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Canada Paper Can't Take Heat On Troy Davis Case?
By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB
With Troy's case, we learn something new every minute about the media....
On the night of the Pardon Board meeting we learned that Google now organizes your access to the relevant items, instead of just presenting them for your choice, as in days of old.  The opening item on Google on September 19, 2011 at 9pm, when everybody and his cousin was tuning in to see the verdict, was a lump of this kind. It led you to a WaPo and Facebook thing.
The ones right under it were dead old Execution-of-Troy stuff from 2008, so you more or less had to obey Google, in hope of learning the verdict. However, that group of articles, even up until 9 pm Eastern Time, did not inform us that the Pardon Board had adjourned at 6.14.
So much for hot news, eh?
The Globe and Mail has just run a long story about Troy Davis' last-minute delay in taking the injection, and included the marvelous line from former District Attorney Lawton about the million protestors "Their case is hanging on a falsehood."  Globe and Mail then does not ask him to identify the falsehood!
I went to the Comments section, planning to ask Globe and Mail if they had any standards, and guess what.  They have no comments at all on the matter, because . Are you ready for this?..
"Comments have been disabled
Editor's Note: Comments have been closed on this story because an overwhelming number of readers were making offensive statements about other commenters and/or the individual or individuals mentioned in the story. That kind of behaviour is a breach of our commenting policy, and so the comment function has been turned off. We appreciate your understanding."
Son of a gun.  I thought argument was the whole point.  Not that there is much genuine argie-bargie anymore. The Comments this evening in Wall Street Journal online, re Troy Davis, sure don't sound like your basic stockbroker language.  Must be the usual paid disinformation mob. (Note: I find that when one poster engages a 'debate' with another, by name, it is always fake.  Do you find that, too?)
Apparently dear old Globe and Mail was receiving too many intelligent, rational comments about Troy Davis and so had to do a runner.
Reminds me. Back in 2008, Fulton County Court, Georgia, held the hilarious trial of Brian Nichols (the one who held Ashley Smith hostage).  Each day the prosecutor was submitting some new preposterous claim about Nichols, including that he was doing a Nat Turner.  The prison announced having found that Nichols had hidden, behind a brick in the wall of his cell, some kind of weapon (I forget what.)
So, to break the monotony of all the silly comments uploaded to the local news, as to how dangerous this dude was, I wrote "And I hear they found a pair of nylons under his pillow which proves he is also the Boston Strangler."  Lo and behold I looked for my comment a few minutes later and it said "Mary Maxwell comment removed as inappropriate."
I'll say!
And I would not have even recalled that, but for the Globe and Mail's trick today.
Oh, thank you, Troy.  You have done more for us than you know.
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB has just completed a new book
Conspiracy and the Law, to be published soon by trineday.  Email her thisaway:
[enter her first name]  @ prosecutionfortreason.com et merci beaucoup, Canadians.
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