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Deagle Letter To SDG&E On Daughter's
Health & SDG&E Shocking Reply

From: Michelle Deagle
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 8:18 AM
To: Smith, Raul
Cc: 'Dr Bill Deagle MD'
Subject: SDG&E letter Urgent
(Sent Certified Mail October 11, 2011)
Dear Raul;
Last night, October 11 at 2:33 A.M,. I took this picture of my daughter Kelsea who has Down Syndrome and is dependent on electricity to breath at night. SDG&E has read our Analog meter up to and including Sept. 28 as per my request and we have paid our bill in full as usual. The Analog Meter was professionally installed on Sept. 13, 2011 after our request to remove the Smart Meter for health reasons was not acted upon.
At all times SGD&E had been notified of our intentions and SDG&E has honored our request to have a Meter Reader come out and has subsequently billed us for the period of time on our Analog. In your letter dated September 30, 2011 you accuse us of possessing the SDG&E Smart Meter.
"The meter you removed is SDG&E's property." Your technician Tracy has that Smart Meter in SDG&E's possession. We do not have your Smart Meter.
SDG&E was complicit.
SDG&E cannot disconnect our power and jeopardize our daughter's life not to mention her electrosensitivity to Smart Meters which are proven to cause cardiac arrhythmias. She has heart disease. She requires an Analog Meter.
Please consider we are installing solar in three weeks and 40 to 50% of our power will be solar. Ken at SDG&E has assured me that an Analog meter will be installed at that time.
However, we will remove the cage today ONLY to have SDG&E install the Analog Meter not the "Smart Meter" a medically dangerous electronic device. The panel will be ready after noon today, October 11, 2011 for the Analog Meter. As you can see the aggressive nature of your field technicians with the Smart Meter on Monday, October 10, 2011 made it necessary to install the cage. Please send a technician to install an Analog Meter today or the nearest convenient date.
SDG&E To Deagle - Put On Smart Meter Of We Cut You Off - pdf
Michelle Deagle's Reply
From: michelle@xxx
To: RASmith@sxxx
CC: drbilldeagle@
Subject: RE: SDG&E letter Urgent
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 11:42:59 -0700
Dear Raul;
You are asking me to risk my daughter's Cardiac Health. We forwarded to you references that Smart Meters are dangerous to your health, especially electrosensitive and cardiac patients. I cannot in good conscience allow you to place a Smart Meter on our home for the following reasons:
1. The obvious Health Dangers as referenced and we can provide more studies.
2. Consumption Costs appeared to have decreased with the Analog Meter.
3. Our $500.00 purchase of the HF 35C High Frequency Spectral Analyzer proving high radiation.
We simply ask that you install an Analog meter today and you do not disconnect our power as our $5,000 per day business and our personal use will not be covered by a "Generator" as you suggest. As you know,
Kelsea will not be covered all night long by a Generator.
We have been excellent SDG&E customers. Please do not bring the dangerous Smart meter to our home. Please install an SDG&E Analog Meter today. The cage will only be removed for an Analog Meter.
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