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America's Free Fire Zones
By Jim Kirwan
Can it be said that some areas of this country are now
Not in all cases, but in a great many areas, life in the cities and on the highways has become hazardous-to-your-health, because those charged with policing some areas are behaving like rabid animals on steroids and that's just an uncommon fact in far too many places! When situations like these have become common in every other situation down through history; the result tends to look a lot like this, once the Rage & Outrage passes the boiling point. Here for instance is what happens once the public finally understands that their uniformed authorities are in reality the Enemy of all that the public cares about!
What this appears to be is a Preemptive First Strike by uniformed thugs against this society as unnamed enemies of the state. Since the late 1970's when I worked with the California Department of Justice and the DA's Associations, both state and federal; too many in "Law Enforcement" have hungered for the day when they could simply dump Miranda-rights and write their own rules about arresting suspects. I never thought I'd live to see this day arrive; but it's here and it's uglier than I could ever have imagined.
If these creatures were serious about arresting criminals then why have they not sent their teams of six-armed-thugs against the corporations, the bankers and the politicians that are the real criminals behind all the serious-crime in these disunited States of America? One reason this hasn't happened is because their offices are "protected by armed-private-security forces." The real criminals also have lawyers that would make short work of any of these cowboy-outlaws masquerading as cops. So that leaves Joe-public and his or her family, especially when they can easily be caught in a checkpoint or out on the open highway where witnesses are scarce and passer-bys are easily intimidated to steer-clear of any such "illegal-search and detention" that might be 'underway.'
Americans have been brain-washed by post-911 cop and lawyer television programs and films that pretend that the laws (pre-911) are still being followed: That is a direct and blatant lie that is meant to deceive a naive public! The cops and the lawyers and the judges are all in this together and while some are much dirtier than others; collectively they are all legally responsible for all of these beatings, tortures and the not infrequent murders that routinely occur, across this land.
For one thing the use of Tasers has never been formerly or legally tested, and yet it is in use by police departments all over this country-primarily as a weapon of punishment, but when it is used in conjunction with repeated applications on the same victim; the Taser can easily kill the "suspect." The interesting thing about this is that police departments don't keep records on the number of deaths that have resulted from the misuse of this lethal weapon.
The second glaring absence of facts has to do with the offending officers that often initiate the violence they are supposedly intervening to quell; while screaming "STOP RESISTING!" Far too many videos' have clarified this fact for all to see-yet still there has been almost no action whatsoever taken against any officer except the jerk in the Fruitvale BART station that shot his victim after he was face-down, unarmed and being held there by two other officers while that officer coolly pulled his weapon and shot him in the back, killing him instantly. He served a token sentence but got an early release for good behavior: while his victim received the death-sentence for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cop was a federal-officer (BART is a Federal Agency), but the accused killer was allowed to resign from BART before being arrested and eventually tried for this murder.
"Officers" who carry any weapons ought to be routinely subjected to full body searches, and if they are found to be carrying a throw-away weapon they need to be fired on the spot. In addition twice a month these same officers ought to be subjected to complete physical and mental examinations. Their physical condition ought to also be strictly enforced as part of their ability to do their job. The blubber and the skin-heads have to go. Naturally; surprise drug testing ought to be included as a condition for that officer's ability to be turned loose on the public. Steroid use and abuse can be tested for; and if the city is large enough combat medics ought to be giving tests to check for signs of PTSD as well as mental-instability under serious pressure: that would leave a lot of "police-forces" without quite a few of their pit-bull rageaholics that have become a very-real-threat to the public at large. Here's one instance of that maniacal rage which led to this officer being 'suspended (not fired) just suspended, until the public forgets about him. (1)
Then there was the case of the two-tours of Duty Marine that was gunned down in his own home on a bogus Drug-Raid carried out by SWAT; wherein no evidence of any crime was ever found... "Guerena's wife, Vanessa, heard a noise outside the couple's home near Tucson at about 9 a.m. Jose, who had just gone to bed after pulling a 12-hour shift at the Asarco Mine, suspected - correctly, as it turned out - that his family was threatened by an armed criminal gang. Grabbing his AR-15, Guerena instructed his wife and four-year-old son to hide in the closet while he confronted the intruders. According to Mrs. Guerena, the stormtroopers from the PimaCounty Regional SWAT team never identified themselves as police; they simply stormed into the home and started shooting.
"I saw this guy pointing me at the window, Vanessa recalled in a television interview. "So, I got scared. And, I got like, 'Please don't shoot, I have a baby.' I put my baby [down]. [And I] put bag in window. And, I yell 'Jose! Jose! Wake up!' "
"A deputy's bullet struck the side of the doorway, causing chips of wood to fall on his shield," recounts the Arizona Daily Star, paraphrasing an account provided by Pima County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) functionary Michael O'Connor. "That prompted some members of the team to think the deputy had been shot." Guerena never fired a shot; the marauders who invaded his home fired no fewer than seventy-one. As is standard procedure in such events, the invaders claimed that Guerena had fired on the officers, as he had every moral and legal right to.
