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'Catalyn'.. Wholefood Rip-Offs And Chiropractors
By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg
I have carried a lot of water-wholly justified-for the Chiropractic profession over the last 25 years. This is prosecuted given truly extraordinary treatment: my own and the treatment I have witnessed, personally, regarding many, many others over the years.
My steadfast support is further evidenced, moreover, by the recent and very positive article (News Letter) I'd written for the Jeff Rense site, et al, cataloguing many of the true wonders associated with quality Chiropractic care. Consequently, and it pains me-on multiple levels-to have just recently and very innocently discovered the forthcoming: that many in the Chiropractic community indorse and fervidly push a suspicious and questionable supplement called Catalyn... by Standard Process Inc. (SP).
My contention?
The headline would be: "Catalyn is NOT a complete "Multi-Vitamin/Mineral." It is a... let's call it a "unique" supplement more appropriately described as a "Raw Multi-Glandular Herbal Formula w. Enzymes." It is, at best, what one might use in concert with aREAL multi-Vitamin, eh?
BTW, there are many, cheap, excellent Multi-Glandular Formula's out there that don't claim to be a "Complete-Multi" just by throwing in some suspiciously small amounts of a meager handful of six Vitamins and Minerals.
So, to pass Catalyn off as a "Complete" Multi-Vit/Min is absurd, to be kind, forgetting the grave disservice to all those trusting people who spend their hard earned cash feeling this is something it's not.
I think it might, perhaps, be a pretty good, if too minimal "supplement." That jury is still out. I pass on it regardless and can tell you why, here and now...
First... Reader! Please don't write and tell me how great you feel after taking Catalyn! All that "good will" is likely to evaporate upon learning the truth about many of these so-called "Whole-Foods", as you become aware precisely from where your affect actually comes. Think... nowhere, that place of smoke and mirrors, empty promises, literary slight of hand, and deft misdirection!
See, many years ago, myself and many thousands of other dupes suffered from the very same "Placebo-Effect" alluded to in the previous paragraph. We testified heartily and with great sincerity to "feeling great" after taking "SeaSilver!" Then, the boom got lowered! An independent Lab was hired by a legitimate supp-maker to validate this seeming magic elixir, "SeaSilver"!
You guessed it! The Lab analysis revealed that SeaSilver was essentially grape juice, reader, with very tiny (read Non-Therapeutic) TRACE amounts of every nutrient listed on the label, you know, so they wouldn't actually be lying when they advertised all those wonderful things being in there... even in amounts so small as to be virtually non-existent! Again, this kind of "Half-Truth" is the most insidious kind of lie... Rightfully, all my "Great Feelings" regarding "SeaSilver" evaporated into empty air.
Now, SP makes over one hundred Whole-Food (WF) Supp's which I suspect may be great products! It remains, the only item I am addressing is their "Whole-Food" Multi-Vit/Min, Catalyn, and the only reason I looked at it in the first place was because my Chiropractor asked me to. He seemed genuinely confident, even proud of "his" product... It was indorsed by the Chiropractic hierarchy, after all! Though, when I went home and researched it, fully anticipated it to be a quality and effectual product, I was straight away disabused of that wrongful notion!
Oh yeah, uh-huh... disabused even as I was to discover that it is also indorsed by thousands of websites as the greatest Multi EVER! That's right! Hundreds of doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and the 'man on the freakin' street'... all love Catalyn... ...So stop reading me right now, Right?! How can 10,000 websites be wrong?! I'm obviously the guy with one toy short of a Happy Meal, right? Be disabused, yourself.
Anyway, much to my shocked dismay, it took about 2 minutes to see the first obvious signs that this is just another Whole-Food "Shuck & Jive"... but take heart! The signs are easy to spot when you know what to look for!
Back to my Catalyn research, after only about 20 minutes of reviewing their Web-site I was hanging my head in dismay ... then my tortured dismay was further exacerbated by a scathing report I discovered from the watch-dog service, supplementwatch.com , to which I am a paid subscriber. It said, frankly, "Don't waste your money" (the highlights of that report are at the end of this piece).
Really, this is "Connect the Dots - 101, for beginners"... which really makes me wonder about all those "doctors" on those thousands of sites just drooling over Catalyn. It's humiliating!
Indeed, I'm driven to the startling conclusion that Chiropractors, much like MD's, "don't understand squat" about supplements and nutrition. Nothing "airy-fairy" here at all, reader. I'm only talking about the best peer-reviewed nutritional science that big food and medicine won't pay attention to for self-interested pecuniary reasons!
As aside, if you want to understand many of these tricks employed by Bogus Whole Foods scams, read my paper about "FrequenSea"... another "Whole-Food" rip-off, Courting CODEX: "Whole-Food" Deceptions... Drop me a note and I'll forward the link.
