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Obama Is Running For President Of WHAT?
By Jim Kirwan
"Barack Obama, the US president, has formally announced his 2012 re-election bid, saying the country needed "to protect the progress" it had made.
"Today, we are filing papers to launch our 2012 campaign," Obama said in a statement on Monday.
He explained that as his administration and supporters across the country "fight to protect the progress we've made - and make more - we also need to begin mobilizing for 2012, long before the time comes for me to begin campaigning in earnest". (1)
This obscene announcement comes at a time when this country, no longer even a nation, is in the worst possible position that it has ever been in. Obama ran against The United States of Bush, and has succeeded in creating The United States of Obama, which he now wants to be president of? But "president" of what? Obama has exceeded The Bush Doctrine of 2002 possibly the most criminally insane US policy to ever have been created, until Obama himself headed the Obamanation Doctrine of 2010-11, which finally eliminated all international laws as these might have applied to the unilateral laws that were meant to govern the actions of the rogue state which USI has become, under the imprimatur that is signified by Obama as the Master-of-Ceremonies for a privatized bunch of privateers. This private group together with Zionist Israel, are currently creating almost all of the literal-hell and destruction that is infecting the entire world at this time. So, again the question must be asked ­
"President of what?"
As just one instance of what Obama wants to have an effect upon, consider this. The world is about to enter a new phase of radiation-exposure that will entail trying to isolate all the people in this place from all forms of radioactive fallout; from water and airborne lethal contamination of the food and water supplies, and not just of this country but of the world: He wants to do this at the same time that he has refused to inspect US nuclear facilities for their safety, while calling for expanded use of US nuclear power plants when a totally safe and nearly free resource is going unused in the battle between filthy-coal and deadly nuclear which has begun to kill the whole planet? (2)
The role of a 'president' ought to involve leadership and personal responsibility for the actions that he, as president, has taken time and time again. Part of that 'office' was to keep the promises that he made to the public as candidate Obama; in the longest running presidential campaign in US history. His word is not just worthless, now, it is also radioactively deadly, to not just Americans but to the world; through his protection of GE and the other criminal-enterprises that built and distributed these engines of massive-death while pretending to provide a public-service to an unsuspecting international population. He should be put on public-trial for his stance in failing to investigate the true situation with nuclear power in the public arena; rather than even thinking about running for an office he has already totally demolished in his zeal to serve Israel's national and security priorities over those of all US citizens.
This morning's News headlines on Democracy Now pretty much sum up just how completely out-of-touch this imposter has been with the world to date:
"In Japan the Tokyo Electric Power Company has begun releasing over eleven-thousand tons of radioactive-water into the ocean, while it attempts to find the source of radioactive leaks at the crippled nuclear complex. The water being released is about a hundred times more radioactive than legal limits. Meanwhile water that is far more radioactive continues to gush into the ocean ­ water leaking from this pit is about 10,000 times more radioactive than water found at a nuclear plant. The Japanese Cabinet Secretary said this: 'If the situation continues for a long time, the issue of accumulated-radiation combination will increase. If the sea does disperse the radiation it will become a bigger problem so we need to stop this from spreading out to sea as quickly as possible.' "
Absolutely stunningly well put: but this should have been done on day one of the failure of this plant, after it was hit by the earthquakes and the concomitant Tsunami that followed the earthquakes as they continue to hammer Japan. Instead Japan along with the US has tried to cover-up the dangers to the entire world which this continuing meltdown in three of the six nuclear-reactors is causing for the wider-world. Throughout the beginning hours of this massive catastrophe 'president' Obama was playing golf, and was too busy setting up his presidential bid to bother with what has now reached many parts of the USA, contaminating water and milk in several states with far more deadly results to follow as the pollution and radiation continues to spread throughout the world.
So again What does Obama want to be the president of?: the Radiated States of Obamanation, or the perhaps the Ruined States of the aftermath of Obamanation, or does he just like giving speeches and raising money for lost causes like the insanity of running for public office again?
Given all of Obama's failures; and considering all the hundreds more mistakes he will make in just the next few months there will likely not be a 2012 election process because the entire country will definitely be under a total security-quarantine by that time; and under martial-law there will be no need for any elections to be held.
