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Comments - The Elimination Of The
SEALS Who Killed 'bin Laden'

From Michael
Subject: Copter downing in Afghanistan KIlls Entire SEAL Team
Whew - the responses have been coming in like rapid fire on the battle field. And so far, all have the same thought in mind - Shades of the Clinton era - all that is missing is Ft. Marcy Park.
Here are just a few of those that have come in so far....  
Naturally, Jackie,
Exponents of critical thought will understand that enemies of the Administration become targets of opportunity!
The real "buzz" is that our troops were written off as "liabilities." But, you and I know, if there remains one SEAL of "that raid," that person will fess up immediately.
SEALS are dedicated persons and committed to the brotherhood of silent warriors. But, when  their own are "cashiered," the silence will break!
Many will call us conspiracy wing-nuts, but the red flag has been seen, and answers must be brought forth.
Don't let this story die.... 
This eliminates those on the kill Osama Bin Ladin Mission, so what really happened, who was really killed, etc. is now whatever the CIA says it is.  Kind of like the crash in Bosnia that killed all on board including HUD Secretery Brown, who said "If I go down, I will take others with me". He underestimated what Black Ops can (and will) do.
Shades of those four Secret Service Agents, previously assigned to Clinton, that bought the farm on entering the second story of the Branch Davidians. The defenders didn't fire the rounds that killed them.
The Klintonistas are still at it. Dead men tell no tales!
Sent: Saturday, August 6, 2011 10:51 AM
Subject: Mysterious deaths-Obama cleaning house
Date: Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 10:48 AM
Subject: mysterious deaths
From whatreallyhappened.com
Comment in a posting.
It has just been announced that the Seals who killed some poor schmuck
last May identified by the White House as Osama Bin Laden (the real
bin Laden died in December 2001) all died in the crash of a Chinook
Helicopter in Afghanistan today. This is reminiscent of when Former
Clinton body guards privy to his indiscretions were all killed at
Waco, shot by their own forces.
So, it looks like Obama may be cleaning house as he heads into the next
election season by murdering off anyone who could publicly expose the
lies and hoaxes he has used to cling to power.
Gosh, Jackie, the reason for downing the helicopter with the team and unit that allegedly killed bin Laden is simple - the government was taking care of 30 lose ends at one time instead of one at a time as they did with scientists developing chemo and bio weapons, or the 42 witnesses to the Murrah Building bombing that knew it wasn't a one-man deal, or any one of dozens of whistle blowers that have been brutally murdered, or the 80-plus at Waco that were shot or burned to death, including what - 26 children - to get rid of witnesses, to name a few. Without a doubt, the members of the unit would talk to each other, and without a doubt, I suspect that the ones actually carrying out the fabrication knew they did not kill bin Laden.
The fact is government can now claim anything they want and leave the illegal alien with credit for bin Laden when he could have been captured dozens of times, including before 9-11. Others can believe and say what they wish but the fact is the government lies anytime it opens it mouth but if others do and persist, or the potential exists that one or more may talk, government kills and that closes the book - or used to. In the case of the false flag operation by Israel against the U.S.S. Liberty, they merely threatened and the victims kept their mouths shut for many years, but I do not think in this day and age with the imminent downfall of America that witnesses are as likely to keep their mouths shut, especially if they love America as they allege. But, of course, now we will never know.  
Sadly, we have allowed a de facto government , including local chartered governments, to develop, and furthermore at our future risk, allowed them to kill and not be brought up on charges. Now we are seeing increasingly the horrible effect our non-vigilance has had.
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