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Let's Be Clear
By Jim Kirwan
The last time that the United States Military did anything to actually defend this country was in World War II. Every 'action' after that war was nothing more than a political action in which the US military was nothing more than an armed political force that was assigned to duty in foreign places to underwrite the most criminal of corporate interests which has brought us to this impasse that passes for life in 2011. (1)
From Korea to Vietnam, from Vietnam through Grenada and Panama: With side ventures in Chile and Africa, US military forces have been nothing but a bunch of paid thugs assigned to destroy other countries for US Corporate interests. Anyone in a US uniform that has served in Iraq, either in 1991 or in George Bush's illegal invasion and occupation has to know that everything they did there had nothing to do with protecting this country: Because it was always about suppressing the population to "unconditionally- surrender" to US and multinational-corporate-Oppression and the colonial Occupation of counties that were resisting American adventures in support of our Evil-Empire that has no basis in either law or humanity.
At the moment despite the doubling of our occupational forces, thru the use of mercenaries that have more than doubled the size of our expeditionary forces, we are still losing in every country we have troops today-because none of these wars are about winning they are all about continuing the flagrantly excessive military and political contracts that will never end: If they continue to have their way with the American people that are funding this entire charade.
Since the end of WWII the targets and casualties in every military action involve the killing of more than 90% civilians, in any country that is attacked: While the death toll among opposing combatants has been shrunk to less than ten percent of the actual opposing forces-and that amounts to a major and massive WAR CRIME, committed for the most part by the armed forces of the USI: The major force used in these crimes are United States forces; no matter how this is measured or reported, primarily because the mercenaries are allowed to wear US uniforms, when they are committing all those crimes against humanity worldwide.
In this process run by a bunch of pretend generals with chest's filled with medals, for wars that were never officially acknowledged; so that what we have is an entirely false military paradigm based on a "right to attack everyone and anyone on the entire planet" that has never been legal at any time in the entire history of the planet. Here was the proposal that has now become LAW! (2)
If the serving and retired members of this country's armed-forces had any guts at all  they would use what they have been taught to free the United States from this criminal enterprise that is currently attempting to kill everyone in this nation who chooses to resist this completely criminal enterprise. The so-called US Air Force in which I served (57-61) is now nothing more than a carbon copy of the Nazi Luftwaffe, attacking civilians at will with drones and high-tech aerial attacks against civilians that does not distinguish between civilian and military targets. This is policy now and not just some accident of military targeting procedures.
The Marines which were formed to eradicate the global-Pirates in a long ago day and time; have become nothing more than shock troops for "The Shock Doctrine" that is being used to kill the remaining resistors in this international conquest of the planet. The honest marines that are still in uniform cannot deny this fact: This was has led to the huge number of cases of PTSD, throughout the services since this "policy" became official practice.
The nation that put them into uniforms is under massive and deadly attack from all quarters and if they believe that they have a duty to protect and defend America and the Constitution then they must rebel against all the illegal orders which they get every single day and come back here to defend the people of the United States which are the true targets of all these wars.
The US Navy has become just a seaborne delivery service for the nuclear and tactical nuclear weapons systems that are being used to fight this one-sided attack upon third world nations of all stripes. The vaunted navy Seals are just fancy forces that underwrite the evils of the CIA, the NSA, and all the other criminally based wars against people everywhere and the same is true of the US Coast Guard that used to exist to help people in the coastal waters surrounding this country ­ but who have now become a macho-bunch of outright bastards that serve only the elites and all their petty orders.
After 911 the terms Hero and Patriot became so common that they lost all meaning. The cops the firefighters and the Emergency personnel did fantastic work, but that was their job; that's why they were there. The fighter pilots of North American Air Defense were AWOL, they failed this country when it needed them the most ­ and yet their commanding officer was promoted to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff after 911: Because NORAD's FAILURE TO RESPOND, was never openly questioned. The victim's families of 911 took payoffs that barred them from questioning what really happened on that day ­ which is why no real hearings were ever held. Cowardice was running very high after 911, which is why we still have never investigated the real story of that attack!
