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The Shadows Behind Our Secret Governments
Jim Kirwan
There is a documentary made by Bill Moyers that lays out very clearly how this nation came to be absolutely ruled by a SECRET GOVERNMENT that answers to no one but itself. This is very well documented and researched. The documentary was first aired in April, 2007. (1)
However there are a number of key omissions in the documentary that are critical to understanding exactly how Israel's role has been played throughout the rise of this criminal-enterprise; that has led us to the many different quagmires that we still must face today. To understand this more clearly I will attempt to add some bits of these, still unofficially recognized, pieces of information to what is already on-the-record.
Despite the thoroughness of Moyers video release; it must be noted that virtually none of the decisions which the various testimonies included call to mind, have ever been acted, on after the fact, of their occurrence "on-the-record." This continued failure to hunt down those guilty of treason, then as now, is what prompted this article.
In the interests of brevity I will not take this line-by line but only in the various segments, into which this documentary is seemingly divided.
It begins with Communism as a force that must be dealt with, by any and all means possible, both legal and illegal in the eyes of the self-appointed paranoids, that first created their bogeymen and then proceeded to exterminate their "enemies" wherever they might be found. In that 'hunt' they went to great pains to eliminate the Constitution, the Congress and especially the American public; And all of their efforts placed everything they did above the law-which is what has led us to this place today where there in now no longer any "LAW" in the United States of America for any of these very-special, above the law elites. (2)
At the same time there are now millions of laws that are in flagrant violation of the Constitution and the Congress as well as the courts (neither of which still has their own mandatory oversight): The result of this total rearrangement of constitutional powers and rulings has come to equal this country today; which now has come to see every American as nothing but a "blood-enemy of the state."
The documentary was made in 1976, the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. Yet none of the fact-finding inquiries shown herein resulted in jail time for any of those questions. Pardons played a huge role in all of this given by the same ringleaders of this crime against the people of the USA, in order to protect themselves from going to jail or worse: And throughout it all we allowed this to happen. Public-inaction may have gotten its first taste of the real dangers inherent in all of this, but from this first direct challenge the public flinched and so began our long association with "not wanting to know anymore."
However at the end of the day, then as now, everything depends upon acting on what we KNOW to be the truth behind the shadow-governments and the massive-crimes they constructed in our names; and as the years roll by "we" have continually allowed these outlaws to expand upon until the original crimes so that now the entire world is facing the results of our failure to control our own rogue-governments, down through the decades! The penalty for any society which has allowed this to happen, not just to themselves, but to the whole world that now must deal with everything that we chose not to interrupt, throughout the long shadows of history; but this has become the world's problem now -and the consequences for this failure is death! Jackson Brown's song ends this part of the documentary.
Moyers next moves to the congressional report of the events of the previous forty years; that was presented to the public; but no action was demanded from the government by the people that listened intently but did nothing!
The SECRET GOVERNMENT begins at 3:57 in the video. The questions that the public still had could have been answered, had there been very public trials of the individuals who incriminated themselves in this video. But the public was not convinced that "the people had a right to know." The proof of that is that the public did not march on Washington and demand that these people be arrested and charged for what they had admitted to on tape. Had that happened then Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter and a number of other military people could have been arrested and charged in Courts Martial's, and shot for treason: Which would have ended this era of extra-legal crimes against the constitution and the public. That did not happen because the really secret government had already, by that point, attained enough power to prevent through innuendo and subversion, enough doubt, to fail to force the trials that could have ended the shadow-government at that time.
Reagan says that the assassins in Beirut would be targeted. He failed to mention that the bomb that killed the 241 Marines in Beirut was made and detonated by Mossad , who also did the assassination of the leader of Lebanon not too long after that pivotal moment in history. For just like the explosives used on 911 inside the World Trade Centers; no other nation in the world had the capability, the means and the incentive, to either build or use such bombs to change the course of human history. Every bomb of this type leaves a 'footprint' and in all three cases this 'footprint; could only have come from Israel. Reagan blamed everything on "terrorists" and he was correct: What he did not spell out was that in these three cases the "terrorists" were Israeli's.
