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Death Of The Cash Economy
By Jim Kirwan
The dreaded day of a second attack on 911 has arrived and now hundreds of billions of dollars have uselessly been wasted on another bogus terrorist event that has past, without incident.
But a whole new threat against everyone in the cash economy is beginning to raise its ugly head.
This piece of treachery was passed in secret by the Congress in 2008 and it was buried in "THE HOUSING AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY ACT OF 2008" (HR 3221)
"A document from the Senate Committee on Finance in 2009 states that the intention is to close the tax gap (estimated at $345 billion here). If the IRS is 100% successful, they will collect $345 billion a year in extra tax money.
The key issues are under-reporting and non-reporting, so the government's remedy is to require voluminous detailed record keeping and reporting by businesses and private contractors. They want to monitor how much each business brings in and how much they spend, almost down to the penny (or $600 anyway)."
Interestingly no effort is being made to go after the TRILLIONS in unpaid taxes routinely dodged by major corporations and or the filthy rich ­ instead the entire problem is being put on the backs of ordinary people who are just trying to stay alive.
"According to the Senate document, the IRS targets businesses with assets under $10 million for the 1099-MISC forms, as they found that only 8% of them file the forms. The IRS expects the so-called "voluntary" income reporting rate to jump from the current 46% to 95%. This means that the IRS aims to collect $345 billion a year by requiring mountains of detailed paperwork from businesses and independent freelancers. Individual filers are also targeted by the IRS. Traditionally, the IRS 1099-MISC form has been used primarily to report independent contractor income (a service), but it now includes the sales of goods totaling $600 or more in course of business.
The purchaser or buyer is responsible for issuing 1099 forms for all business transactions. However, this rule applies only to business exchanges, so individuals will be spared from collecting 1099 forms from grocery stores, for example, if the purchases are for personal use and outside of business.
The new measure is reported to have been waiting in the wings for the right opportunity and now that it is law, and with so much money on the line, it will be almost impossible to repeal. Even if it was repealed, the Housing Recovery Act, a companion to Obama-Care tax laws, goes into effect January 2011"
What this act will force the cash-based society to do is to go underground. Tips for waiters and waitresses, cab drivers and virtually the entire service industry will either have to be paid as part of a credit-card transaction or not at all, because the government wants to know about every cent that anyone spends anywhere for anything: hence the cashless society. However this breaks yet another PROMISE to the public. This promise is clearly on every single bill that is printed by the FEDERAL RESERVE and states quite clearly:
"This note is legal tender for all debts both public and private."
Already the Post Office is refusing to take cash for stamps, except at the counter. Cash has been barred from use in vending machines at Airports and a number of other places because the government wants every transaction recorded for them, automatically on your credit card statements, which they read routinely without your permission. Somehow I doubt that this is done to anyone who has income of over $10 million dollars (as the entire point of this new punishment is meant to eliminate the income of the poorest people in the society. If they cannot bury you in paperwork, then they just plan to crush you with roadblocks for spending any cash for anything.
One other minor detail that the congress overlooked is that the IRS is not a division of the Federal Government ­ they are nothing more than a private for-profit collection agency registered in Delaware, and if they come to your home you should treat them as the private thugs they really are: Because despite the badges they are NOT FEDERAL agents; they're just thieves trying to steal money that is not theirs (with interest & penalties that are also bogus). "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a Revolutionary Act" ­ George Orwell. The maker of this film was murdered shortly after it was released. (2)
If you think that this is some kind of major exaggeration then have a look at how this bill will change the rule of just getting a babysitter for an evening, so that you and yours can have a few hours away from home.
"What I consider really dangerous is the new BABYSITTER BILL. California has led the nation in PUNITIVE-TO-ENTERPRISE taxes & licenses fees and this is a biggie. {This} will stop plenty of parents from getting a job. Maybe it's just a TORTURE TEST law but it's one that will STOP WORKING single MOTHERS DEAD AND vampirishly, create a REVENUE stream from new types of filched workers! This NEW "AU PAIR" LAW makes anybody who receives a GOV STIPEND for baby care absolutely required to HIRE or EMPLOY A "UNION BABYSITTER" or NURSE who by law must be given rest breaks every two hrs. Meaning you must HIRE TWO OF THEM. Those girls' income is then up for grabs too. FILCHED! The parent just totally loses the ability to find a worker for child care. And [with this]we-back ethnics can't [afford to have] babysitters any more. Nor can grannies on social Security. (Fed can dock the senior for having earnings!) RESULT: costly daycares must be used and there aren't enough of them. THOSE already are filched." (1)
"Close to 60% of Americans oppose ObamaCare and the new 1099 reporting is a way to offset the cost. While the IRS contends that this is not a new tax, it can be argued that it is new because of the 1099 reporting now includes of sales of goods. Even if some States, businesses and individuals reject ObamaCare and want to opt-out, the taxpayer is still stuck paying the bill.
The IRS is the enforcer of ObamaCare. The IRS has the power steal money from bank accounts, garnish wages, put people in jail and some IRS agents carry guns.
ObamaCare reinstates the original $600 credit sales reporting rules of the 2008 Housing Bill and massively expands it by mandating that EVERY business transaction of $600 or more, whether it is cash, check, credit, or any other thing used for payment, to be reported to the IRS with 1099 forms.
For example, if a freelancer buys more than $600 dollars worth of office supplies over the course of a year from Staples, the individual will be required to 1099 Staples and to collect their Tax ID Number.
Additionally, small businesses and self-employed individuals will receive a 1099 form from each business that they sold over $600 worth of goods or services and will have to supply their Tax ID or Social Security Number to the purchaser.
Doug Shulman, IRS Commissioner, said that credit card and debit card purchases will be exempt from reporting with the 1099 forms because payment processors will already be reporting the transactions to the IRS. Under the guise of eliminating the burden of paperwork for small businesses and independents, this is really a step toward a cashless economy because people will want to avoid the extra paperwork and will embrace electronic transactions.
PayPal stands to benefit tremendously from a cashless economy and increased use." And PayPal is a Zionist owned company, so indirectly you will be supporting the NAZI-affiliated regime of today's Israel. (1)
"Imagine a cashless economy where the banks are in charge of access to your money. Recently, the National Australia Bank's had a computer glitch that left millions of people unable to get their own money. Do the bankers really need any more power? Cost of ruining small business...$600 Cost of government Stupidity ...Trillions.
Dreams of the American people waking up and taking action......Priceless! For everything else, there's MasterCard." (1)
Imagine what happened to your ability to survive when the power goes down (stupidly) as it just did for 6 million people from Riverside to Mexico in California ­ and what if the power remained out for days ­ If the entire economy is done on-line or with credit cards, you have no way to buy anything you need, even if you can get to someone that has anything to sell? Is this intelligent, or is this borderline-criminal because we are surrendering our freedom to use money, to the same BANKS & INSTITUTIONS that have been stealing Tens of Trillions from us, since September of 2008! Do you REALLY want to surrender your business and personal financial records to these same Privateers that have already stolen most of this country along with all our freedoms; including what was our government? Damnit people what will it take for you to stop getting SCREWED and start screwing the government instead?
Hell it's your stupid life; if you're not smart enough to meet the IRS with your own guns drawn at your door; then stop claiming that you're Americans and just accept the fact that nothing that you thought was yours is yours any longer-including your private records, your money or your retirement, or whatever might be of value in your safety deposit box!
1) Obama Taxes Have gone way up the Wazoo!!! Plus they're sneaking around in your accounts: http://www.masterjules.net/obamataxes.htm
2) America Freedom to Fascism ­ full length film http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1656880303867390173#
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