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Why We Eat GMO Toxic Trash
A Concerned Citizen
According to an article that came out a few days ago, there is a new lawsuit against Monsanto filed by 60 organic trade groups and family farmers.  The farmers want to prevent Monsanto from collecting royalties on Monsanto toxic gene additives when natural crops become contaminated.  This is offensive because Monsanto's engineered plants should not be allowed to pollute other crops period.  Why aren't the farmers suing for the potential (or inevitable) contamination?
The lawyers in this new case, the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) admit on their website that "support for our work has come from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Open Society Institute, and numerous individuals..." The Open Society Institute is a George Soros operation.  Why does anyone trust Soros?  The Rockefellers, known for creating the Population Council and eugenics, are the kingpins behind the GMO scheme- one needs to look no further than golden rice and the Doomsday Seed Vault.  GMOs have been linked to birth defects, organ damage, infertility, etc.
It is my opinion that we eat GMO trash not only because of our corrupt government's collusion with Monsanto and other biotech players, but also because there is an enemy within.  Are these attorneys posing as consumer advocates, but misdirecting effective action?  Doesn't it make sense that the Rockefellers would buy off the opposition to pursue their goal of depopulation?  If the Rockefellers  are willing to pay to sterilize, abort and plan the mass murder of people, why is deception so out of the question?
The new lawsuit also challenges Monsanto's right to patent seeds.  While this may have been a useful strategy a few decades ago, Monsanto holds voluminous GMO patents.  The Supreme Court has upheld the patent on life since 1980.
What if Monsanto did not own patents on seeds, but created some type of seed without a patent that could only be controlled by their exclusive patented spray?  It seems that even in the unlikely event that Monsanto patents became invalid, Monsanto could still find a way to profit from GMO seeds.
Another organization of lawyers, the Center for Food Safety, well known for representing farmers in opposition to Monsanto, receives Rockefeller money, too.  This appears to be a very disturbing conflict of interest.
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