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Children Of Children
Teenagers of all ages now rule our lives!
By Jim Kirwan
"Mah Fallow Amerrikans!"
I chose not to go to college, preferring instead to create my own curriculum. This was one of the leading images in a Master's Thesis that I created for myself: The State of the Nation 1966 that was completed 44 years ago. (1)
What 'America' has become is a place run by people, creatures really, that never grew up and never became adults. These monsters are the living version of the precepts that were shown in "Lord of the Flies" where a stranded bunch of schoolchildren revert to savagery and brutality once all authority had vanished from their isolated world. Today this nation has become isolated in a world of Outlaws, Pirates and Privateers where virtually anything goes and where nothing that these Outlaws do can be considered illegal. At the same time everything that was once part of normal life has been banned and has become "criminal-behavior."
This behavioral change became far more intense under LBJ, than it ever had before because LBJ introduced PREMPTIVE STRIKES against the population and simply called his programs part of The GREAT Society that would one day rule the earth. His promises from the sixties and seventies can be seen now in the USA Patriot Act, HOMELAND SECURITY, and in every criminal action taken against the people of this country: right down to the failed protest against BART POLICE yesterday that proved how little anyone cares when it comes to 'questionable-cops' murdering people at random, just because they can.
Those of us who actually live our own lives know that "We are not children" that can or should be Managed-to-Death by a bunch of paranoid control-freaks that want to tell us what to eat, what to think, when to speak, and when to remain silent.
I'm an adult, and I make those decisions for myself. The government says that this is illegal now and that only the government can decide what any one of us can be ALLOWED to know. Authentic people outrank the government because government was designed to work for me and for anyone else that is still in-charge of their own life. The recent barrage of never-ending PREMPTIVE STRIKES AGAINST THE PUBLIC has all been undertaken just to keep the herd off-balance and "in-control" of these self-appointed criminals; so that our-owners cannot ever be charged for all their various crimes-against­humanity.
However it seems that now these legalistic points about freedom and control no longer matter because the public does not give a damn about anyone but themselves, anymore. If they actually cared they would have demanded theImmediate-Dissolution of the BART-mercenaries that masquerade as cops. Because at the end of the day these thugs are performing the role of judge, jury and executioner whenever they confront and murder any minority-member of this society. This was what yesterdays' protest was supposedly all about:
"Then there is the further obscenity which BART has decidedly made a major effort to enforce, upon some of its customers, but not on others! Signs everywhere announce "NO SMOKING, NO DRINKING, NO EATING; what is also mentioned on the constantly blaring loud speakers is the $250 fine for doing any of any of that. After today BART may want to add NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED and NO SPEAKING ON CELL PHONES will be permitted.
Of course these "regulations" only apply to the poor and obviously unwashed (like the guy that BART police most recently murdered inside the Civic Center Station). When traveling back into the city from the East Bayon "GAME DAYS" the trains with "FANS on-board" are filled with overweight and insultingly rude people on the way to their games. They bring with them whole dinners, booze and fruit drinks and they leave the remains all over the cars: nothing is ever done about these first class assholes because they are SPECIAL.
Each car has four built-in cameras, and BART police have to notice what's going on: Yet NOTHING IS EVER DONE ABOUT THESE INSUFFERABLY ARROGANT BASTARDS. Tens of thousands in fines could easily be collected to ease BART's monetary problems - but this is NOT even a possibility. But when one of those undesirable's does the exact same thing (he had a bottle of liquor) which the disgustingly overbearing rich routinely do: He was murdered for what they (the SPECIAL people) are never even charged with!" (2)
Since when does any uniformed mercenary have the power to override the judges and the courts, as well as the juries, and to then instantly become an executioner without allowing any of the former laws of the land to be applied! It is fascinating that when one of their own is treated the same way; when they attack someone without probable cause or a warrant: There is an outcry by their departments and members of the herd; demanding punishment for the 'unnecessary-death" of their uniformed 'loved-one' that was actually breaking the law which is why these cops get killed. This is beginning to happen more and more because people know that they must begin to shoot first if they want to survive any confrontation with what the government calls "police." (3)
Meanwhile the herd remains oblivious to these events because they were not the person that was wounded, tasered, tortured or murdered. How nice for them: "Too bad about the stupid idiot that obviously was not doing what he was told to do." Many of the brain-dead creatures still believe that 'America is Number One"! Of course we are NUMBER ONE ­ the irony is what we are leading the world "IN." See for yourself, and then take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have been partially responsible for these ugly facts. (4)
I can finally understand why George Carlin ended up taking the stands that he took near the end of his life. But withdrawing from the battle is not an answer for most of us; despite the odds for any success in the near future.Carlin's commentaries hit the issues squarely where those issues live; watch this and make up your own mind about what is true and what has been nothing but one continuous lie since LBJ's filth was spewed across the world from the oval office. (5)
Since I was old enough to stand on my own I have questioned virtually everything. By the time I was in my early teens I knew that no political party in this country cared about anything but more illicit power and more stolen money. Consequently I have always been a free-man, one that does not accept the supposed importance of any political-party. Because I believe that at the end of the day life-itself is the most important thing. The beauty and the hardships are but halves of the same coin and that survival-at-any-cost, is often too high a price to pay for mere existence. What matters is not the winning or the losing of the moment, but the living of what-can-be-done given the limitations that each of us must live with. Resistance is reserved for those things that cannot be "lived-with." Ironically most of the 44 years that I have continued to live through, have been just one long trail of Blood and Tears for the crimes and obscenities of those that claim to be the leaders of this place and the world. But that's just me, what do you plan to do about any of what's going on today?
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5) George Carlin ­ Who Controls America - video

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