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The Bloated-Blue Line
By Jim Kirwan
Back in the day when cops were deployed not to start riots but to control them, there was a pride-filled phrase that attempted to describe the role of the police in that society. They referred to themselves as "The Thin Blue Line." The impetus was that all that protected any society from chaos was that thin blue line of official law and order, which was represented by honest cops.
However after Bush Jr. stole the White House his Attorney General, J. Edgar Ashcroft became a lightening-rod for corruption throughout the entire Department of Justice: So the corruption we see everywhere now goes right back to ,the beginning of the New Millennium.
Today the bloated-rabid "officers" we see in the streets of cities across this country are nothing like their predecessors of just twenty years ago. The reason is that the entire chain of command throughout the entire "Just-Us System" has been thoroughly corrupted from the judges in the Supreme Court, through the A.G. all the way down through all the courts, the judges at all levels, the prosecutors, the attorneys (for the most part) and on into the entire system of corrections (detention & torture) that administer the daily criminality which the system shovels out upon the poor, the unsuspecting and the naive: and none of this has any relationship to "law" or "order" because the POLICE-STATE has become the Defacto Law of this land.
For PROOF, just look at what's happening everywhere today. Demonstrations are called for or just spontaneously appear: These events are sanctioned and protected by the US Constitution as the one last way for people to register their disapproval of their so- called government. Given that we are no longer represented anywhere inside the government much less in the Congress that now consists of only the SUPER-CONGRESS of 12 plus one. There is simply no place left to complain to. The Constitution guarantees the public the right to do this wherever they decide to do it: and there are no permits or permissions that can EVER be applied to restrict these gatherings!
However after the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago; the politicians became terrified of the public's potential for anger and outrage, so the right to oppose the government politically was censored and became restricted to "free-speech zones" miles form the events and the speakers being protested against.
The public was not directly informed of this change, until they arrived to challenge something and then they discovered the truth (we had already been taken over) and our so-called constitutional rights had been censored and silenced; and the media never publicized this fact, or very much of the actual results (the caging of legitimate protestors) confined to empty warehouses miles from the action. Consequently by the time that the elections themselves began to be publicly stolen; the politicians and the cops already had their plans in place to punish anyone that DARED to challenge "AUTHORITY," even when that so-called "authority" was embodied in the new and illegal offices of the USI that had already crushed the USA and whatever was left of the Republic. And the public went right on believing that all was red, white & blue in Amerika.
After watching the following videos I began to wonder how things might play out if it was the hugely-overweight-cops that were being arrested for excessive violence, attempted murder, or for creating a situation that is easily grounds for charges of "Incitement to Riot:Along with dozens of additional bullshit charges such as what the BLOATED-BLUE LINE now routinely adds to anyone they drag into custody in plastic handcuffs, after beating the shit out of them for fun & games?
Of course this will never happen; but it would hardly matter if it did: Because the supposedly neutral judges and everyone else throughout the city, county and federal governments are already ABSOLUTELY opposed to any form of public outcry from the SLAVES that they have put themselves in charge of.
That would be you and me!
The only other avenue to appeal to would have been the various offices of Internal Affairs: but all of that shit has been neutered as well. Cops in New York and elsewhere have cut themselves in on the various rackets they supposedly are policing, which is why so many are into drugs, gambling and prostitution, and all the rest of the sordid world that they are supposed to curb. But Hey! They will tell you themselves "off-the-record:" "What-the-hell, I'm gonna get my piece of it; everybody's doin' it ­ so WHY the fck not!"
Needless to say that this criminalized-corruption is now everywhere but especially throughout that BLOATED-BLUE LINE of those vile and rabid creatures that can be seen in these videos, (like a pack of trolls on a rampage), who deserve to get what they've been dishing out and much, much more. BTW there actually is one protestor that has stopped WATCHING and actually jumped a cop, shown in this video! (1)
The real bottom line people is this: Right now the devastated and the homeless are demonstrating and being beaten, intimidated, tortured and insulted for their trouble. When this begins to be officially shut-down they will be back; but when that begins to happen they will no longer be pleading not to be hit, they will no longer claim that they are "NOT REISITING." Instead what will happen is that they will return with blood and anger in their eyes and their hearts will have become hardened to the cruelty and the savage brutality that they shall have by then experienced first hand. When this begins the cops will be no match for the OUTRAGE that these cops have been creating by their own over-the-top responses to legitimate and Constitutionally sanctioned complaints-that these thugs have NOT LET THEM VOICE!
When that step finally begins to become the norm, then it will be over for anyone looking to this BLOATED-BLUE LINE for anything like real protection. You can only kick a downed animal so many times before he or she finally finds the anger and the determination to use whatever is at hand to end the problem once and for all. This is the beginning of the final stage and it was the last chance for the public to find a public way to be heard and understood. And just as has already happened millions of times throughout all of human history: Whenever the King or the Magistrate or the Pope or anyone else in authority repeatedly REFUSES to satisfy those legitimate demands from the public: Then the public will become a mob and then everything that is supposedly being protected now, will be utterly destroyed because "FREEDOM" is Not Just Another Word! (2)
1) Throwing Punches, Mowing the down with Motorbikes, the Shocking Videos which Prove the Police Overstepped the Mark http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2049404/Occupy-Wall-Street-
2) Freedom's Not Just Another Word http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2011/art229.htm
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