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When Love Is Hate, Then War Is Peace
By Jim Kirwan
The world is finally beginning to react to this total Lie.
'American, British and Israeli troops are seemingly immune to the mounting global pressure to stop their genocidal wars even in this world where 'Ignorance is Strength': So how is it that millions are willing to face death rather to than continue trying to live in chains?
The hypocrisy that Israel and USI are practicing by insisting that they have the right to overthrow and terminate other countries even as we refuse to intervene in country after country that begins to take on their former jailers, with massive demonstrations in the streets. With more and more states joining in this growing global-uprising every day, this folly can not remained 'unmoved' much longer. The US and Israel have assassinated Saddam and tried to overthrow the Taliban even as they continue to ignore the attacks on all the lying, murdering scum that we have kept in power going back sixty years. So many nations are now affected, and yet we are still pretending that these events are not related-now that is arrogance!' (1)
We've been at war in Iraq for over twenty years now. You might remember that according to Cheney & Rumsfeld Shock & Awe was to have been over in three months and would cost us nothing; because Iraq's oil was going to pay for all of it in just three months. But since the War onIraq really began in 1991, the costs of this war have now run into the trillions and what do we have we to show for all that genocide? And perhaps equally important how many people have we murdered in that effort, besides Saddam Hussein?
When I stopped counting a couple of years back the numbers of Iraqi's dead were over two million, over two million disabled, and another
two million had been displaced ­ and the numbers had to have risen since then. But we're STILL needlessly THERE, with no excuse for what the numbers show no matter which part of that continuing-hell you chose to look at! We need to bring all our troops home from Iraq NOW, because among other things we're going to need them very soon; to keep Americans safe from their own supposed-government; that has become a pariah in world affairs.
'Obama still refuses to interface with Gaddafi's monumental-meltdown which is slaughtering civilians with no regard for human life at all. On the international front the UN is NOT meeting to disarm the murderous regimes that occupy Iraq, Afghanistanor Palestine. And yesterday our "leadership" in Iraqwas celebrated by a Day-of-Rage in the streets against our illegal and pre-emptive occupation; reflecting just how effective our "hearts & minds program" has not been. Twenty years is a very long time for any people to have been in a constant and one-sided war-but the Iraqis are still determined to get us out of their country in the end.
However heavily armed troops are still continuing to bomb strafe and shoot civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan as well as in Palestine and Pakistan; that will soon be followed by new wars in Yemen, Lebanon and Bahrain (where street fighting is intensifying) despite the fact that it is home to the U.S. Fifth Fleet. Throughout it all the US is still vetoing UN
resolutions that attempt to stop the genocide in Gaza and the West Bank; and so we stand with the ZionistCriminal State of Israel against the entire civilized world- while this slaughter of the Palestinian people continues unabated.
Men women and children are dying everyday in the targeted nations of the world wherever USI & Israel are still using banned and illegal weapons to slaughter ordinary people by the thousand. However these actions are never mentioned by the UN, a contributing member-agency of the New World Order in good standing with 'them' but increasingly becoming an outlaw-functionary of the globalists' efforts to enslave us all.'
All of this is being funded by the illicit profits from big oil and the huge military war machine that seems to only recognize overwhelming force as 'the solution' to each and every problem anywhere in the world today: Thankfully ordinary people have finally caught the scent of "freedom-from" their treacherous so-called governments-and it looks like there will be no going back now, no matter how many lies and deceits these lying scheming officials try to use, to convince people anywhere, that their supposed-power still matters in this world.
Once people began to show the world that were willing to trade their lives for the bullets that the outlaw-states are using to try to stop this nightmare-it begins to look as though real changes are coming down in droves; while the criminals begin to try and flee-the-scene, in country after country.
The tide is turning as the once expanding borders of the Greater State of Israel are being pushed back by global-rage toward that center of pure evil that still lives and tries to hide in Tel-Aviv. Just look at where the resistance is breaking out in all the surrounding states that will be most heavily impacted by Israel's unbounded greed for annexation and domination. They are surrounded now by countries that are just not going to take it anymore!
Global-opposition to USURY by the major powers that is creating these global-DEBTS, are finally beginning to lead the way among financial circles everywhere. And in those countries that are resisting; the people have figured out that who controls their banks is as important, if not more so, than who will lead their country after the rebellion. 'Business as Usual' has finally begun to meet its global-opposition and it will get bloody because this time the World Bank and the IMF will also lose along with the smaller criminal-banks in every country now in transition.
It's been over 500 years that this criminal-cabal has maintained its death grip on this planet: Is that not enough time for an entirely new paradigm to take over and begin to end these criminals and all their greedy games of false-flag- power worldwide? First we were told that this could never happen, but then it did in Tunisia: "a Fluke" they said. Then Egypt began to smolder: "This will all blow over and they'll just replace Mubarak with another puppet" was their response. Then it began to spread like the fallout from a whole series of phosphorus-bombs and now they're scrambling to try and refute what everyone can see has come to change the world! (2)
Amerrikans have to be the dumbest people on this planet. How can this have continued for so long without even one real investigation of the one event that enabled all of this to happen: 911? Can Americans not add or subtract, much less track anything that is so blatantly shoved in our faces as the world-wide crime that was committed by the same people profiting from all these wars? Our entire nation has been bankrupted; our way of life is now being threatened with open takeovers of state governments by privatization, along with all its fellow-travelers that we chose not-to-see. Just look at this collection of snippets of information about the depth to which privatization now exists.