Back to business, it took just a few minutes of looking at the revealing "Supplement Facts" and "Other Ingredients" sections forCatalyn to discover a new sneaky little twist even Supplement-Watch missed! It was a trick that you normally don't see in products so fervently declaring their "Whole-Foodiness." Let me first give some necessary info, then I will explain this interesting twist...
The main deception generally used by bogus "Whole-Food" Multi's, as opposed to "real" Whole-Food Multi's, is that the former won't list the "amounts" of every Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme, etc. contained, so you have no way of knowing what you are really getting. This is key, reader.
The bogus WF's will tell you that because they are natural Whole foods, every batch will be "slightly different," but still "in balance." See, you would not expect the grocery store to try to list the amount of Vit. C in every Orange, say, because every orange is "slightly different"... yet still "in balance," eh?
OK, this may sound logical but it is a disingenuous ruse! Believe me; we have all the affordable technology we need to standardize each batch so you could list the amounts of each item. ...But Folks, the dishonest WF's don't want to list the amounts... because then you might notice that the really important required nutrients, or even the highly bragged about nutrients, are in such small "Trace" amounts as to be wholly non-therapeutic at all... at least that is my opinion forgetting "Supplement-Watch" confirms same!
Believe me folks, there are some real WF Multi's out there that do list the amounts of all the Vit's & Min's... in fact I take 2 different true Whole-Food Multi's (in my opinion) showing the distinction between those listing the amounts and those not. BTW, I'm not pushing or selling any product.
Anyway, this is because it is difficult to get a halfway therapeutic dose into a reasonable number of capsules or tablets. From 3 to about 8 capsules is reasonable...but if you have to take 15 or 20 capsules to get even close to a therapeutic dose, one that really works for you, people won't buy it...so...
(1).. Those quality WF supplements listing the amounts of each Vit & Min have to go to the trouble and expense of growing special,nutrient-rich, and arcane little types of flora you've never heard of and will never see in the produce section of "Wally World." This is necessary, you see, in order to get the adequate concentrated dose of nutrients into only 3 or 4 capsules and still be part of the food matrix.
(2).. Those not listing the amounts essentially just take regular foodstuffs, grind them up, and then suck out the moisture to be put into capsules. Consequently, even if these are nutritious foods like the glandular-herbal-veggie formula in Catalyn, it is virtually impossible to get more than just insignificant amounts of the necessary Vit's & min's you need into the 3 tablet Catalyn dose! I think this is why they had to add a handful of Vit's & Min's listed in the "Supp facts."
I suspect that when confronted with the fact that there are only trace (or very small) amounts of most recommended nutrients, your Catalyn supporters would counter with the 'mumbo-jumbo' claims about Catalyn being a "Catalyst," which speeds up chemical reactions.
OK, without a catalyst's activity it would take a week or so to digest the contents of your stomach... so I assume they mean the digestive enzymes (catalysts) which are found in most raw whole foods. OK, but see, all the enzymes in the world can't take the very small, 800 milligrams of ground up food in Catalyn and magically turn it into ALL the nutrients you need... this is insultingly stupid!
Moreover, I understand that a Whole Food tablet or capsule will not have nearly the amounts of the Vit's & Min's (in the same amount of space) that you find in a quality Organic, Natural Multi-Vitamin... so, it is OK and perfect understandable that a big WF tablet will have fairly small amounts of the Vit's & Min's... I get that!
See, I can look at the amounts listed in the "Supplement-Facts" of a "REAL," Whole-food capsule, one generally having only maybe 1/5 or 1/6 of the recommended amounts found in a "regular" full-featured, or complete Multi tablet of the same size...
...But that would still be fine, reader, because, at least, the real WF capsule shows me the amounts! With that info I can then decide if I want to take only the one or 2, 3, or howsoever many more capsules or tablets... so I could get up closer to a therapeuticamount! Yes, yes, yes... this is keeping in mind the Whole-Food philosophy that you likely don't need the 100% of the Gov. recommended %DV because even though the WF has a lesser amount, you should get better utilization due to the synergistic effect of the Vit/Min being part of the Food-matrix... again, I get it !
However; if the "Whole Food" doesn't list any amounts... How. Do. You. Know? See the problem?
OK...here's that cute Catalyn trick I alluded to above! Sometimes these "less than honest" WF's will, in fact, list a few amounts of the handful of Vit's, etc. just high enough to register an amount other than only the insignificant trace amounts. So look at the "Supp-Facts" % DV and in particular, the ***Other Ingredients*** for the 3 tablet dose of Catalyn.
Supplement Facts Serving Size: 3 Tablets
% Daily Value
Vitamin A
1,200 IU
Vitamin C
4 mg
Vitamin D
312 IU
0.2 mg
0.2 mg
Vitamin B6
1 mg
Other Ingredients: Honey, glycerin, arabic gum, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin A palmitate, gelatin,cocarboxylase, riboflavin, and cholecalciferol.
