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The Enemies Within!
Part II of Fortress America

By Jim Kirwan
In response to Part I, I received some comments that need to be addressed:
CS: "Jim, the country you thought you lived inside of did not exist outside of story and fable. I admit that it was the acceptance of this fable that allowed some people to acquire a technical education and become a cog in the great machine and swell with pride on the 4th of July.
However in American history we have multiple examples of the narrowness and cowardice of the mass of men -from Thoreau's non-support of the Mexican War that got him jailed to Dred Scott being forcibly taken across state lines to the KKK to the slaughter in the Philippines to the famous Schenk vs. United States in which a man handing out anti-recruitment literature during World War I was arrested and jailed because it was like "shouting fire in a crowded theater" to the internment of Japanese to the savage dogs turned on Americans of African ancestry demonstrating for civil rights. Alongside this tradition there is also that of a rabble rouser, always outshouted by the mob.
Even Tom Paine lost favor after the American Revolutionary War-except of course in England."
k: This is not a popularity contest. I'm using that 'history' for all that it's worth in terms of the real differences between actual history and the truth in the LIES that are ruling us today. I did not expect that you will 'understand this' but it is none the less a FACT. Truth operates on a myriad of different levels and not just on whatever went before. These times are totally different than anything that preceded the 21st century - NEVER FORGET THAT and there might be some hope for you yet - otherwise be prepared to be extinguished along with the rabble that are about to be interned because they lack the balls to fight to the end of this!
CS: "The Mental Fortress - The more things change the more they stay the same. In your short life we went from blacks being oppressed to everyone being black. Soon we will all be Native Americans on the Rez. Since none of us are free unless all of us are free it follows that Americans have never been the Dream they aspire to have, or rather the few aspire to have. Hell the cops in the 30's behaved badly; the Pinkertons were able to kill union organizers with impunity. So I feel not much is different over the long haul only the short haul."
k: And again you are wrong, Wrong, WRONG. First of all the native population came first, followed soon after by the slaves that came very soon after the first colonizers arrived. These were not two separate and distinct issues they were all viewed as both impediments to unchecked capitalism and as useful tools to increase the wealth that could not have been made without the slavery or the apartheid state we set up for the native population.
We chose to control the natives with booze and dollars while starving them into submission with false promises in the hundreds from Washington: While in the case of slaves the whip was used along with inhuman treatment, coupled with medieval punishments accompanied by the continued rape and outright slavery, in which the slaves were supposedly "legally held," until they were technically freed only to discover that slavery ran much deeper than did the words on paper that supposedly changed their conditions here. Even after the 1960's when INTEGRATION became national policy, the hated mind-set remained in place in many parts of this colonial place. The only thing that is different now is that SLAVERY has become universalized, and is now an equal-opportunity-employer under the encroaching boots of the POLICE-STATE, in which most people are about to join the downtrodden ranks of those that have known this financial-slavery for what it has been now for over two hundred years.
CS: Never forget this Federal nation was founded by Freemasons and not for us but for exploitation. The only exceptional aspect was that it was open season on anyone else living here-as you well know. Once the Frontier vanished, so did any chance for Americans. No place left to go that is not like the settled territory left behind controlled and administered by the Authority.
k: I have not forgotten who we really are and what we were supposed to be: I just remember what we became while the elites were distracted after the end of WWII while they were very busy laying their foundations for this Citadel built on sand that they now think is impregnable.
In fact in that day and time when I was growing up all that I am certain of is that IF there had been a Kenny Lay of ENRON fame, at that time, (had I been one of those who had lost everything because of ENRON) I would have been among those that would have picked my 30-30 and gone to find that rat-bastard to insure that Kenny-boy would never live to see the profits from his crimes: And because of the times we lived in then ­ there would have been thousands of us that would have done exactly the same thing. That is how much this world has changed-so far.
In the same vein had this Blackmail attempt come from the Feral USI government; in the same way that it did toward Texas a few days ago-that too would have been met with a lynch-party for both the Governor and the Lt. Governor and that would have ended that. Had the Feds then proceeded to try and enforce a NO-FLY ZONE on Texas then; that too would have been met with force by the Texas Rangers and Texas National Guard as well as the armed contingent of the citizens of the Republic of Texas. The same would have been true of Oklahoma-then; and probably a number of other states as well because you see the citizens of the late 1950's were living the freedoms that that we only talk about today! The history that you mention was still there, but those that LIVED THEIR OWN LIVES, believed that they had moved on; ergo they had, until LBJ came along and shoved us back into "the viper's nest again" where everything that came from government was then being defined by the forked-tongues of government and private corporations Hell-bent on enslaving each and every one of us. (1)
CS: "Never forget those who ignore history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. I think your feelings are splendid and your art outstanding, but your feelings short circuit because they are reaction to circumstances and not seeing the forest only the tall trees."
k: Certainly you're entitled to your opinion, even when it's clearly wrong. I'm not 'responding to circumstances: I'm responding to the facts of life I have lived and breathed for over seventy years now.