In the world; more countries in Africa are burning in all types of conflicts, and the Middle-East is also still burning, while Israel is calling for yet another lethal attack upon Gaza to "wipe-out" all resistance to their totally criminal occupation and the genocide they have yet to finish with, over the Palestinian people which they (and USI) have been torturing and murdering now for over 60 years. There is also of course Obama's own private war which he has committed us to, which is taking place in Libya and is so far a colossal disaster from all sides in that very conflicted place. Another place where we have announced we shall stay into the foreseeable future: This from the jerk that got the Nobel Peace Prize and then proceeded to triple the size of the Afghanistan War, just to out-Bush, Bush junior.
Which country is it that Obama wants to be president of ­ if you didn't know better you might think he was running for president of Israel, because every decision he has taken in the Middle-east and Africa has gone according to Israel's foreign policy since they began dictating terms to the USA. The entire situation became obscene after Israel ordered LBJ to stand-down over the failed attempt to rescue the survivors of the USS Liberty, during the 1967 War. And no US President has ever stood up to any of Israel's demands, since LBJ committed treason, by calling back US fighters that were en route to rescue American sailors on the high seas. Here's the latest demand from Olmert the former leader of Israel, who is determined to wipe the Palestinian people from the face of the earth! (3)
In every war that Obama has committed us to, sheer-murder reins down from the skies anonymously, by virtue of killer-predators that slaughter people everywhere we are, with total abandon and an absolute disgust for the value of any human life. This is making enemies for us around the planet at an unbelievable rate-while we claim to be winning hearts and minds amid the starving survivors of policies that would have been far more familiar to Attila the Hun, than they are to any student of current affairs-or to advocates of freedom and democracy anywhere in the world today.
Haiti is still in ruins and is rampant with disease, despite the appeal from the three Amerrikan-criminals, who joined with the criminal Red Cross that went on national television to raise money that has still not arrived and now we have allowed Cholera to overrun the victims of that earthquake, in this hemisphere where it is obvious that we want the Haitian people to just lay down and die! (another policy-marvel of Barrack Hussein Obama and the outlaws from the colonial-past, Bill Clinton, GHW Bush and George Bush Jr.) traitors one and all, who remain uncharged, despite the horror of their crimes against humanity.
The foreign policy failures of the Obama administration are legion; everywhere that we have boots upon the ground. Thanks largely to Obama and Israel, we no longer have a Department of State which goes nicely with having erased the US Department of Justice, and all laws that were suppose to apply to everyone equally in this place that we used to call the USA.
So across the board from illegal actions here in five states that are trying to strip unions of the last of their pitiful powers, to being one of the two leading criminal powers that are plunging the world into war after war, after war. We also hear today that BP (the owner of Deepwater Horizon) has requested permission to resume offshore drilling, less than one year after the rig the company had leased in the region exploded: Killing eleven workers and resulting in the largest oil gusher in US history. BP is seeking to resume drilling at ten existing wells in the vicinity of the Gulf, this July. The request comes just one week after the Justice Department confirmed the company was facing potential manslaughter charges and other civil and criminal penalties in connection with the explosion. This too was on Obamanation's Watch, and he not only did nothing about it, but he is encouraging what BP is asking for again today. (4)
"In related news; Transocean the company that owned the rig that exploded last year has awarded its top executive bonuses for achieving what it described as "the best year in safety performance in our company's history" (a landmark statement of doublespeak). The bonus for Transocean's CEO Steve Newman reached nearly $400 thousand." And of course the pollution and the death of millions of sea creatures, birds and wildlife continues unabated, thanks to Obama's partnership with BP, Halliburton and the rest of the privateers that are proactively killing the oceans wherever they are allowed to practice their black-arts. (5)
Whatever this government says has now become known to be nothing but lies. Our "word" in the world has become ridiculously flawed without the need for a cursory investigation: Because so much has already happened, so that anyone that knows anything about life beyond their own village, county or city KNOWS, that we have only one policy "Make the rich richer and eliminate the poor regardless of the costs to this nation or the world. And in all cases we must defer to Israel always, regardless of whether we can afford it or not, because at the end of the day when an American is in need and Israel makes a demand: The truth is that Israel will get the first and in many cases Israel will be the only consideration that MUST be served, because they own us outright-and we are now Israel's Bitch to do with as she likes!"
My apologies if this is confusing, but then that too has always been a major part of what this version of Obamanation has created. In any other universe this idiot would have been publicly lynched; but here and now, he's actually running for office again-long before he has done anything at all about all that he promised to do so many years ago-but at least now there is a massive paper trail for every lie that this imposter has created. Can you still not think of anything to DO about any of this on your own?
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