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Do Something!
By Jim Kirwan
The amount of confusion among the sheltered and spoiled Amerikan public is almost beyond belief because they are so "confused' by what too many still see as "the sudden onset of horrible news." However you can actually choose to arrive at your own conclusions about almost everything that has happened lately. How? Why not make your own list of the things in life that you need and what-exactly the forces in charge of assisting you have actually done to help you, in any situation-ever!
People come in red, white, brown, yellow and black. This STAR, carried by CONQUEST, is from the currently burning Flag of All Nations, which contains all those colors and their variations. It's only a symbol that I created when I painted this version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The star is surrounded by what is left of the green earth and the filthy blue is for the skies and the waters that have been poisoned. The single star contains all the variants of the colors of humanity; and Conquest here is being followed closely by WAR that shields itself with the pawns of war that we provide to the owners; by the millions!
Collectively we are straight or gay, men and women, old or young, successful and penniless. Our thinking too runs the gambit. Everything from the far-right to the far-left and everything in-between. Religions are also all over the map, but at bottom we are connected by far more of the same problems than we are united by the same hatreds, diversions, divisions or beliefs. Humanity itself is under attack on every front, and we as individuals need to figure out how to respond to this Global War-Crime. This is urgent because the stability of the global-currency is about to collapse; and we must decide what has really happened with everything that has already been seized by the global-outlaws who have stolen so much of the world already.
This is required because we cannot move forward until we know what happened, because of what we did not do in the past. Mainly what we chose to ignore was all the torture, murder and imprisonment we have been responsible for. Collectively we have turned a blind-eye to what we've been doing to everyone else on the planet-now that behavior is here and it is Americans that are being tortured, maimed and murdered by thugs in American uniforms, without so much an honest investigation of most of the over three hundred that have died illegally in police custody, or at the hands of murderers that hide behind the badge. This is on top of the unbelievably massive FRAUDS in every profession from medicine and law all the way throughout insurance (extortion) and education (Gestapo-training) for the common citizens. Lies have permeated every facet of every business or undertaking and almost nothing has escaped the headless-eagle of ultimate corruption which is presiding over a nation without a moral compass, that seeks only total control over all the arts and sciences, as well as all the businesses and pleasures that were once open to us all.
But since everything that happens in the world is in reality "as personal as anything ever could be," because it is our jobs, our dreams, our children and our lives that have been targeted by this globally-engineered-collapse of the fiat currency (the US dollar) which has been behind it all. Our other major problem now is how to UNDERSTAND the difference between what is real and what is nothing more than continuations of all the lies that have made this happen and then have continued to keep everything afloat. So why not just look coldly and clearly at your life and then ask yourself "How has this been working-out for me?" "How will this end?" "Am I better off-now than I ever was before the global-outlaws appointed themselves to run the world?" (1)
Make that list and you will discover for yourself that there is no longer any "LAW" to protect you from anything either foreign or domestic. You will also discover that 'we' have no one to represent us in this criminal-government that only represents the global-bankers and the elites-'we' are just the slaves that make everything possible and who must pay not only all the bills for the massive thefts of wealth across the planet; but we must give them everything else that we might think we own, as a bonus to them for continuing to "managing us." (2)
What's coming beginning tomorrow is the final phase when the Elites and the global disorder of the Global-Cabal now want us to pay all their debts forever! The only thing that can stop this is for us to individually resist this final step in their takeover of everything that was once a part of every life on this planet! The particulars of what will happen can be illuminated once you apply what is known about the coming collapse to how those facts will be translated into the kinds of actions that heretofore have always been unthinkable, especially in "America." Here is one example from the first footnote, RE: Washington D.C., the quote is what is from the footnote; what follows is how this will actually play out when the US Dollar collapses.
"Washington D.C. The political collapse of the Federal Government will reek havoc on the hugely inflated local economy as more and more states find it necessary to assert their natural control the federal government will suddenly lose power and importance, as the whole world suffers from a global Hurricane Katrina (the city in flames).
