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We Can't Rewrite History...But!
By Jim Kirwan
We Can't Rewrite History but we can revisit the causes that have led us to this place at this pivotal moment, so that images like the one above might be avoided!
This nation built our economy on a neo-colonialist model that has always heavily relied upon military conquest for most of our enormous and illicit wealth which became the backbone of what is now a criminally-private and corporate force that must be deconstructed; charged with its crimes and then completely dissolved.
Looking back, which is what history is all about, the events of today take on a very starkly different look than they had before either Chernobyl or Japan in 2011.
Dirty-Harry-Truman surfaces again. This time as the man who played god and used atomic weapons, unnecessarily for the first time in human history. After WWII he went on to approve the use of so-called Peaceful Nuclear Energy, which led directly to the situation which the world is finally now having to face. At the time Dirty-Harry assured a nervous global-public that while there was not-yet a way to deal with the atomic or nuclear wastes that come from 'the peaceful uses of the atom" ­ He was confident that science would solve this problem quickly to the enrichment of all mankind. That turned out to be untrue.
This failure eventually led the US Military to begin to use nuclear wastes in American weaponry on a massive scale: To create more effective weaponry that could cut through armor like a hot knife through butter: But the down-side ended up radiating the whole planet, through Depleted Uranium, on a scale that was unthinkable when the so-called peaceful uses of "Nuclear Energy" were being explored.
Moving on to the first action taken by Dubious-Dick Cheney and his SECRET US Energy policies, created for George W. Bush and his Bandits as they began to rape, pillage and plunder the world under the Criminal-Bush-Doctrine of 2002. Cheney's 'energy policies emphasized two of the most vile aspects of America's (and the worlds) Energy needs. Dirty-Coal and an increased dependence upon what has turned out to be lethal nuclear power. The use of Dirty-Coal has cost the mountain tops of hundreds of hills and mountains and has polluted the East and Southeastern water systems of streams and lakes in order to bring cheap profits to the Dirty-Coal Industry.
And the nuclear power issues show that Obamanation in his haste to continue the policies of the Bush Doctrine of 2002 coupled with Cheney's Ultra-classified Energy Policies has just called for more nuclear power plants along with the renewal of licensing for existing nuclear power plants that are now over thirty years old, and several that are identical to the ones that are failing in Japan. There has still been "no-word-from-Washington on the fate of those nuclear plant renewal applications; nor has our so-called president announced that he is withdrawing the $36 billion grant he has given to the nuclear industry to build new nuclear plants (Speed is not something this administration is known for ­ look at Libya and our promises to stop Kaddafi there).
This entire use of nuclear energy has been a crime committed against the viability of and the consequent continuing­existence of the world. The blood-trail at the crime-scene does indeed lead all the way back to Dirty-Harry Truman, and the Zionists that created him! Then the blood began to fade until Cheney, another hell-bent Zionist, picked up the nuclear ball again because of the huge profits to be made through its continued use and expansion across the world.
Because we did this and failed to ever question any of the dangerous uses to which we allowed our military to proceed to develop every form of depleted-uranium as weapons: The entire world now has a background RADIATION level that comes directly from this misuse of spent nuclear fuels. In Vietnam the public first tired to ignore Agent Orange; and considered those that were directly infected or affected by it to be losers just making up stories; until the number of victims became so great that it had to be dealt with.
The same pattern emerged surrounding the use of DU weapons first in Bosnia, then in Gulf-War One, under Poppy Bush; the Forty-First US president and the Nazi-sympathizer-son of the Nazi-War-profiteer: Prescott Bush. By the time George W. Bush, the Forty-Third president made into the oval office with his own Nazi-family-legacy still undisturbed: The entire "problem of DU weapons" had still not surfaced in the aftermath of so many DU related diseases and wounds that returning GIs brought back to the United States. Given the Zionist credentials of every department in government at that time, perhaps this absolute failure is understandable? (1)
Ah ­ but is it still "acceptable"? To say that America has 'been asleep' is far too kind. Amerrikans have been thoroughly complicit because of the PROFITS to be made in every criminal use and abuse of DU and nuclear energy since Dirty-Harry strutted his way onto the global stage. And now it's time to deal with everything "nuclear" and to abolish its "use" going forward. Unless of course the world wants to live with active radiation in lethal amounts forever?