OK, on the honor system, now... how many of you see the disconnect showing this is not really a 100%, "Whole-Food"! Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks to me like the only nutrients listed above in amounts remotely large enough to list on the label, are not from the whole food, at all, but were added... ...later! The way you can tell, reader, is that all 6 items are also listed in the "Other Ingredients" section! You see, if they were part of the touted and ostensible "Whole Food" it would not be necessary to list them in the "Other Ingredients," would it! No.
A lay person might not readily notice this because they do not know that - The Vit.D in the above "Supp-Facts" is called by another name, cholecalciferol, in the "Other Ingredients"... the Thiamine in "Supp-Facts" is called cocarboxylase in the "Other Ingredients"... the Vitamin B6 in the "Supp-Facts" is called pyridoxine hydrochloride in the "Other Ingredients"...the Vit.C in the "Supp-Facts" is called ascorbic acid in the "Other Ingredients".
See? This is really not a true whole-food multi because they added Vit's & Min's the same way a quality (Natural, Organic) Multi-Vit. does... but while duplicitously railing against those rival Multi's and the very process they, themselves, employ! What foul disingenuousness is this? That's a measure of dismissive disrespect for you, good reader! If I'm wrong and these 6 items are actually an integral part of and came from the Whole Food, then please explain my mistake so I can be improved.
Interestingly, you find, when SP does its adding Vitamins, they don't actually do as good a job as the "Regular" Multi's they bad-mouth because a "Regular Multi" would put in the minimum 100% of the % DV! So, instead of 0.2mg Thiamine at a meager 15%, a good multi would put in 100%... instead of 0.2mg of riboflavin (B-2) at a measly 15% in Catalyn, a good Multi would run that sucker up to at least 100% of the Daily Value. See the subterfuge? You only think you're getting what you need based on the sellers seeming duplicity of artful labeling!
Here is part of what supplement-watch reported - the rest at the end :
Meaningful long-term dietary multivitamin/mineral supplementation should be complete, by providing the recommended intakes for all vitamins and minerals. Catalyn meets the SupplementWatch Essential Nutrients criteria for only 2 of the 22 vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D and vitamin B6 were the only nutrients present at levels above 50% of the NRC recommended intakes. Trace minerals are present in the formula as part of the food concentrates, but the amount of each mineral was not available and could not be included in this review.
Catalyn did not score well based on the SupplementWatch criteria. Catalyn is lacking many of the essential nutrients needed for a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement. Catalyn is only available through health care professionals and costs 30 cents per day.
copyright supplementwatch Inc. 2007
Let me be clear about something: I don't expect the nutrient amounts in Catalyn or any other Whole Food to even come close to the recommended 100% of the % DV... but whatever it is, I want to know the amount, even if it is very small! Especially when it is very small!
I want to decide how many tablets I want to take! I want to make an informed consent; I would know! If; however, a recommended daily dose of 3 big tablets like Catalyn only contain a trace amount of the necessary Vit's & Min's, then all the enzymes, synergy and whole-foodness in the world can't turn virtually nothing into something significant! They provide disservice only implying to you that they can!
In reference to the "quality," the "high-tech processing," and "purity," etc.: all of this "Fluff" means nothing if the product is as therapeutic as combining V-8 and grape juice together with inadequate amounts of regular "non-WF" Vitamins... added later to inadequate amounts of whole-food!
Now, the preceding is a considered speculation and justified hyperbole because I have no idea how nutritiously efficacious the WF portion of Catalyn might be so as to make that comparison... but, oh yeah, that was the problem, wasn't it! You can't make that comparison because that info is not made available to you!
See?! This is in fact one of the tricks bogus "Whole Food" Supplement makers use to confuse and beguile us! They overwhelm us with the "high-techiness," the quality-control, and the wonderful processing, but that is all but "fluffy-crap-word-salad" to make you forget that you have no idea how much "stuff" is actually in there.
Go to the Catalyn web-site and you will see yet another trick! They overwhelm you with lists of hundreds of phyto-nutrients (sans amounts!) to make it look like this product is loaded with lots of great stuff, though, look at it this way:
...V8 juice is heavy with tomatoes... the lowly tomato has over 10,000 different phyto-chemicals! If V8 decided to list about a thousand of these nutrients on it's label, it would look very impressive but it would mean virtually NOTHING (it's still just a tomato)... just like the long list of nutrients on the Catalyn web-site means virtually NOTHING because, think about this, reader...
...You could sell a freaking bottle of tap-water and boldly list all 72 trace minerals found naturally in tap-water on the label! ...And, Elements like Praseodymium & Dysprosium would impress some boned-headed people into believing the crap was a "Mineral-Health Drink" and a 30 day supply might cost $30 for a one tablespoon "daily dose" you mix in your freaking juice or slosh on your grits!
