, oceans and climate we are living in the midst of a corporate crime wave of murderous and epic proportions. If we value human life, it only makes sense to treat corporate serial killers like, well, corporate serial killers, to confiscate their ill-gotten assets, to revoke their corporate charters and sentence the artificial personae of corporate malefactors to death. If corporations are legal persons, it's time to enforce some personal responsibility upon them with a corporate death penalty."
k) This is something that ordinary people could begin to do at the local level, given that Corporations have to be licensed in every state where they do business; and it's simply a matter of finally recognizing exactly what we have created by allowing these scavengers to rule ABSOLUTELY over every man, woman and child in this country and the world; free from having to face any questions regarding the massive damages they routinely do to the viability of the planet and the universe. The entire nuclear series of disasters in Japan that are about to come much closer to home here, and are but one example of how Corporate interests have overridden public safety and health in order to protect private profits.
We must DE-PRIVATIZE the corporate world and return the businesses that were seized; back to public control; and that would be the minimum requirement which should be imposed against every multi-national that have overstepped their charters and tried to seize the world by force.
"After we accomplish that, it will be time to think about extending a little of that personal responsibility to the actual humans who operate behind the legal shield of the corporations. But right now, as the saying goes, a corporation can't even get arrested in this country, which, come to think of it is still another right we humans ought to bestow upon them. For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Bruce Dixon. Find us on the web at. - Article source" (2)
People frequently ask why anyone would have launched an attack upon the United States on 911: The answer screams back at them from the reverse-image mirror-because without 911 no one in the mega-corporate privatized world would have been able to make even one-one-millionth of the money that is flowing in an unending torrent of illegal and blood-drenched profits into the coffers of the New World Order; who has declared 'we must never stop' because we have entered into "unending war!" and we do not plan to ever stop until there is an end to everything.
Corporations are proposing that this Forth of July be used "to Thank our Troops for Protecting Americans." But if those troops were actually interested in protecting Americans they would disobey all their illegal orders and return home to protect Americans from those who advocate HUMAN OWNERSHIP as the only way to rule the world.
Break the back of the privatized world of Corporate Criminality and take back a world where CONSEQENCES & RESPONSIBILITIES are shared by everyone in any business, but especially by government, at all levels!
The death that comes from DENIAL is much uglier than most; and after so many thousands of years is it not time to read and understand THE HANDOOK OF HUMAN OWNERSHIP for what it is: The diagram of the CHESSBOARD that protects the elite's from all the rest of us!
1) The Handbook of Human Ownership
2) Time for a CORPORATE Death Penalty
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