The money that they create and spend will become worthless and government minion's pensions will evaporate. Millions that once relied upon the ability to force others to send their money to them will learn that the real power has always been at the most local level. Massive decentralization will be the answer to 'Globalization Gone Mad."
k) Once the power-of-money evaporates in Washington D.C. so will the multi-billion dollar official-protection of the people that have done this to us. Without the Secret-Service (just too many to even begin to protect them all); these very publicly known OUTLAWS will have to find their own way out of town, except that because of the chaos traffic will be at a standstill. That ten-square-mile area of D.C. is also the USheadquarters for the New World Order and that includes the Capital buildings as well. (3)
Once the power (the money) has become useless Washington will become nothing but a crater of failed corruptions that will be set upon by those inhabitants that have suffered so long under the tyranny of virtual slavery for decades. Washington will almost immediately cease to be a factor once the fiat money has collapsed-leaving that place headless and shorn of any feasible power to dictate anything anymore. This morningIsrael's Stock Exchange opened in Tel Aviv and then had to almost immediately close down because it had dropped over 6% and was heading for disaster; which, if you read the first footnote here, deals with why the failure of Israel to survive is massively important. Money, among other things, can also be a nation-ending weapon that can be even more disastrous than bombs or bullets-too many people have overlooked this glaring-fact, because it is one of the Achilles-Heels inside the Global-conspiracy to end the world as we know it. (4)
Finally there is this: 'If you think this can't happen here - you're dreaming! What happens in London makes it to the US, in short order, every time. This is the price that the thugs in US police Departments are about to have to pay, for what they've been doing, in places like Oakland and Tucson and Phoenix, and a lot of other cities now for the last year plus. This proves that cops are no match for an enraged public that has too often seen ordinary people gunned down in the streets such as the man in Miami Beach that 12 officers managed to murder with a hundred bullets. The shooters got off but the man that filmed it all got 12 YEARS in jail for releasing the video to U-tube. If you think this can't happen here - you're dreaming!
The same thing happened when 71 bullets were put into an innocent ex-GI in his own home by an out-of-control SWAT Team on a totally bogus drug raid - there was no warning, and no warrant; most important there was never any real investigation. And now cops are using 911 as an excuse to kill those that call them - such as the man and his dog that were both murdered within seconds after the man demanded to see a warrant. Same M.O., NO INVESTIGATION of the bastard that pulled the trigger.
The people in London have figured it out - which is why the media is concentrating on the violence and theft that piggy-backed onto this spontaneous resistance against the Police State which turned into a basic riot against the false flag of "Law & Order" in England! (5)
No one KNOWS what will happen tomorrow, whether it will actually be "BLACK MONDAY" or not. But the fact of the collapse of the US dollar will not go away!
"China said it will accelerate diversification away from US treasuries, and that meanwhile it demands reform: "China, the largest creditor of the world's sole superpower, has every right now to demand the United States address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China's dollar assets," Xinhua said.
Now see what happens after the US downgrade >
The statement also called for a new global currency: "International supervision over the issue of U.S. dollars should be introduced and a new, stable and secured global reserve currency may also be an option to avert a catastrophe caused by any single country," Xinhua said." (6)
The time to look at the global hourglass is here and all that blood-drenched sand is nearly gone from the top of the glass yet the ultimate question remains. What will you 'DO' about these global-crimes against all of us! There are thousands of ways that resistance can be applied; all that is required is that you are aware of who cares about you and your life; and who does not! And of course the final necessary ingredient here is that you have to get YOUR hands dirty and DO SOMETHING YOURSELF.
This cannot be legislated or delegated to private contractors: This is our mess, and we are criminally responsible for it. Now we have to become involved in ending it forever.
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4) Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Opens to 6% losses
5) 26 cops hurt dozens held after London Riot
6) America needs to accept the painful fact that the good old days are over!
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