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Confrontation And Choices
By Jim Kirwan
The central unasked question now is can non-violence actually end the Barbarism of the State that is imposing itself upon this nation by force?
This is SANCTUARY ~ CROSSROADS and it typifies the complexities we face between what many seek versus what has come to pass. Notice please that the stairways do not connect us, nor do the pillars support either end of this equation; because it up to us as individuals to unravel these very different types of survival.
I've made some notes from a feature length film called UNGRIP which is massively illuminating in scope; but which is very problematic for most Americans to ever actually fully embrace. These 'notes' are not literally what is said in all cases; you'll need to watch the film to understand this fully. What I tried to give the public are a few of the most critical points contained in the study, which is also the life of the man who made the film.
'Confrontation with the massively-armed state must include believable responses to naked tyranny. "Consent requires us to say either yes or no to 'government' whenever this government begins to act against those that have made government 'possible.'
'YES' all of what is happening to us now is because in reality we have responded as 'children' to an authority that chooses to ignore us entirely. So we must either govern ourselves or chose to be governed by 'others.' This is part of what's at stake in the OCCUPATION of WALL St. In many ways we cannot let this effort fail, because it is perhaps our last chance to stop this defacto-takeover of NOT just this place; but of our lives as well.
These events, combined with everything that has led to this confrontation, are completely dependent upon our CONSENT to be governed. We gave USI the corporate-right to inject their corporate mindset into every facet of our lives: Without realizing that we are not compelled to comply with any government direction, so long as we are natural persons, instead of corporately owned assets.
Perhaps the only way to end these defacto corporate practices, with dispatch; would seem to be to revolt against the Corporate-State of USI.
The English Magna Carta was the basis for our human rights. But since it was signed under 'duress' its dictates were called into question early-on. The interesting part in all of this is that because of those rights, many believe we received from that document-corporations around the world have been making war upon the Magna-Carta since it was signed in the twelve hundreds.
The US was founded by corporations, (59 million natives died as a result of that war). These things happened so that this land could be colonized. The British North American Act (BNA) of 1867 was never voted on by those directly affected by it: And yet that act has been the source of the same criminality that so many are now opposing on Wall Street and elsewhere.
In 1776 the Americans declared their independence from the BNA, in our War for Independence. But the Admiralty legal system that came with BNA still operates here, as the Courts system inside USI. This Admiralty system is also a military system, so that each American taxpayer is a registered military part of this system. The proof lies in the fact that every document from your birth certificate to your death certificate attests to the fact that you are an owned property of the State.
However all of this was done by slight of corporate-double-speak using very confusing word play what they dared NOT ever attempt to do openly. What we must do now is find a way to end this defacto-corporate-charade because none of this has ever been approved by the people that have become illegal subjects of the corporations that own USI. Instead we have all been captured by corporate manipulations that have already stolen everything we thought we already owned. In its own way just as the magna Carta was illegal, because it was created under duress: Then the entire control of Admiralty Law is illegal because it got its powers without the consent of the governed through deception, trickery and lies.
The term "Defacto" means "Illegitimate but in effect."
This is how things like TSA and DHS came into existence and are still unchallengeable even today, under the so-called "laws" of this place.
To escape from this tyranny each of us must refuse to be governed by the defacto corporate state of USI. You must investigate and discover exactly what governs over you: morally, emotionally, consciously, and spiritually. There are choices that involve moving away from this system; and if we choose NOT to move away then we shall probably be crushed.
These Admiralty Courts (our system) were not set up to deal with natural persons; they were set up to govern over corporate entities. The country of Canada for instance is not a country, but is instead just a corporation that is owned by USI, and therefore must register each year with the US SEC, as a corporation.
Anything that one "fears" could be construed as a 'Master." But that also means that whatever we create, is meant to serve us. So when we, in theory, created governments, corporations, etc., all that we created was created specifically "to serve us" and not the other way round.' (1)
The shortest course to ending all of this would be to support a Nationwide General Strike that could crush the corporations if that were to last an entire week. This would allow us to reconfigure our lives in such ways as to allow us to begin to act as individuals, instead of mere children. Choices are always out there. We must choose to act to change it all in our favor, instead of allowing the power to remain with the private corporations that have ruined life all over this planet. And we must learn how to "WAGE PEACE"!