Neither Jose nor his wife had a criminal history of any kind. The attack on their home was described as a narcotics enforcement operation, but there are no reports that narcotics were found at the residence ­ - even though the invaders reportedly "seized" (that is, stole) something that belonged to the victim." 71 shots were fired into Jose in seven seconds!" The Chief of Police in Tucson resigned after promising an investigation that he never delivered on. (2)
Then there is the case of the officer that shot and killed an unarmed man and his dog within less than a minute ­ after responding to a 911 call. This one happened in South Phoenix. (3)
15 Years in Prison For Taping the Cops? How Eavesdropping Laws Are Taking Away Our Best Defense Against Police Brutality By Rania Khalek, Posted on July 27, 2011, Printed on July 31, 2011
"Over Memorial Day weekend this past May, residents of Miami Beach witnessed a horrific display of police brutality as 12 cops sprayed Raymond Herisse's car with 100 bullets, killing him. The shooting provoked outrage in the surrounding community, not only because of the murder, but because of what the police did afterward.
Officers on the scene confiscated and smashed witnesses' cell phones; later, when they were confronted by the media, the police denied trying to destroy videos of the incident.
But 35-year-old Narces Benoit removed his HTC EVO's SIM card and hid it in his mouth. He later sold the video to CNN, placing the police in the awkward position of explaining why they lied about allegations of cell phone destruction. More importantly, the video showed at least two officers pointing guns at Benoit, demanding that he stop filming.
Police brutality takes many forms around the country on a regular basis, particularly in poor and minority neighborhoods. Sometimes, the only method of accountability is a victim's word (if they are still alive) against that of an officer. Unsurprisingly, the police officer's version of the story is often adequate for a judge to dismiss allegations of wrongdoing, unless there is hard evidence of misconduct, such as a video or audio recording, which can be useful to unravel conflicting versions of police-citizen encounters."
The irony is that this story coming from this murder in Florida is not that a man was EXECUTED by twelve cops with a hundred bullets ­ but that this execution was caught on videotape. There's more at the link. (4)
Neither police nor any other uniformed officers in this country should ever fear being recorded on tape: They insist on video-taping us everywhere we go, so why not record what they do to us and exactly how they behave under pressure? These cops are OUT-OF-CONTROL, and must be reined in or fired. If the dimwits that insist on keeping the police immune to investigation don't understand what is actually at stake here ­ then maybe they need a little on-the-spot training to expand their consciousness, so that they will not appear to be such imbeciles? If this 'zero-tolerance policy' that is being used to prevent the police from being filmed continues then why is it that the cops can continue to violate this same right-to-privacy-policy when it comes to ordinary Americans?
Possibly some of these "legal-decisions" are being handed down by the new replacement judges that come from the JAG military-officers that are replacing conventional judges in too many places?
Another thing that seems obvious is why do officers not at least attempt to disarm the drunks and the elderly rather than just beating them half to death or killing them outright? Do they no longer teach cops anything about how to disarm a potential suspect, especially when there are four to six cops and usually only one "suspect?" And what happened to the rights of any citizen to be free from harassment and intimidation without probable cause? The cops seem to think that because of 911 they can do whatever they like to anyone they might suspect of something, with absolutely no reason for such treatment. Their rational is too often 911. But over 75% of the population no longer believes the government's version of that day; because the government has FAILED to PROVE any of their contentions about who was behind that attack. And for the last ten years now the same government has refused all attempts to hold a real investigation of all the facts that have been gathered since that late-September day in 2001. We need to drop the bullshit and go back to basic law-enforcement; because if we cannot do that then this country might soon be looking at another civil war.
All that is being accomplished by these murders is that the public is finally beginning to understand that the police are their real enemies, and cannot be trusted! When they see a man who has done nothing getting Tazed and then beaten and kicked half-to-death, or murdered, because he or she did not jump when a uniformed officer screamed at that person-then something very basic is very wrong with the entire system and everyone in it; from government officials all the way down through the judges, the attorneys and the courts along with the fake police officers that are nothing but rabid bullies using the public for a shooting gallery! There is no longer anything like "a proportional response" to any potential threat: Hell no the cops just kill the "suspect" in far to many cases; and this will BACKFIRE some time in the very near future; because the behavior of 'this systems officers' at all levels is criminal in nature-rather than law-abiding, which was supposed to always be the case!
Americans have this nasty habit of turning into junkyard dogs once they figure-out that they are cornered; but apparently most cops just won't or don't believe it. So we'll have to wait for the whole movie to see whether or not the public finally does get well beyond mad. . .
Most Americans do not realize that while we have for hundreds of years relied upon police and cops to protect the public ­ but that in the end or when the cops have become the thing we fear the most: Each and every one of us is solely responsible for keeping ourselves alive.
Watch the videos, see the brutal out-of-control behavior where from four to six cops supposedly restrain a suspect and then proceed to beat and kick him or her senseless, and sometimes kill them. This cannot be tolerated in a country that wants to export that kind of "freedom" to any other place on the planet.
1) Ohio Cop Suspended After Cursing out a Car-Carrying Gun Holder
2) America's Death Squads
3) Arizona Police Officer Execute Man for telling them they needed a Warrant
4) 15 years in prison for taping the cops
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