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Electromagnetic Pulse Waves
By Jim Kirwan

"An EMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation from an explosion (especially a nuclear explosion) or a suddenly fluctuating magnetic field. The resulting electric and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges. The sun is known for creating these pulses in solar flares."
Perhaps we won't have to wait for the outcome of this war upon the world to run its course. Nature might just intervene and take us all back to a time before electricity, before communications, before greed and avarice began to take control over human-progress and global acquisitions. We have bombs now that can create EMP bursts over large sections of the planet, but if these electromagnetic waves were to be emitted from the sun; then life here would be reduced to pre-medieval times and that would be the end of most of the human activity on this planet.
"Nuclear bombs also release massive electro-magnetic pulses. EMP weapons were first feared in the late 1990's called theBlackout Scenario in which a nuclear bomb is detonated at altitude causing a massive EMP wave to spread out and destroy all electrical equipment including common electronics, cars, planes and power plant facilities." (1)
Part of our real problem is that we have forgotten our own history. In reality we have not had electronics or global communications for very long, much less everything else that has come from these innovations. Telephones, television, cameras, flight up to and including preliminary space-flight, and the whole range of things that science and the expansion of the human-imagination have made possible.
Politically the planet has only just begun to try to balance the human condition, between the sexes, the races and the various religions; against the thousands of years of slavery, submission and tyranny into which most people, before the advent of communications, were born into. Lately we seem to have become ensnared in a global net of razor-wire that has been cast over billions of people to force them to surrender unconditionally to a more complex breed of sociopathic killers and psychopathic would-be-owners; in what was once thought to be a world where people could actually live with laws to control the monsters while protecting the growth of human growth and prosperity: It's clear that this idea has almost completely failed-because too many have chosen not to fight to keep their freedoms any longer. Instead we have apparently chosen to believe the myths and the fantasy's of the non-existent "Shining Cityon the Hill" that beacon of Democracy that was and still is nothing but a Lie! (2)
If the planet were to be hit with EMP radiation from the sun, then we will be stuck with the worst of everything that we have already done to this place.
In fact we would be marooned amid the garbage, the ruins, and the useless lands that we have poisoned, the water we have polluted, the air that is now filled with nuclear and toxic wastes of all kinds. Because we have allowed the very, very few to own the plants and trees, the forests and the fields, as well as most of the human DNA; while we have tried to kill nature and her ability to renew herself; to keep providing all the natural wonder in the world that also just happens to give us everything that think we created by ourselves. All those buildings and cities that we've created will just crumble back into the earth from which we took the things that we used to build them in the first place.
With just that one wave of EMP, everyone might well be reduced to nothing that involves any kind of engine, or any type of transportation that involves anything more powerful than horses or human beings. In the cities the fires would be left to burn because every road would be clogged with vehicles that could not move and between the chaos and the gangs, the cities as such would be nothing but ruins within a month. Suburbs would also be dead probably even sooner, or as the stored provisions are consumed, but since water is necessary every day, most would probably die of thirst; and no one else would ever know what happened. 
Just one solar blast of EMP could change everything here forever-in terms of our lifetimes-which are of course the only thing that matters to those that have tried to reshape the entire world to fit within their very tiny view that means the end of four-fifths of the human race!
So where are all those of billions of 'potential-victims' in this these final hours, while the elites continue with their plan to shut-down the human-race? Well, apparently they're still far too busy with their games and their food and their shows to bother with anything as minor as whether or not there will be a tomorrow in their pathetic and apparently throw-away-lives.
How is it that a population cannot fight a government that has stolen their money, their jobs their homes and their way of life; not to mention their children and their dreams? What's next people! At the beginning of this month I was in a coffee shop in Tenderloin district of San Francisco, where I could not help overhearing a number of Social-Security recipients screaming about the $15 dollars that the government had suddenly taken from their social-security checks this month.  
Apparently there had been no notice, no warning and there was no explanation. I tried to check this out on the web and discovered that yes nineteen-percent of some Social Security checks had been taken by the government. Apparently the AARP, the one group that was supposed to represent the retirement-age group, has screwed their own population again!
AARP ought to be charged with consumer and criminal-fraud!
"The Wall Street Journal on Friday reported that the powerful lobbying group for retirees was "dropping its longstanding opposition to cutting Social Security benefits."
The article ignited a firestorm. In statements and an interview with CNNMoney, AARP said the story was misleading.
"It's AARP's belief that at the end of the day there will be a package that affects both the benefit and the revenue side," David Certner, the group's legislative policy director, told CNNMoney.
And, he said, AARP wants to make sure any final package "does as much as possible to maintain benefits" and gives people enough lead time to adjust to any changes.
Social Security to run short sooner than expected In the past, the AARP has opposed specific cuts to change the entitlement program. For example, it has been against progressive indexing, which would adjust the formula that determines retirees' initial benefit, resulting in lower payments for higher-income beneficiaries, and possibly some more middle-income earners as well. When asked what benefit cuts the AARP would now support Certner said the organization doesn't support any in particular "because there's been no consensus" among its members. Indeed, he said, there's no cut that most people favor. AARP in a statement reaffirmed its opposition to privatization, which would allow people to direct some of their contributions to an investment account with stocks and bonds.
It did not comment on proposals to raise the retirement age at which retirees would be eligible for full Social Security benefits.
AARP surveys show broad support for raising the amount of income subject to the payroll tax that funds Social Security. The change would affect the highest income earners, since currently only the first $107,000 of income is subject to the Social Security tax.
Some, however, say that it was significant that the AARP earlier this year did not join forces with 200 or so advocacy groups that have been lobbying President Obama and Democrats to exclude Social Security from any debt-reduction talks. The AARP maintained Friday it still does not want Social Security reform to be included in such talks, including those being led by Vice President Biden to strike a deal on the debt ceiling.But representatives of some of those advocacy groups in a conference call Friday were very unhappy. "We're extremely disappointed," said Max Richtman, acting CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare."  (3)
The explanation above is pure crap; just another government lie! When this piece of Double-Speak happens to my check I will personally demand that Nancy Pelosi (my 'representative') reimburse me, with penalties and interest for any money that the government decides not to pay me, for whatever reason-as their debt to me is on-going and was earned over the entirety of my working life. Pelosi lives about a mile or so from me and I think I might be able to get some Gray Panthers and a whole lot of others that have already been shorted to accompany me to 'Nancy's House' to see how she plans to compensate her constituents for her failure to represent us?
Of course such protests are now illegal in San Francisco as it is illegal for more than two people to come together anywhere, at anytime (terrorism is everywhere, you know ­ so we can't be too careful). Still I think that we might just be able to mount something of a small group that might be willing to demonstrate their disgust with Pelosi and government at the same time. . .
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