This brings us to the current question-marks that have surrounded what has been 'causing' these catastrophes around the planet from Haiti and the Indonesian earthquakes to China, Iran and now Japan. Some say that it is being caused by HAARP, others that this is just nature cleansing herself as she has for billions of years. But perhaps the answer lies somewhere in-between?
I'm definitely NOT a scientist, hell I can't even understand half the graphs that are being posted supposedly proving that these events were created by the elites to shore-up their death-grip on the remaining life still trying to live in the world today. Here's part of a response I made this morning, to some of the questions that remain unanswered:
"Nature has existed for billions of years without any "HELP" from the NWO or anything else. Nature is still supreme! However there is something that HAARP is able to do by taking 'nature's' natural tendencies and amplifying them which creates a whole other outcome from what nature alone does everyday. The second 'epicenter' for the Indonesia earthquake that devastated those islands was another example of HAARP. It was also the reason that the US could give militaryisland of Diego Garcia a three-day warning in advance of that 'disaster.' What happened in the bay off Haiti was also questionable - and what passed for answers raised more questions than they answered. Also the skies above the world right now are definitely proof that whether "THEY" have succeeded or not - some form of human interference is definitely attempting to cause things to happen in new ways. So I can't agree that this is just nature doing what she always has. . .
I don't think these quakes are nukes - I think they come from some kind of triggering device that is tampering with the natural frequencies that are what actually controls everything on the planet. The Sun and the Moon have frequencies as does the earth and everything else - and once we figured out how frequencies could be altered in a specific place or spot: then we
have the capacity to change that frequency (HAARP) and thereby alter or create the resulting earthquakes - without involving nuclear weapons.
Regardless of whatever the elites or the NWO might want the world to believe right now - the exact opposite is what I see; because from China to Bahrain, from Libya to Japan the world is apparently NOT conforming to anyone's personal preference. http://english.aljazeera.net/
In addition places like Iran and Iraq as well as Afghanistan are experiencing the very human and therefore unpredictable series of events that are continuing to mirror the original human uprising that began this round of RAGE - EVERYWHERE. . .
I don't want to believe that mortals have any more
control over anything than they actually might - but it is butt-obvious that no one (including the elites) are able to control whatever this current cataclysmic series of events continues to cause in a world that was already royally-fcked-up long before this cycle began. . ."
Where we are now would seem to require the world to look again to the relationship between Freedom & Responsibility because no one can have freedom without accepting the responsibilities that go with those freedoms. In fact we should have included a Bill of Responsibilities to go with the Bill of Rights in the Constitution: Had that been done, then most of what is happening now could never have been undertaken in the first place.
Then there is this: " UPDATE 3/13/11 11:18PM est - Video of EXPLOSION OF REACTOR 3 (Mox Fuel) that Just now happened on 3/14/11 at 11am Japanese time (Mox Fuel) * watch this video and the one at the bottom of this article of Reactor #1 exploding on Saturday - to me this explosion is much bigger and more powerful than the other and there was a large flash at the beginning!
UPDATE - 3/14/11 12:12 AM - I was just listening to FOX news and they were talking to a Nuclear Expert as soon as he began saying Reactor 3 which had just exploded has different fuel and about to explain it, she totally cut him off and said there was no more time to talk to him. Wow - they are trying to keep this information about MOX fuel from getting out! " (1)
And: Technicians are battling to stabilize a third reactor at a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear plant, which has been rocked by a second blast in three days. The Fukushima Daiichi plant's operators have resumed pumping seawater into reactor 2 after a cooling system broke.
They warned of a possible meltdown when the fuel rods became exposed after the pump stopped as its fuel ran out.
A cooling system breakdown preceded explosions at the plant's reactor 3 on Monday and reactor 1 on Saturday.
The latest hydrogen blast injured 11 people, one of them seriously, and sent a huge column of smoke billowing into the air." (2)
1) Designing the End of Humanity
2) Japan - Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel - Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl's Meltdown! - video
3) Meltdown Alert At Japan Reactor
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