CS: "My opinion only, I only share because I like you and your work. It is mostly a matter of indifference to me if the opinion I express is thought of as being more than that or less. I do not intend for it to be read as being a refutation of what you say, more of a comment on what you say."
k: I understand that; however this is not an idle conversation such as literary figures might discuss in a bloodless round of conversations over a brandy in some quiet corner of a very richly appointed library. No ­ this is about whether or not you and I will be here or will be allowed to have anything to say about whatever tomorrow is about to bring. You have no faith at all in the strength that ordinary people actually possess-while I tend to believe that under the right set of circumstances anyone is capable of anything and the history you so revere also proves this clearly. How else to explain the isolated events that the elites want us all to forget about, that have accompanied the long march of history all the way down to the present moment?
How were the Irish able to throw off the English crown? What was the fate of all the WALLS that the various empires have built from China to Berlin to Palestine-none of them have ever worked for long. What inspired the slaves in the Middle-East to begin to begin their revolt where in Egypt today there are new calls for a Second Revolution; even though Israel was forced to accept the fact that Egypt is opening the Rafah checkpoint into and out of Gaza? There are the millions of individual acts of resistance everywhere that testify to the values I described above; it is universally true and not limited to any one race or religion because this takedown is aimed at the entire human race-our part of it just happens to be the real target now-but ultimately the entire world will have to pay for this criminal takeover. (2)
Far too many people keep on looking for excuses that might justify in some minor way the cowardice they are practicing, while they try mightily to hide behind some trumped up reason for their failure to speak, to listen or to act upon what they must react to, if they ever want to have that FREEDOM back in their daily lives ever-again? Besides, there won't be enough bodies left to support THEIR GRAND DESIGN FOR A CAPTIVE WORLD; because this dark-fantasy is simply impossible to complete!
The solution for us can only be accomplished if and when the victims decide to use their minds and their own hands to rid themselves of this INTERNATIONAL CURSE of DARKNESS that has succeeded in encircling the world today. Consequently my actions do not come from some knee-jerk theory composed of obsolete facts and theories: They are founded instead on the real belief in the human-spirit of any and all people the world over. If you watch regular television you would not have a clue about what is transpiring today in every corner of the planet. But if you are awake, aware and cognizant then you know that these creatures will very soon begin to meet the endings which they so richly deserve.
If you doubt this just take a look back at what happened to those natives that sold-out their tribes and took up the blue-coats of their enemies. Did they prosper-NO they died alone and in shame; some with a knife in the back, some with a bullet between the eyes but all of them eventually came to know the treachery they practiced for what it was-because they were never respected by those they ended up serving. The same was ultimately true of the house-slaves throughout the era of intense slavery: they died right along with theirMassa's when the time came. In fact most of these traitors to their own people were the first to be sacrificed once they were no longer needed. That is what will happen to the thugs and the privatized mercenary armies created by the owners to crush us and keep the rest of us in-line while they try again to end our chances of survival; permanently!
Our so-called occupation forces are dwarfed by the numbers of mercenaries that are being used right along with them to try to affect the outcomes desired by Cheney-Bush-Obama. They will not be any more successful than were the native-traitors, the house-slaves or the millions of traitors inside this country that have chosen personal greed and opportunity over being part of the society into which they were either born or became part of by immigration. Designing a takeover-by-stealth, from the inside is not nearly as simple as it might seem: And it is not a guaranteed certainty when it comes down to final outcomes. Look at Stalin, Hitler and the rest and take it all the way back to the Greeks and Romans. In the end those who lived by treachery against their own people died by similar means-just as their attempts to establish Empires have always failed because Death and Destruction along with Torture, Terror and Fear can never CREATE anything but more of the same-and without a society to feed off of, the parasitical cancer on any society must eventually starve itself by exhausting its host being, and thus killing any chance for its own survival, once there are no more host nations to feed on.
You have yet to notice that despite the massive new reach which technology has given to the bastards that came to kill us ­ they are still dependent on a certain number of us to enable their survival: And once they are seen to be threatening everyone that is not part of them (exactly as they are doing now) -their days will end abruptly!
The only survivors of this Battle by "The Enemies Within" will be those that are not afraid of them and who are willing to do what has to be done to stop them in their tracks before they're ready to face the entire nation as a hostile environment. And there are enough of us left to cause that to happen, whether you believe that or not. Thanks for the note!
1) Index for The State of the Nation 1966
2) Egypt Opens Rafah Border with Gaza

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