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By Jim Kirwan
The title is taken from "The Rape of the Mind" by Joost Meerlo.
"In Totalitaria, the citizen no longer knows the real core of his mind. He no longer feels himself an 'I,' an ego, a person. He is only the object of official barrage and mental coercion. Having no personality of his own, he has no individual conscience, no personal morality, no capacity to think clearly and honestly. He learns by rote, he learns thousands of indoctrinated facts and inhales dogma and slogans with every breath he draws. He becomes an obedient pedant, and pedantry makes people into something resembling pots filled with information instead of individuals with free, growing personalities. Becoming wiser and freer implies selective forgetting and changes of mind. This we accept, this we leave behind. Alert adjustment requires a change of patterns, the capacity to be de-conditioned, to undo and unlearn in order to become ripe for new patterns. The citizen of Totalitaria has no chance for such learning through unlearning, for growth through individual experience. Official oversimplifications induce the captive audience into acceptance and indoctrination. Mass ecstasy and mass fanaticism are substituted for quiet individual thought and consideration."
These perversions associated with "TOTALITARIA" have been codified and turned into a United Nations Project called AGENDA 21 (1)
Ironically today is the 100th Anniversary of Women's Rights. In the long history of the world, it seems very strange that "women" have only had legal "rights" for a hundred years? "Women" in this country only seem to make headlines when they are violated or when their sex-lives become a feast for the tabloids. Too often the real lives of women are not considered valuable enough to matter in the wider world; because the headlines there are generally reserved for men.
In the USI women have been experiencing a new resurgence against Women as a group and against their reproductive-rights in particular; while their PRODUCTIVE rights (as working people) remain the same or are being reduced in their capacity as members of the work force that is now under a full fledged attack on all sides by the Zionistas: To reduce everyone (men & women) to nothing more than a herd of dumb animals that can then be used and then killed, whenever any corporate-bottom-line so dictates!
As people we have never had a choice about where we were born or which gender we shall be. Whether male or female we should not have to overcome irrational barriers (by nationality, by religious belief or by gender) along with everything else that both men and women already have to live with as family members, neighbors, or citizens of the village or the city and then the state and nation wherever anyone lives. In fact gender neutrality ought to become a starting point for the inclusive recognition of the rights of unions, of social groups and political-thought to be combined to naturally-oppose the current global-Corporatocracy: The Zionists and the Illuminati as the New World Order which they have appointed themselves to be. All of these divisions within societies everywhere were put there on purpose: To pave the way to privatization-without-limits and to a global domination that is calling for the slaughter of over four-fifths of the world's people.
""Equality does not merely mean a leveling of differences. The natural differences between the genders and the generations are respected and honored, but they never serve to create hierarchies, as is common in patriarchy. The different genders and generations have their own honor and through complimentary areas of activity."
Why for instance do you think the ancient world tended to see "Justice" and "Liberty" as women? And what was it that made Medea so vile to the Ancient-Greeks?
Medea killed Jason's children which unmanned him in the eyes of society, history and the world: So even then this attempt to control, by men over women, was the ultimate power that women have had in a man's world.: The ultimate power to unmake, as well as to further by fulfilling their "role" through continuing the male bloodlines.
Don't take my word for it; just look at the entire history of this War-on-Women which goes all the way back to the Pharos of Ancient Egypt. In the practical sense women tended to serve in the capacity as some form of slavery. Males tended to dominate the family, the tribal leadership (with some rather amazing exceptions) all the way up through to the ruling positions first by the Pharos and the Gods of Rome, then later by the ancient Kings in City-States and finally through the Church in all of its resplendent corruptions of everything to do with men or women. "Women as a class were always denigrated to semi-powerless positions of subservience to "men." This fact has remained a basic stumbling block for most of humanity down through the ages: Especially after the human race became obsessed with preserving the blood-lines and furthering the privatized Will-to-Power in conjunction with absolute rule, wherever possible."" (2)
With the end of the Cold War the world was anticipating the long promised "Peace Dividend" that never arrived. Just as with the arrival of the New Millennium the world had a right to hope that this would mark a new beginning? What we got instead was the deepening of hate, blood-lust, greed and criminality on a global scale never seen before: Along with Fascism and Totalitarian Police-States, where there had been countries at peace with the world: Today the New-Barbarians have managed to turn the whole world into a raging-inferno of nothing but WARS and RUMORS OF WAR, which make ordinary human life impossible to live in any normal way.
Where people should have come-together to enable more people, everywhere, to have better lives: Instead the N.W.O. stepped in with vengeance, with jealousy and with personalized hatreds of all kinds to enflame all the tiny differences, until any thought of peace or progress or god-forbid even just the freedom to breathe was made impossible, by the naked lust of those in power - for their one and only continual and eternally burning desire:
There can never be enough to pacify these inhuman vultures. These people are not strangers: They are part of everything that this government has been as well as what they want to do to all of us. From the Clinton's to Cheney and to both Bush's through Obama to Pelosi, and all of their minions in charge of every government department and agency, especially all the illegal Czars that have always sought to end our way of life: These traitors must be sought out and removed, if there is to be any real resolution that can free us from the perversions and all those pathological lies that have gone into making the maintenance of the treachery & treason of these people: Into the only "national-security-policy" that has ever really mattered!
What we have here is the global attempt to insert "TOTALITARIA" into the hideous Trojan-horse that Agenda 21 has mandated for the planet. Please read the footnote below. The people of the world outnumber the Forces of Darkness by a huge-margin: All we have to do is remember that fact - and rise-up as one people, determined to take back the world and crush these bastards wherever they now reside. . .
1) The Ninth Wave, Agenda 21
2) The War on Women Revisited
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