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By Jim Kirwan
This illustration is another of those done right after the Millennium that illustrates exactly what was going on then, and if anything it is far more relevalent today than ever.
What we are facing now is a massive coverup of the truth about what the Constitution became; after the public thought they understood what it really was.
Here's the current TRUTH about the now perverted version of the Constitution of the United States Incorporated.
"Basically, your Legal Person obscures your valuable American rights, described in the Declaration of Independence, and subjects you instead to the commercial world of a gazillion statutes, licenses, regulations, registrations, income taxes, permits, and sundry other burdens. Do these seem familiar?
These insidious events began when southern States, with cause, seceded from the U.S., which on March 27, 1861 temporarily disabled Congress, and therefore the "United States" central government, for lack of a quorum. Within weeks Lincoln, as Commander in Chief, declared martial rule by Executive Order, the nation's first. You should be very angry that, thousands of Executive Orders later, we are still under martial rule.
During the turmoil of the Civil War, and the ensuing decade, the strong, pent-up commercial interests of emerging industries such as railroads, steam power, electrification, gold and silver mining, banking, and the like, began dismantling lawful control of the U.S. government through devious means, including un-ratified constitutional amendments, with the intent to advance commerce and commercialism.
In 1868 the phrase "citizen of the United States" became a new form of citizenship for emancipated slaves, trusts, corporations and other "fictional persons," which provided them limited civil rights;
In 1870 the U.S. Supreme Court lost much of its power to the Executive branch's newly enacted Department of Justice;
In 1871 a private, for-profit, internationally owned British corporation, dubbed the "United States," was seated in the District of Columbia by act of the U.S. Congress, which included its territories, possessions and commonwealth.'
By default, the several States outside the "United States" are still known as the "United States of America." (See US Code Title 28, Section 1746 for evidence.)
The consequence of these and other changes is that subsequent statutes, and the entire court system of the United States, emerged under a Law Merchant system that neither man nor woman, as sovereigns in their republics, are obliged to obey. However, to obligate men and women, Legal Persons (a form of "fictional persons") were created:
At childbirth the mother is encouraged to describe her newborn child to the government, and provide the information using her maiden name.
This certificate of live birth is forwarded to the Department of Commerce, establishing the newborn's future rights to the commonwealth of the nation.
In return, a government Birth Certificate is issued, typically with the child's name spelled in all capital letters, or with an abbreviated middle name.
However, the Birth Certificate is not about the child. Instead it is the embodiment of the newly created and naturalized Legal Person, as a 14th Amendment "citizen of the United States" and subject to the jurisdiction thereof (i.e., the statutes, etc.). This Legal Person is the property of a trust to which the child is the Beneficiary and full owner of its equity; and to which the state, by default, becomes Executor (because the child, born to a maiden, is legally disabled!). The government became the Trustee, and therefore holds title to the Legal Person. Upon reaching majority (18 years of age) the child, still as Beneficiary, becomes the Master, and can appoint a new Executor (usually himself) at any time, except for the fact he is unaware of the trust, due to our public, government-managed, cookie-cutter education.
So, what happens next?
Typically, the 18 year-old Master acquires a driver license and his first car, which is also licensed, and will someday register to vote. During these formative years he finds himself in occasional trouble with the law, even though he has not committed intentional harm to anyone. The Master believes he is subject to the statutes, but in reality it is the Legal Person that is being charged with infractions, and then only on the presumption that the Legal Person is somehow engaged in performing functions as a government employee or contractor, based on the existence of those licenses, and other such evidence. Unaware of his non-involvement, and that it is his responsibility to refute the presumptions of the Legal Person, sadly the Master then either satisfies the fine or goes to jail.
We now learn that the remedy for the Master is to appoint himself as Executor of the trust, which he has right to do, and then as Executor to demand to see the contract that binds the Legal Person to the statutes. Unless the Master himself is a policeman, judge, government agent, or by some other direct means under contract to the government and performing that function at the time of the infraction, thereby obligating government liability to his harmful ways, no contract should exist.
So, when charged with violation of a statute, consider refuting the charges by declaring yourself in advance of the court date to be both the Master and Executor (or other title of authority) to the Legal Person trust, in which the government is Trustee, and demand proof that the Legal Person was performing under valid government contract at the time of the infraction. You will then be able to sleep much better at night. To become more familiar with this conundrum, your remedies and precautions, watch Dean Clifford's excellent video presentations at" (1)
The fascinating aspect of all this is that all the members of every SECRET SOCIETY have always known this; all the members of the government have known this, including all the lawyers; and all those in the controlling positions of the New World Order have known this since they began to participate in this international coup that has taken over the old USA. The only "people" that have remained in the dark about this are the people themselves-those who have been most directly affected by all of it.
So here's the CATCH-22. Since everyone in "authority" has known about it since it happened to us all: and since the public apparently remains ignorant of the truth surrounding what our rights are or are not: given the fact that another low-life private-for-profit corporation has stolen even the US Constitution:
Don't YOU think that we ought to do something about this?
Once upon a time this was our nation and in theory our country: What it has become is just another income stream for yet another corporate scam; except that this one includes all our money, all our FREEDOMS, and virtually everything we might ever want to become!
It is certainly no secret as to why no one in an official position would want us to ever know about this crime against the nation and its people: But right now when it matters the most the government is still NOT choosing to tell the public what they have allowed to happen to the US Constitution! No wonder the cops refuse to hear about the First Amendment or anything else to do with the Constitution: They know the whole damn thing is NOTHING BUT A SERIES OF LIES ­ but most of us did not KNOW this or we would have already had the REVOLTION that so many in power today live in fear of happening on their watch.
So maybe the demands coming from the protestors ought to include the TRUTH about what happened to the US Constitution? As in WHO STOLE IT AND WHO IS NOW IN CHARGE OF THIS FASCIST POLICE-STATE, according to the actual laws of the Corporation and NOT the Republic! The CATCH-22 is that if they tell us we might well hang the lot of them, and if they don't we might just rebel anyway and destroy everything they think they'll get by continuing to control us.
The truth is that for instance: In NYC there are only 34,000 cops and over 8 million people. How long do you think the cops could hold out if the entire population were to discover THE TRUTH behind this sordid little SECRET deal that awarded this NATION to a CORPORATION for sordid money and criminal control over this whole country!?
Given the fact that all of our National Guard troops are overseas fighting in bogus wars to make evermore profits for that same illegal corporation-the bloated BLUE LINE would not last more than 24 hours before the public would not just overrun them but would crush their filthy bodies into the cracked-concrete that they so viciously have abused with the blood of so many who only wanted to draw attention to the fact that their government had deserted them in their hour of real need!
The only positive thing to come from this would be the fact that huge amounts of POLICE-STATE-ASS would be kicked and maybe killed if it comes to that. But IF the pubic chooses to use this knowledge to change the facts surrounding what this country has become ­ back to what it once was expected to be; then just maybe the confrontation could be foregone and the TRUTH might in the end really set us all FREE of this Tyranny and Treason that has nearly engulfed us all? (2)
1) Meet Your Legal Person
2) The Bloated Blue Line
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