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Ending Amerikan Politics
By Jim Kirwan
I've weathered over fifty years of American politics and this is fair warning to my readers. I don't want to hear anything about any Amerikan politician unless it is news that they have been arrested, shot or hung. I've spent my life in this folly and I'm disgusted by the idiocy and the permanently willful blindness of the public when it comes to any election-selection process inside USI. I am only speaking for myself, of course when I tell you that the American political system is owned outright by the Outlaws and the privateers; hence I want nothing more to do with this part of Their System.
The herd is entitled to do whatever it likes with "news" of this ilk: but as for me I want no further part in this obscenity! To me there are no honest politicians or judges or cops; until they have proved their honesty to the world. I've seen it all and by now I know enough to know that everything that any one of them says is nothing but a pack of lies and I have far much more to do than to belabor self-serving statements from PROVEN criminals.
If you are dumb enough to participate, yet again in this farce of selections, then you deserve everything that you will lose because of your continuing failure to place the responsibility-for-where-we-are-today where it belongs in this country. The self-proclaimed that have put "greed & political party" above all else and deserve nothing but life-in-prison and do not deserve the respect of any actual American! Anyone that actually believes that these creatures will ever change anything in this country for the better; needs to get a frontal lobotomy because anyone that continues to participate in this political-farce is obviously insane.
Sine LBJ this country has been not-so-quietly tearing itself apart and the prime movers and shakers in that process have always been all the criminally-minded across the entire spectrum of professionalism in this place.
Anyone sending me anything about the criminally-based series of political conspiracies (that tends to coalesce around the "political-candidates-for-any-office) should not look for an answer; because all of it will immediately be dumped in the trash where it all belongs. This thoroughly corrupted system is at the root of so much crime and so much theft, tortuer and murder in this country that no one should ever even speak to any politician, judge, lawyer or cop-because they are all in on the pro-active hijacking of this nation: Along with virtually every major business in this country. Maybe some things can be done about the rest of the corruption: But the politicians, the judges and the bankers are in a class by themselves. They are all criminals and until the upper-crust of those so-called professions begin to be arrested and tried for their crimes-I don't want anything about them clogging up my in-box, ever again!
This is part of beginning to say "NO, Not in this Universe, and not on my watch!" Thanks for your time.
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