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Boehner 'Wants To Hurt Some People'
By Jim Kirwan
So Bonehead-Boehner wants to "Hurt Some People!" He should take a look at his ratings and at who exactly he wants to hurt! The eighty million checks he wants to stop payment on are going to people worth a thousand times more than his favorite traitors to this country-the multinational-corporations that are still getting CORPORATE WELFARE
to the tune of over 500 times what those 80 million legitimate payments cost this government, each and every month! (1)
In addition: "Over at the Campaign for America's Future, the Institute for Policy Studies' (IPS) Sam Pizzigati notes that one way to very easily tackle U.S. debt going forward would be to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy to levels more closely matching mid-20th century rates. Pizzigati cites an IPS paper from last spring to make the argument that if corporations and households making more than $1 million paid the same rates as they did in 1961, our debt wouldvirtually disappear in a decade:" (2)
The lives of those corporations have never been better and the bonuses they are raking in have never been higher; so why are taxpayer's still footing the bills for CORPORATE-WELFARE, while the bulk of this nation is now staring at destitution!
Once this farce is over with Bonehead-Boehner ought to be hanging from a noose inside the House of Representatives, for his actions as a traitor to this country for trying to murder millions of Americans because he took the payoffs for all those years, just to end this place as an independent nation in the world. It happens to be a federal-crime to refuse to pay a continuing federal debt that is owed to 80 million people, just because this government cannot balance its' books.
If any American worker had the track record of any member of the US Congress who have repeatedly failed to do their jobs since 2001; that person would have been gone in a heartbeat, and he or she would have become unemployable by any other firm in this country because of the proven fact of their total and willful-incompetence. Yet again and again we, who pay the bills in this country, are being made scapegoats for the problems created by the criminally-incompetent congress who are still protecting the completely-corrupted-corporations from the wrath of the public. And now Bonehead wants to "Hurt Us because his criminal-cohorts in the congress won't go along with his plan to shut down America and enslave all of the 80 million people that spent their lives and their hard-earned money to honor their end of an agreement that the fascist-Boehner has now decided must be terminated because it's interfering with his pet projects like Israel and the four officially declared illegal wars that no one can afford to pay for?
Let Bonehead-Boehner face the wrath of the public he wants to hurt; and let's watch him hang on national television for his attempted-treason against the population of this country!
Of course this would involve going against those that he has taken money from to achieve the ends he seeks (a massive crime in itself). But the time to choose sides has arrived and if we are to survive we must enforce the Criminal Laws of this nation against every Corporation that violates those legal statuettes designed to protect the public from global-crimes and from the illegal-government that they were designed to do.
The French had a revolution of their own shortly after we had ours: The difference is that the French government is still afraid of their people, while the American government is not only not afraid of the American public-this government is now openly threatening every man, woman and child that lives here with the total destruction of our way of life both now and in the remote possibility that there is any future at all, awaiting any of us, that survive the actions of this criminally-controlled congress that ought to all be thrown unceremoniously OUT-OF-OFFICE, before we try each and every one of them for treason.
Just who in the hell do these creatures in congress think they are-they are not gods; they are not our parents; and we are not their children. They are our employees they work for us (in theory), and yet they are part of a government that takes over 85% of what every working man or woman in this country earns. We do the work and they make demands. We have problems and they ignore us, we tell them what we want them to do and they spit in our faces each and every day and then lecture us about what we "must accept" as their version of 'the facts of life." This my friends is all bullshit from start to finish and we no longer need to stand for this: not now, not ever-again. The threats and psy-ops schemes have not worked; because this is finally coming down to what was always the target; which is everything we might ever own or ever possibly posses.
The time has come to tell this government to go straight to hell, and stay there if they know what's good for them. They want "HURT," then that is what they'll get, because there really are limits on how far even this herd can be pushed. We currently have well over two million people in prison-where exactly could this government imprison 80 million more people, even if they could come after everyone of us?
Once this government has taken everything away from those that can least afford it; they will soon discover the true limits on their real-power anywhere; because these government officials will become the ones that will be running for their lives and not the other way round: that's nature's 'Law of Survival,' and it cannot be ignored! If this government goes ahead with what Bonehead is demanding that they do-then all previous public accommodations and considerations wherever the government is concerned will be abandoned; and each and every act of this government will face massive opposition, on all fronts, because that Rage & Outrage can only be forestalled for just so long and not one minute longer! (3)
1) The GOP's New-Old Plan to Default, Destroy Entitlements
2) If Corporations and the Rich Paid Taxes at the same level as the 1960's, The Debt would Disappear
3) Rage & Outrage are Waiting
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28548.htm - video
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