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US Declares War On Democracy!
By Jim Kirwan
It is illegal in this country to have a General Strike against the government, for any reason. Yet apparently it is not illegal for the same government to shut down the country (PATRIOT ACT & TSA) and strip all rights from all the people here: If people actually begin to demand that the government follows the same so-called laws that have prevented nation-wide STRIKES, since the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947; then we can begin to take this nation back! 
The passage of that act (1947) spelled the death of unions in this country, because without equal powers on all sides of any negotiation; "any so called negotiations" are meaningless. That's why working in this country has become a failed-enterprise; because all the power resides with the elites and the owners of the criminal government who have decided that all discussions of anything meaningful will CEASE ­IMMEDIATELY, because they want total control over everyone-period. The reason that nationwide general strikes are illegal is because they can paralyze the nation: Which was why the unions wanted to keep that tool in place (a NATIONWIDE GENERAL STRIKE) to keep the government and the owners of capital from doing exactly what they just did last night in Madison Wisconsin. (1) And what they are now doing in Michigan as well. (2)
Governments, from Wisconsin to D.C. no longer observe or obey their own laws; (in Wisconsin, everything about that vote last night was illegal, yet they did it anyway). So obviously the people, those who the laws supposedly apply to, no longer need to pay any attention to the so-called laws that limit our ability to change any situation that has now become totally intolerable: Due to government interference, illegal prohibitions, and criminally illegal enforcement-tactics from TSA and NSA, as well as Total Information Access (latest version of IAO) all around this nation. All of this came about because Amerrikans have refused to complain or resist anything that this criminally-arranged nation has done since George Bush stole the White House in 2000.
It's time for A NATIONAL PRE-EMPTIVE GENERAL STRIKE because that's the only way that over 70% of those in this country who disagree with US and state polices are ever going to be able to reverse these illegal rulings and actually have a real-voice in our own affairs. A voice that cannot be undermined by our illegal government, by the Elites who do NOT pay their taxes and of course the Multinational private-corporations that are even given additional and huge-bonuses; while this nation has been at war since 2001. The privation incurred by taxpayers is only exceeded by the grossly obscene fact that the Corporatocracy's members pay almost no taxes while Joe & Judy Public are repeatedly raped and murdered in the name of fiscal policies that only befits our Mussolini-style Fascism that we supposedly eliminated during WWII.
These are just some of the injustices that must be met with the nationwide refusal to work until the 'playing field' whereupon the profits of any-work anywhere in the US can be discussed on an equal basis. The current rigged-system must be thrown out and its advocates prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the crimes they committed over the last 64 years of corrupted business practices and manipulated benefits that have all ended up in the hands of everyone but the people that created the products;; which produced all those profits in the first place.
Beyond Wisconsin: "Just a couple hours before the rammed through illegal-vote in Wisconsin; the Senate in the State of Michigan voted (the House there had already passed this Bill) on a Bill that gives the Governor the so-called 'EMERGENCY powers' ­ Where he can essentially fire the elected Mayor or City Council or School Board of any town in Michigan and turn it over to a corporation-to run the town! Or appoint a corporate-manager to run the town: Not the elected people but this individual or this company can run the town. It's just these two things in just the last few hours. . . If people don't understand by now the level of this war, and it is a WAR; it is a Class War on the people of this country, by those in power and the tools that they have 'BOUGHT & PAID FOR' and who now serve in these legislatures.
Well I'll tell you this much by the time this airs, in a few hours, people will already have been to Lansing (Michigan) ­ they're going to pack that rotunda tomorrow; also later today in Indianapolis there's going to be a huge demonstration there. ~ And the people are already on the grounds of the Capital building there now ­ tonight. And I just got word from the highschool students in Madison: They're calling for a student STRIKE, a walk-out on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock and they've now invited students from across Wisconsin AND THE COUNTRY to have a mass student WALKOUT, highschool students, at two o'clock, your last hour on Friday, everybody march out and pick a place where you're going to meet and have your rally. And have your voice be heard about what these adults are doing to your education-because they are
purposely setting it up so you will be screwed for the rest of your life!"(2)
FLASHBACK: Going all the way back to the founding of 'democracy' as a form of government in ancient Greece: It was illegal for any 'citizen' of any democratic city-state to fail to participate fully in the social and political life of that city. Anyone breaking this law had their goods confiscated and were evicted from the city-state. Of course that form of 'democracy' could only be effective in a small enough place where people knew each other, and could respond in a one-man-one-vote manner. When this nation was "founded" our 'system' was designed to 'manage' no more than two million people. Today we have upwards of 340 million people here: Those 'people' today HAVE had NO VOICE AT ALL in anything that has happened over the course of the last eleven years. This has to be ended and an entirely new method must be adopted by repealing Taft-Hartley and dumping US Inc.: While reinstituting the US Constitution as the only recognized law in this country.
A one week peaceful but nationwide general-strike would bring these criminal corporations and their owners to their knees. It would also create a whole new world for millions around the world as well, because the militaristic foreign-policies of this colonial-empire could be scaled back to the point that we are able to put a viable nation at-home first: And then we could put equitable and humanity-based national policies in place, that would by themselves massively reduce the number of bogus wars and all their war-profiteering in the world.
Basically the USA needs to throw Israel to the wolves and cut all aid to that vile Apartheid-outlaw state, that has brought medieval hatreds, torture, Genocide and mass murder back into the everyday affairs of Billions of people. Without the trillions going to Israel, and a scaled back stance globally, the United States could get back to putting its own citizens on course to actually have the "FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY" that we so freely promise so many other nations; just as we have been denied all of that as Americans!
This WAR on Democracy just went public in the old USA ­ Seize this moment and join with all these people that are finally beginning to take back our statehouses and our country from the Khazars and those that have worshiped them since 1913!
PS: The 'UNIONS" are not a panacea, especially when they become large enough to compete on an even footiing with management and government. Since I was a child the Unions were just another version of the same kinds of corruption that has always plagued both the government and the companies: Howeever when there is a three-sided equation between people, the Unitons and the Government then is at least a real chance that workers will get some of what they must have.
Eveything "BIG" is potentially corrupt by nature, and the Unions are not immune to this very natural tendency. But at this moment in history there really are only the Elite owners and the government traitors AGAINST PEOPLE & THE WORK FORCE. The 'Unions' cannot be left out of this on any level if there are ever to be any real "LAWS" in this land that can be enforced.
1) Kingdom of the Khazars
2) This is Class War - video
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