"RE: The PRIVATIZATION of public holdings, roads, utilities and the completion of the asset stripping ofAmerica and most of the free world. One of the biggest conspiracies ever conceived and enacted.
It is in process right now and is the single biggest threat to the individual nation-state and individual freedom everywhere, including and especially the USA and every single neighborhood in the USA.
This is evidenced in the new legislation Wisconsin where the governor is pushing now to allow this and most have no clue because the union busting is used as a distraction, a cover.
Out east many public buildings, roadways and utilities have already been sold to foreign corps, who then lease them back to the gov't on long term leases .e.g. 20 years or so). In Illinois, California, Texas and other places, many gov't holdings are now for sale to foreign based corporations which are flush will American dollars.
This subject is probably the single most significant conspiracy by shadow gov't super-elites that is going on now. It is hidden in plain sight and worldwide. It has grim ramifications for our freedom. Those behind it have also used int'l banking to asset-strip the public, ship the industry to foreign lands to weaken folks, thereby setting up a pretext for the attainment of the WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY. And what is this worldwide conspiracy?
It is the PRIVATIZATION of publicly owned gov't and civic building, roadways, utilities (including water resources). This means a scenario has been created whereby the federal gov't, state govt's, and municipalities are so broke due to diminished tax revenues and rising costs due to inflation and debasement of the currency (via mortgage-gate, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO, bailouts, QE1 & QE2) that they can be manipulated into selling off all available assets which include what I have listed above. Of course the officials put in power (Pres, top officials, governors, mayors) are selected for their proven willingness to be "NWO players", thus they can be expected to aid in this process of privatization.
What else is being privatized?
1-over half our Intel, perhaps up to 80% has or is in process of becoming privatized. All phones and faxes are tapped and processed by Mossad operations run out of Israel, and the shadow gov't uses foreign based Intel to spy on Americans for approved private corp. industry and the US govt.
2-over half our military forces have already been privatized (this includes secret CIA armies such as DynCorp, Xe (formerly Blackwater) and other private not public recognized secret mercenary groups residing in the USA, brought in by a previous president (similar to that featured in the movie "seven days in may". Of course this is all instituted and protected from prying eyes or nosy investigative reporters by use of the false cloak of "national security", which is nothing less than the fraudulent utilization of state ordered secrecy to cover state based and corporate based crimes.
3-all above top secret UFO and most nuclear and other secrets have been shifted since 1947 to private high tech military contractors, many of which are foreign based or controlled by offshore entities.
So when the CIA says it doesn't have UFO files to release, essentially that is true.
4-There is an overall fusion of corporations, offshore based int'l merchant banking, federal gov't, state gov't, school districts, many unions (what is left of them), academia, defense, intel. Such a fusion of these entities in actuality a new higher order form of fascism, i.e. and extended and expanded form of fusing gov't and corporations, that is the corporatization of the gov't through "privatization". This has also been occurring through frequent hiring of consultants to study various civic and gov't problem, costly grants, and contracts to specialty providers including defense contractors and other corporate entities.
5-Large int'l merchant and Wall Street banking corporations have used Enron style Ponzi methodology to create asset bubbles to strip assets from the public and allow further degradation of the dollar.
This has stressed federal, state or regional and local govt's to the point they must sell assets to mostly private offshore corporations which will then pay a big purchase price and then agree to lease the entity back in long term leases. Fed Reserve through various hidden tactics has set up a situation via the "plunge protection team" where the US gov't now owns at least 50% of the stock market via ownership of the stock of many large corporations. Offshore int'l Bankster and intel agencies have huge multi-trillion dollar slush funds from illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking which is provided to int'l offshore based corporate entities to buy up US assets and asset all over the world. As whole countries go bankrupt such as in Iceland, Scotland, Greece and more coming like Spain, Italy and even the UK, these countries are agreeing to sell off huge masses of land and other public assets to refinance their debts, and are being forced by the IMF and other int'l banking fronts to accept austerity programs which are guaranteed to finish the planned destruction of these nation states.
6-Final planned result is to be one big Nazi/Stasi/Fascist "snitch based" 1984 NWO type worldwide society with planned eugenics, complete Mindkontrol, no middle class, and the total destruction of freedom and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights."
It's really not too late because as you can see this 'thing' is far too big a series of crimes, for anyone worried about staying alive, to possibly continue to manage while they look for an escape route. Amerrikans desperately need to grow a memory that retains more than what any gnat can manage. How long will it be for instance; before Amerrikans figure out that both political parties are EXACTLY THE SAME! They just take turns screwing us, with no real difference as to who might be in office "this time." Also we need to realize that once they get into government they NEVER LEAVE US and that is DEADLY for anything like this supposed democratic form of government. Let's help them out and end the whole damned thing, but this time-in our favor!
1) Hypocrisy Sweeps Middle East ­ FKN Newz ­ video
2) Free Enterprise the Basis of Western Democracy
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