It remains, this single tablespoon of plain, fluorine laden tap-water will have a great selling point when it "truthfully" says on the label "Contains every Mineral needed for Good Health." "Good for your teeth": considering fluorine!
You see, a Tbls of tap-water DOES have every mineral needed for good health BUT in such tee-tiny amounts as to be almost nonexistent. That's truth in advertising?
We need a pretty big daily dose of Calcium... so do you think the eentcy, weency, teeny, tiny trace amount of Calcium in a spoonful of tap-water could come close to being a therapeutic dose? Of course not, though our imaginary ad is true - it does have "every" mineral, but our imaginary ad also implies that 1 tablespoon's worth has enough "for good health" when it has virtually nothing to do with good health.
That's the whole, "Whole-Food conundrum" in a nutshell! It is just too easy to mislead people with Whole-Food flash. This is not forgetting that Catalyn does have some good "Glandular" nutrients with all the associated beneficial enzymes, etc, so if it was sold as a "Glandular-Enzyme, Herbal Formula" to be used in conjunction with a good MultiVitamin/Mineral, then I would say "fine"! ...But to pass itself off as a "Complete" MultiVit/Min. is deception of the highest order.
When Dr. Royal Lee invented Catalyn back in 1929 it was supposedly the first "Multi" Vitamin ever made. I certainly feel sure he was headed in the right direction with his Whole-Food Philosophy and I'm sure the nutrients in Catalyn are helpful to some people... though, I don't think we can expect it, 7 decades later, to be considered a "COMPLETE" MultiVitamin/Mineral... considering back then no one was sure what an adequate "MultiVitamin/Mineral" should actually look like.
Also Dr. Lee is philosophically endorsed by the "Weston A. Price" Foundation, which is WAY ahead of its time and one of the greatest Organizations on this planet so it is very uncomfortable for me to be at odds with them... the two PhD gals who run that place are my heroes!
Believe me Folks, this whole business makes me very sad because I think the world of my Chiropractor and I have a profound respect for Chiropractors in general... so jeez, can't they just stop calling the damn thing a...
***Complete MULTI-Vitamin/Mineral***
That is just wrong, in my opinion.
Closing: an admonition to Standard Process Inc! The errant representation of Catalyn foments a ready faux-necessity of the CODEX - that foul initiative removing self-administered nutritional supplementation materials from lay hands. Who can buy their product line, then, eh?
Alan Graham
E-mail - alan068@centurytel.net
Paper Archive - http://www.alienview.net/ALLTCON.html
That's enough. Well be.
Supplement-Watch report:
Don't waste your money
Standard Process Inc.
Catalyn is a multiple vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, and enzyme-concentrate, formulated by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929. Catalyn is the antithesis of the "mega-dose" approach to nutritional supplementation. Dr. Lee summoned the whole of his considerable nutritional experience and know-how to provide a nutritional "catalyst", a supplement using whole food ingredients which he named Catalyn. Dr. Lee's goal was to provide a food-based package of nutrients in the most potent and "bioavailable form" - its natural state.
Criteria #1 = Essential Nutrients = Catalyn meets the SupplementWatch Essential Nutrients criteria for only 2 of the 22 vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D and vitamin B6 were the only nutrients present at levels above 50% of the NRC recommended intakes. Criteria #2 = Vitamin and Mineral Sources = Vitamin E and all of the minerals reviewed were not present in the formula. Criteria #3 = Antioxidant Blend = Catalyn does not provide optimal levels for any of the evaluated antioxidant nutrients. Vitamin E (0 IU), vitamin C (3 mg), beta carotene (0 IU) and selenium (0 mcg) all fell below the optimal levels. Criteria #4 = B-vitamin blend = None of the B-vitamins were present in optimal levels that will support normal homocysteine levels or energy metabolism. Criteria #5 = Bone Nutrition = Catalyn provides optimal levels for only one of the six required bone nutrients. Catalyn provides no calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, boron or silicon.
Catalyn provides safe (very low) levels of all vitamins and minerals. None of the ingredients exceed the NOAEL.
Meaningful long-term dietary multivitamin/mineral supplementation should be complete, by providing the recommended intakes for all vitamins and minerals. Catalyn meets the SupplementWatch Essential Nutrients criteria for only 2 of the 22 vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D and vitamin B6 were the only nutrients present at levels above 50% of the NRC recommended intakes. Trace minerals are present in the formula as part of the food concentrates, but the amount of each mineral was not available and could not be included in this review.
Catalyn did not score well based on the SupplementWatch criteria. Catalyn is lacking many of the essential nutrients needed for a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement. Catalyn is only available through health care professionals and costs 30 cents per day.
copyright supplementwatch Inc.
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