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Turning Against Rebels? - Vid

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To Jeff and Susan -
First, the below link that were sent to me from my contact inside with Moussa Ibrahim.
Second, from the Deputy Foreign Minister, Dr. Khaled Kaim to me on the phone 5 minutes ago.
The Warfalla tribe, the largest tribe in Libya,  (Sheikh Ali is the head of this Tribe and all Libyan Tribes) is lit up! They are pissed, the killing of  Abdel Fateh Younes has caused a huge rift in the so called rebels and they are now actively fighting against al Qaeda in Benghazi. Last night 4 or 5 al Qaeda elements were killed. The Warfalla tribes are not armed with any sophisticated arms and some of the Libyan soldiers that were fighting for the rebels have returned to fight against the al Qaeda elements with the tribes. Also, some factions of  Warfalla members in the East that had not spoken up before are now speaking and fighting, ALL OF THEM ARE PRO GHADAFI.
The atrocities that are occurring now are startling. Qatar troops, tanks and helicopters are openly killing these unarmed tribal members. They have their (Qatar) tanks in the streets of Benghazi. They are speaking on loud speakers telling the people to leave and go home. They are actively shooting on unarmed civilians. NOW, tonight, Dr. Khaled stated that there are more tribes wanting to join in with the Warfalla tribe and they are making their way to Benghazi as we speak. He stated that now Libya is very worried about what NATO will do, he said "they have made a commitment, they cannot abandon them now, can they"? So, killing innocent unarmed or armed with knives and rocks civilians is what NATO and Qatar are openly engaging in.
Just 10 minutes ago we had a visit from a Warfalla tribal member, he had 2 cousins killed today by Qatar and they were NOT armed. One of them was carrying a green flag and the other one had a broom stick. He stated that there has been a blood bath by Qatar and more than 120 innocent civilians have been killed and the number is raising. Ismil stated that not just Qatar is there killing innocent civilians but also US, British and French special forces are seen in the streets with Qatar, killing the innocent tribal members.
Answer me this: Who the hell is Qatar, the US, UK or France to say who will rule, live or die in Libya? What the hell is wrong with them?
Wasn't this war started over some LIE that Ghadafi was killing innocent civilians??
One of the problems is no money for the people in Benghazi and the East of Libya. Ramadan begins tomorrow and the custom is to fast then feast every day for the (approx) 30 days. Muslim families all over the world fill their larders in preparation for this religious period. The East of Libya cannot buy daily needs much less any feast. The pro-Ghadafi people live in fear of execution. The pro rebels suffer from lack of all goods and services. Now the Ramadan season has further demonstrated their terrible state.
For months the rebels and TNC have promised money for the people. Where has all the money gone? It simply never happened. Any money that came in went into the pockets of the leaders and the paid rebel mercenaries, but none to the innocent people. The promise of FINALLY $500 yesterday became only $100. This is not enough to buy even one lamb per family for their celebrations.
NATO is truly a terrorists group funded and supported by our government. NATO is actively bombing peaceful cities, openly supporting the illegal takeover of a sovereign nation. How do they get away with this?
I will have more tomorrow, check out the links from Dr. Zinati, he is a great resource.
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