My gut feeling now about the new and definitely cowardly US Military is just "fck them all" because it is their willingness to serve this criminally-structured government that has put everything that matters into a position of eminent and deadly danger, which ultimately could undermine our ability to ever recover from this nightmare. While you are "over-there" your loved ones will be attacked and murdered here, in the name of the New World Order that you are making possible: How does that make you feel? If you do not taken action to end this charade then YOU will be responsible for the deaths of those you love today: Look into it a little deeper and you will see that what I'm saying here is not only TRUE but is just the tip of the Iceberg of the total Fascism that is sweeping this country in your absence!
This nation has gone from a nation of individuals of differing points of view and beliefs to one of holding only one point of view ­ that of the criminal and traitorous leaders of what used to be the USA. Let's just review a few of the things that have happened since Bush stole the White House on 12-12-2000.
"Patriotism is the American Dream, Globalism is the dream of the few Satanic Psychopaths that control 97% of the world's resources. Patriotism is the solution to America's problems, Globalism is the Source. Consider what Americans have gotten from the Fascists and Communists that call themselves Globalists:
1. Free Enterprise Zones, where foreign countries, some hostile to America's interests, get to colonize theseUnited States with the additional benefit of not paying taxes.
2. Foreign wars for oil and narcotics.
3. Open borders designed to bring in cheap labor to compete against American citizens.
4. Foreign goods, manufactured by wage slaves, destroying American businesses.
5. International corporations run by Satanic Psychopaths undermining Traditional Family Values.
6. A Foreign owned currency that charges us interest.
7. A Tax system designed to extort our wages to pay for a foreign currency that charges interest.
8. False Flag operations designed to stifle dissenters that complain about Globalism and the parasites that are bleeding America to death.
9. Politicians that are owned by these same parasites that vote to continue all of the above.
10. Twenty-five percent real unemployment plus who knows how much underemployment (50%?).
11. A collapsing infrastructure that results from paying interest on a currency that is owned by a foreign entity.
12. Thieves and robbers that commit crimes with impunity.
13. Forty percent of Americans dependent on a government check because their jobs have been sent overseas, their retirement funds have been looted, or their pension plans have been replaced with worthless IOUs.
14. A 50% divorce rate that is the result of the poisons they perpetrate on our society, and which they forbid us to censor. Pornography, homosexuality and other evils that no society should be forced to tolerate.
15. An educational system that spends more time training us to not offend the small minority of social deviants in our midst, then it teaches the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
16. A Social Services system that steals children from capable adults, and then uses them to feed the Satanic lusts of our Satanic overlords.
Patriotism and Nationalism are the solutions. Adolf Hitler was neither a patriot nor a nationalist. Neither was Stalin, nor any other Satanic Psychopath that has governed over an evil empire. Patriots don't start wars. They don't kill their own citizens for political gain or entertainment. They don't need a police state where cameras are permitted to watch honest citizens, and honest citizens are arrested for using their cameras to watch the police state." And there's much more in the link  (3)
The bottom line is the USA has been dead for a very long time: All that remains is have the formal burial. However this is not yet a forth world nation, despite all their attempts to make this happen now. Either we wake up to the fact that we have been sold out by traitors at every level of this government and that to change this FACT we must resist them with everything that we can individually do to withdraw this power that they believe they have, but which is only there because we have NOT called them on every single part of what they want to do to us. We don't need to continue to listen to a government that has LIED to us at every juncture, deceived us about every dime they have spent upon their own ventures which are all designed to steal this nation from those of us that built it brick by bloody brick.
RISK is a major part of every life. And ironically any real stability totally depends upon how much we are willing to RISK to achieve the kind of world we think we deserve. If we fail to risk-it-all, when that matters as much as it does today: then we shall deserve this Criminality that seeks to take over the entire world, for the very first time in the history of the planet!
This nation was begun in a bloodbath that lasted for over 400 years against the natives. It was continued by our enslavement of millions of blacks and others that created our initial wealth which gave this country a leadership role among the community of colonial nations. But the current generations have the opportunity now to end this litany of criminal acts and massively criminal behavior by throwing out the bastards and retaking this country from the Zionist-Nazi's that have stolen everything that was once considered to be "American." It won't be easy and millions of us will die, but it would be better than allowing this global-takeover of the planet by the most evil among us all. Think about it and get involved Damnit ­ you've all been too often absent in this battle-for the hearts and minds of this nation and the world!
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