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235 Years And We Just Can't
Make It Anymore!

By Jim Kirwan
I haven't really lived all that long in terms of the 235 years which this place has now officially been here: But I have lived long enough to see every single promise which this government made to anyone be shattered over and over again in this completely-criminal-farce that too many still want to 'believe in.'
Whatever we supposedly were has actually gone into the trash-heap of history; the constitution, the entire shambles of what we still pay for as "the government," along with all the hype and all the lies that have become the hallmark of the Stars & Stripes anywhere in the world today.
Our so-called president is just a minor-official in the governments of other countries, along with our Secretary of State and the Vice President: All three are ardent Zionists that SERVE the ZIONIST state of Israel. Our money has not been ours since the end of WWII, anymore than our policies of appeasement which have only served to speed the end of our own way of life in favor of anyone more powerful; and everyone among the ranks of the élites. To pretend otherwise is to simply add to the hypocrisy and to the thousands of acts of treasons that have become the everyday currency in Washington D.C. and around the world.
We prided ourselves on a bunch of high-sounding ideals that did not exist; because for those lofty ideals to exist people would have had to enforce them at every level: Yet we have steadfastly refused to do this-no matter how great the crimes against us. By failing to resist these tyrannies these piracies, the tortures, the blatant thefts that masquerade as foreign policies, along with the slaughter of millions of people the world over: Americans, by their continuing silence became as much a part of every crime as those that did the individual crimes in person; from murdering whole families outright, for no reason at all, to the millions arrested for nothing who were tortured and defamed and then just thrown out with the trash-that is who and what we have become on this "Day of Independence" from something that was never really separate from the fledgling colonies; because the colonialists failed to sever the bonds to Old World Money when they theoretically made their break from colonialism on July 4, 1776.
We stand today only for international-criminality, global-piracy, privatized corporate power over any and all rights of any American in a place that no longer has its own government, much less any actual rights under the constructs that have totally ceased to exist in this Police-State that is increasingly being enforced violently against anyone that dares mention either the constitution or any actual constitutional rights as laid out in that constitution. The Police are nameless thugs using military firepower and military invasion tactics against everyone from 95 year old women in wheelchairs all the way down to infants: All of whom are treated as ENEMIES OF THE STATE, and each of whom must prove their innocence, and show the STATE that they have the right to be given PERMISSION by the STATE to do anything that was once an ordinary part of everyday life.
All of this is just more of the same that has been increasing since we entered the "New Millennium." When such behavior was evidenced under global communism, we screamed about "human-rights" but now we have become totally silent when that same treatment is splattered over each and every one of us ­ because we have let the STATE take away every right and every thing that we once believed that we each individually possessed! We are officially COWARDS now, and as such we are entitled to the long and painful death that cowards must endure; dying just a bit more each and every day, because they FEAR too many things and have no belief in themselves or in what they might come to understand in their own private thoughts.
All of this is carefully explained in the Handbook of Human Ownership (which most of you refused to bother listening to):
Preferring to be TOLD what to do, who to believe, and what to condemn and NEVER to ever QUESTION ANYTHING! Congratulations America you have lived to finally see "THE CHANGES YOU CAN BELIEVE IN" ­ I'd bet that most of you never saw this coming. Or even if you did, you thought that somehow this could NEVER HAPPEN HERE! Well guess what ­ it happened here and it happened to YOU and me, along with over 90% of the population. (1)
The only way that this crap ever ends is with the total collapse of the Empire, but in this case it will take almost every other country down with it. The planet will survive but this pitiful excuse for the fanciful-human-experiment, as a species of life on this planet will vanish into the rubble that will be all that is left of this place, and most of the world will experience the same outcomes as well. Too bad that more people couldn't bother to pay attention to what was really going on behind the scenes or in the boardrooms of those criminal-corporations, before it became too late to alter any of this nightmare, anymore.
The news out there in the wider world will continue to roll right over you like so much confetti during Carnival ­ but no matter how horrific it is, how slanderously illegal, dangerous or criminal-YOU WILL NOT BE MOVED, because you are NOT among the few, the brave, the proud, or even among any of the faceless ones that will resist the coming nightmare.
In reality that makes most of us just part of the herd, trying to go along to get along-but that's no longer enough to sustain continuance in this now completely criminal-empire that we have each other to thank for allowing it to become so overwhelmingly huge. . .
When we supposedly 'came of age' on the 200th Anniversary of this same day, back in 1976, I wrote this:
"The Stars and Stripes have changed their spots;
Now pentagrams and bars enshrine a mockery of tongues,
And courage shares the darkness,
With the corpse of private conscience.
Where dialogue and discourse thundered
Cowardice now crawls across an overcrowded floor.
Doorway's once flung so wide in confidence,
Are now shuttered, bugged and barred, in terror:
Of the hunger in the world outside.
The wolf of violence prowls beneath our bolted windows
Watching Justice sell herself on every corner;
While we beneath our private feather-beds of folly,
Mumble condemnations of the 'cancers' in our systems. . .
Observe this kneeling nation, clinging to our 'toys of plenty'
Crying out in darkness for release from all responsibility,
For what has come to pass.
While heedlessly we watch the rape of yesterday's required,
To subsidize the plunder of 'the tomorrow's of our lives.'
So many years ago when we were small,
Before the needles of affluence had addicted us to 'more'
We flung upon the world a special kind of pride.
Now arm-in-arm we go, inflated by our 'number-oneness.'
With our non-existent 'culture,' to worship in those temples
We have built with perpetuated blindness;
These are our 'institutions' that celebrate our monumental tribute To that Omni-present deity-Expedience with all her evil offspring,
Finding solace only there,
Among the gods of power, greed and vengeance
In a world made vicious,
By the hate and envy of our, oh so many criminal obsessions!
Our birthday party has arrived,
And here we sit: Bloated, bored and shapeless.
A headless eagle, shorn of wing and purpose, who's blood-drenched
Talons gleam with stolen billions,
Intermingled with the gore of needless
Deaths that also number in the billions. . .
Introverted and diminished now in the litter of excess;
The tarnished remnant of a nation that has finally killed its dreams,
In direct proportion to our attainment
Of that middle-middle nothingness that marks
Our every waking moment.
We have become what we once hated, and now we are as feared
Around the world, as we once were praised.
Truly there is nothing too contemptible now,
For USA Inc. to undertake,
Because we have learned how to eat our children and our dreams,
While we strive to kill what might remain of private conscience.
After only two-hundred and thirty-two years
We have come way past full circle
And have arrived in shredded rags to stand before the open
Gates of Hell-because now there is nowhere left for us to go!"
There's more at the link ­ too bad that in the 35 years between 1976 and 2011 the public did not choose to pay enough attention to who we were becoming and where this course would eventually have to take us all. (2)
Happy Birthday America, enjoy the charade if you can!
1) The Handbook of Human Ownership ­ 1 hr, 45 min video
2) Where Freedom Once Thrived
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