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End Double-Speak

By Jim Kirwan
There are several massive contradictions facing Americans and the world at the moment. Global-hypocrisy is at the core of everything from the DEPRESSION that we are still failing to recognize, all the way to our colonial policies of rape, pillage and plunder that have destabilized the planet. Because of our unflinching support for Zionist-Apartheid-Israel and their insistence upon using Israeli Anarchy to justify their own crimes against humanity in Palestine; the world now finds itself wavering on the cliff's edge of oblivion.
This film was made to show the world what Israel's "occupation of Gaza" actually looks like, in human terms. However Israel has tried to keep the world from seeing this hour and twenty-one minute film. Of course if Israel's course of action in Palestine is justified; then Israel would want the whole world to see what they have done, with total USI support in Palestine. So why is Israel so dead-set against he world actually knowing what they are doing. Where is Israel's' film exposing the supposedly horrifying-damage which the Palestinian's have supposedly been inflicting upon the Zionists! What could possibly justify the last fifty years of Israel's torture and slaughter of Palestinian civilians? (1)
The weapons used and the Amerikan-policy shield that has kept Zionism alive and vicious has all been made possible by unconscionable US assistance (recently $3 trillion went to Israel) ­ despite the intensifying needs of Americans here at home. This is Double-Speak in action and this must end now.
On the international front 'AUSTERITY' is the mandatory self-destroying term being used the world over, by the International Banking cartels, to finish off global resistance to their totalitarian enslavement of the planet. To use this term for what is taking place is the height of hypocrisy-because while the BANKERS are demanding 'AUSTERITY' they themselves are literally rolling in an excessive-obscenity of billion dollar bonuses, flagrant greed and their total disregard for anyone that is directly affected by this 'AUSTERITY' plan that will bankrupt every nation that it touches worldwide. This totally broken-equation can only lead directly to a worldwide revolution; IF this is not withdrawn as the only financial policy on the table, in the global markets of the world today.
To understand how this global-charade became possible you only need five minutes to see, in detail, just what it was that was used to create the supposed "NEED" for these polices. Here's the WHERE & HOW of exactly how this War upon the World got its formal start. With the events and excuses this crime created, the laws of the United States were dissolved and all authority to investigate anything evaporated. (2)
Finally it all comes down to who the American people really are.
"America has become incredibly, astonishingly shallow! America is also incredibly damned cruel all over this world and Americans prefer to not look into the mirror and face that reality. American citizens are treated in incredibly cruel fashion even within its own borders, but most of the people still do not get it as to why that is so.
Americans need to come to grips with the atrocities done in their name in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and now Libya to look in the mirror and understand what the words 'shockingly cruel' even mean. America is the poster child for shockingly cruel. The nation stands on no moral high ground whatsoever and has not since way before September 11, 2001. (The decline started in earnest in 1988 when George H W Bush was elected and fabricated a Zionist war in Iraq, the callously named "Desert Shield" and later "Desert Storm". The US literally fabricated that war; I know many of the Special Forces soldiers that were involved in black ops to create it.)
There is only one possible explanation. The answer grows clearer every day that America is coast-to-coast idiots blind to all that really matters. The matters of civility, coherence, civilized, any sense of shame for the evil that the US has wrought seems to be in one ear and out the other over in La-La USofA. That is what America has become, self-absorbed, self-centered, and oblivious to realities.
Such a nation has no moral compass, no concept of what is being done in foreign lands so Americans can think they are so great, so powerful, so Christian and so compassionate. No concept whatsoever in the difference between Just War and Unjust War, no concept whatsoever between right and wrong or good versus evil. They live a lie because they believe the lies. "(3)
To get down to the reality behind this lethal masquerade, Amerikans in particular need to understand that those who we allow to remain in power must be competent. Ergo, to be successful in shoving this obscenity-of-austerity down our throats; the "AUTHORITIES" must be believable. Of course what has happened is that those clearly in authority are the most corrupt people on the planet. This fact is becoming increasingly clear around the world today. (4)
Now for part two of the topic: DUMPING the DEBT. The one proven solution that has not even been considered is DEBT FORGIVENESS on a colossal scale. It has never been considered because the Bankers of the world have spent the last 5,000 years building up the illegal debt of the world, payable to them of course; so of naturally this has never been seriously discussed by the bribed officials that run these make-believe nation-states who are trying to enforce "AUSTERITY" as a way to finally foreclose on the world.
However when Saudi Arabia looked at the uprisings during the Arab Spring, they cancelled all debts, as their way of keeping their nation from tearing its own leaders apart. It has also been useful in several other periods of time-past when the usury and crimes of the money-lenders have gone berserk. This is perhaps the MOST CRITICAL time imaginable: And if America is to survive then "DUMP the DEBT" ought to become part of the rallying cry in the Wall Street Demonstrations that are going on now! (5)
More than anything else this so-called nation of ours, as well as the world needs to start over with a CLEAN-SLATE for everyone. This is not only justified given the track-record of the criminal-elements that have completely taken over Banking and Governments around the world, but because their excesses are simply UNBEARABLE, by those they have been targeted for this repayment of so much DEBT, that it defies the world's ability to even consider such a thing. The last time they mentioned our actual DEBT-to-THEM it was $1.2 quadrillion ­ if you can even imagine such a number then you're way ahead of me, and lots of other people in this war-torn world.
Take a little time and please consider the links below. While this version of events might seem harsh; that's because to get to any viable solution the public must begin to at least try and deal with the real facts that lie beneath the real conspiracies that have brought us all to this point in history. And as people we MUST begin to prioritize our lives to consider which problems must come first, if anything is to survive this global crime against humanity!
1) Just another Sunday in Amerika
2) 9/11 A Conspiracy Theory ­ 5 min video
3) Look in the Damned Mirror America!
4) Good Is Evil ­ 5 minute video
5) The Faceoff at 55 Wall St. - 1 minute video
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