Here's how Chris Hedges put it this morning:
Chris Hedges, Op-Ed: "There are no excuses left. Either you join the revolt taking place on Wall Street and in the financial districts of other cities across the country or you stand on the wrong side of history. Either you obstruct, in the only form left to us, which is civil disobedience, the plundering by the criminal class on Wall Street and accelerated destruction of the ecosystem that sustains the human species, or become the passive enabler of a monstrous evil. Either you taste, feel and smell the intoxication of freedom and revolt or sink into the miasma of despair and apathy. Either you are a rebel or a slave."
Against this backdrop I also received the following cautionary note that I will answer here with comments.
READER: A running theme in your articles, it seems, is a call to action.
There is also a "call to action" element in V for Vendetta. It should be noted that that "call to action" is delivered by the Masked Man: a direct representative of the Illuminati themselves. You noted the connection of the Guy Fawkes mask to my notation that gargoyles are an Illuminati Signature Symbol.
k) The figure behind the mask (quite literally in the film) is someone whose entire life has been one long confrontation between the evils of the Illuminati, and the justice that is required by ordinary people. Masks are only symbols if you want to know what they might mean in any given circumstance you need to look deeper!
R) As such, the "call to action" given in the film must be taken as a prediction of false calls to action yet to come -- as well as an admission that past "calls to action" have been false of substance.
k) That's a blatant lie!
R) That's hardly a revelation. This technique of creating and guiding apparently genuine but ultimately illegitimate "calls to action" is described in the Protocols of Zion.
k) That may be, because the Protocols of Zion was and is founded on deception and lies; ergo, what for you seems obvious, because of your affiliation with the Protocols, is for the general public something completely different.
I'm not saying that YOUR calls to action are illegitimate. I'm saying that, within the space of V for Vendetta, the call to action -- however "successfully" it unfolds, in the film, is not to be taken as legitimate.
k) You are as entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine: However I am not familiar with your written record, when it comes to either observing or commenting on these kinds of events. Maybe that exists when it comes to films: But this is not about a movie; this is about real life imitating a film; after the film was made.
The real action in the film lies in the character of Evie, who is the one that makes the decision to deliver the explosives.
I assume you are familiar with the film. Evie undergoes an intensive psychological re-setting program, involving torture and deprivation, in a one-to-one parallel with punishment tactics delivered by the prison warden in The Count of Monte Cristo (a film the Masked Man says is his "favorite"). Her torture and re-programming is planned, structured, and delivered by the Masked Man.
Evie is released from torture only finally when she is willing to destroy without regret, even if it means self-destruction.
k) Lovely, except that for purposes of the film, wherein the character of the young woman needed to have an experience that rivaled that of the Masked figure: If you had experience with creating film characters (I have) then you would understand the cinematic need for those scenes?
R) You said,
"Americans failed to GET the connections between Guy Fawkes Day, '1984' and our current dictatorship. The English got it but not the Americans."
Did they? I mean, The English? Did they get it?
k) I don't know; but the film audience in England for this film was far greater proportionally than it was received here: Which is what I based that statement on.
R) I mean, maybe they got it, but they didn't get it. They never will. Nor will anyone else but a very few.
For all good ethical reasons, keep up your calls to action. For all realistic reasons, please do not have false hopes. The people will not rise; the Illuminati will not be exposed and [will] subsequently fall. If the people "rise" and if the "illuminati" "fall", it will have been an orchestrated event of tremendous effect, to their own ends.
I write my articles for only one reason: I see what is happening, and I can't keep my mouth shut.
k) Okay, that's reason enough for anyone to write; but please don't attempt to predetermine any of the possibilities that could literally affect billions of people. Because, it makes it appear that you believe that the ILLUMNATI are impregnable ­ which they ARE NOT!
R) Barring spectacular interposition by greater powers, I see no reason to doubt the eventual success of the plans of the so-called "Illuminati". There is always the possibility that we will be surprised, of course.
Thank you for your work.
k) This is precisely why I write, in order to mitigate the well intentioned but completely misguided people that have come to believe that this flawed creation of the few corrupted creatures; that have chosen to represent themselves as immortals ­ could ever fail. When in fact, while they have been around for centuries: they have never actually succeeded as themselves: Because they have always chosen to hide behind others, until now: That is why they will lose, because too many people can now see exactly what they stand for, and we can also see that if they succeed then we must all die!
1) UNGRIP the full length movie ­ 1 hr, 11 min film,
2) NationofChange info@nationofchange.org Chris Hedges
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