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Clean The Slate!
By Jim Kirwan
Almost every issue that remains at issue today can trace its confusions back to the failure of most of us, to deal with our own history. PROTESTS in America are among those problems which the general public has completely misunderstood. The forgotten key piece in these confrontations is that those the demonstrators are opposing are not afraid of them or of the public-opinion which many believe they represent: But in fact they laugh at the simplicity of the fools outside their gates that will not ever dare to enter and begin tearing down the entire mountain of manipulations: Under which the public has been suffering-from for centuries now.
For instance: VIETNAM and the protests that were focused on ENDING THE WAR in VIETNAM were generally and completely misunderstood!
A lot of people believed that those demonstrations (nationwide) were what caused the end of the war in Vietnam, but they did not! What the demonstrations succeeded in doing was to cause Nixon to end the DRAFT; which subsequently ended the demonstrations: The WAR itself ended when we were driven out of Saigon by the North Vietnamese Army. The US was militarily DEFEATED, AND THAT IS WHAT ENDED THE war ON VIETNAM.
Because of the way that the Vietnam War ended, it took the Amerikan public over ten years to even acknowledge that this war even existed: But the FACT that we actually LOST THE WAR IN VIETNAM, has still not really penetrated the Amerikan psyche! It is for this reason and others, that the continuing 'demonstrations' are having so little impact on those topics which the pubic is still-demanding real-changes in and for the aggrieved public. Talk is not the answer. Free Speech requires ACTION if anything is to ever change. The crowds in New York should simply march through and occupy the New York Stock Exchange: to literally shut it down, in order to cause a real interruption in the "business as usual" that continues regardless of whatever might be happening in the demonstrations in the streets outside.
In fact "demonstrations" have not been responsible for any changes in government policies ­ ever: as least as far back as I can remember. Basically they have been a feel-good endeavor that allows the participants to believe they are actually doing something. The truth is: Like the over 12 million who demonstrated AGAINST THE WAR IN IRAQ, worldwide: That outpouring of global public opinion; had no effect upon the Bush Administration who launched the WAR on IRAQ, right on schedule.This made it very clear to the criminal governments around the world that popular opinion while it might be overwhelmingly OPPOSED to whatever any government might be doing; are in reality nothing but a large pack of toothless barking dogs that will always stop at the gates of criminality, with no real intent to take down the CRIMINALS inside their bastion of control and outright barbarism.
So what has the demonstration-minded-public actually learned? NOTHING AT ALL!
Because we continue to seek peaceful confrontations with the forces of Darkness, only to be surprised when those forces of evil meet peaceable assemblies with violence brutality, tasers and mass arrests. The public has recently looked for help from Oathkeepers and Veterans, as well as serving military personnel for help in these confrontations: But to date, even though a few have shown up they have chosen not to come between the Police-State-Thugs and their targets-of-opportunity; the general public.
The current demonstrations have done nothing about the need to meet the attacking thugs with intelligent tactics that could have surrounded these criminals and ended up by using their own completely overwhelming physical-powers against them. Therefore, until the public finally begins to kick-some Police-State-ass: Nothing will ever change because these power-mad sociopaths will never relinquish even one inch of their 'current powers" to a bunch of people that are promising Not-to-Resist!
You want Justice, you want Freedom: Then You have to take it back from those that have physically STOLEN EVERYTHING FROM YOU!
Because nothing else will have any effect at all! (1)
That's the truth about "DEMONSTRATIONS" but there are other things that can be done to TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTULLY YOURS!
If the public had thought-strategically about what has really been stolen; then they could easily begin to mount the most-effective way to end this whole nightmare; by simply rearranging who they choose to bank with.
This entire takeover was engineered by taking over who prints our money. That was accomplished in 1913: and everything since then has been about how to shut down every other avenue that is necessary to preventing the overthrow of their control over our money. So, the New World Order went after the Constitutional Republic and everything that once kept that Constitutional Republic strong and free.
This effort has taken them 98 years, in order to get to the end or the Republic, and to usher-in the beginning of the extension of their fascistic-empire that has been in existence for 88 years. The Nazi's were formed in 1923, before Hitler was even a candidate for international-terror. (And after Hitler was defeated, they continued on inside Israel as Zionistas), Today they are ready and just waiting to assume control, after we have 'demonstrated' our way into global-oblivion.
But it truly is within our powers now to stop this cold! All we need to do is to switch banks from any bank that was complicit in the banking bubble that was kicked off in 2008, by the FED-to any bank or credit union that did not buy into the mortgage crisis with all the bogus Mortgages; or receive any of those massive public-thefts which were called THE BAILOUTS, but which only went to the banks and not one dime filtered down to mainstreet or to any of the people that actually NEEDED THAT MONEY.
With the criminal institutions GONE; the public could begin again to rebuild this society while prosecuting the bankrupted and collapsed institutions that will have all failed once they could not pay off the depositors that DEMANDED all their money back from every account held by these criminal institutions. In just a few days EVERYTHING about the current crisis could be finally ended, and not just temporarily interrupted: Which has always been the case before, whenever the globalists have been threatened from outside the SECURITY of their own little world of artificial power and control.
And the best part is: The solid people, along with the sketchiest of the rest of us that still have bank accounts, could do this:
And because what is involved is REAL, there would be no waiting, as the end of those major banks would end the FED immediately because they will no longer have a united criminal base with which to work. Without their own base of illegally stolen money continuing to flow into their coffers they will have no choice except to try and flee. And with the failure of the Federal Reserve here, that would likely endanger the other eleven of these major crime families who own the rest of the Rothschilds Banking Empire.
In summation: If Americans act to end the hammer-lock on their own money by moving that money to another institution, not affiliated to the massive banking scheme that has almost ended us-then quite possible that plague of "AUSTERITY" everywhere else might also begin to stumble before it too falls victim to the real change that Americans could create by simply changing who holds all their banking accounts?
1) Think for Yourself
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