Reagan was accused of trafficking with terrorists in Iran. What goes unmentioned is that GHW Bush negotiated the release of the American Hostages held by Iran for 444 days, on the condition that 'the hostages' would only be released after Reagan won the election in 1980. Bush & Reagan had in effect used the lives of those American Embassy Hostages to get elected to the presidency in the first place. Israel's role n all of this part of the unprosecuted crimes of Reagan, Bush Senior (VP) and Ed Meese (AG) was kept out of any deeper look into their role as co-conspirators in the lies and treachery of the entire Reagan administration, throughout that period.
All these other actors like Poindexter and North & company were all "just following presidential orders": To what extent a series of trials could have fleshed this out: Which ironically was the reason why no such trials were ever held-was and still is mind-blowing!
RISK is the only constant in our lives, and if Agony is to be avoided, along with permanent frustration, then we must take the risks that we have so far failed to do.
The Contras it must be remembered were nothing more than presidentially created death squads, totally illegal, completely criminal and proud of the fact that they had also set themselves up as a business to profit from all their illegal endeavors. This ranged from selling arms and moving drugs throughout the world; from Central America to Iran other areas, was why Bush 41 had to try to silence Saddam Hussein because he knew the details and if not killed he could incriminate the entire secret government. Hence the 1991 invasion of Iraq and the consequent re-attack by Bush-Junior perhaps his most-evil-spawn.
Had Reagan actually been charged, by his own admissions, that he "was a Contra" ­ could have led to his impeachment and a trial. But that was never followed up on. The same countries that joined together to back Reagan' criminal use of the Presidency are the same leaders that are under attack today in the Middle-East; which is why the Shadow government is currently trying to re-direct the public waves of outrage that are beginning to topple a number of those totally corrupt nations that were so "helpful" in keeping our impassioned criminals in-charge of the Secret Shadow Government today. Here it becomes obvious that history is repeating itself-in the negative. What remains to be seen is whether or not history will finally succeed in "turning the page on the criminals" and bringing them to global-justice since our own government has eliminated our own US Department of Justice, that is nothing but a shell, but which supports all the crimes from torture and imprisonment of anyone that dares to question this government or any of its criminals whether it's about the Reagan years or the Obamanation that is currently lying to the whole world in the guise of the American presidency.
Communism is gone as a threat, but the same criminals that were then fixated on these illegal actions are still being used to underwrite the activities of the SECRET shadow-government-because THE ENTERPRISE continues to exist. All that's happened since the days of North and Poindexter & company is that the entire global black-ops enterprise has just moved on into the current nightmare wherein Blackwater and other mercenary forces; together with Mossad and the CIA have continued along the same lines that Bush Sr. and Reagan originally created, to the detriment of the entire world. Again the public failed to act; but this time there were direct-consequences for Americans because since before Bush Jr. stole the office, the American public had become the targeted enemy of choice for the New World Order that had grown directly out of the first Conquerors, (who just happened to have been created by yet another corporation) to pillage, torture and conquer this "New World" entirely: Hence the name "THE NEW WORLD ORDER."
The above takes us up to just fifteen minutes of the ninety minute tape. I could go through the entire tape, but there really is not room here to even begin that. All you need to do is to follow the links to events in the world of today and trace the history of these places and events to discover the true role of Israel and the USA as these two outlaw organizations wend their way through their history of deceit and duplicity across the world to understand just how evil this rogue-government has been all the way back to the Zionist Dirty-Harry. Actually it goes much further back than that-but 1947 was after all the beginning of the effort to turn these secret-dealings into this spear point that has killed this nation and its people as a viable force that might have been able to stop this entire ENTERPRISE from becoming as lethal to the world as it now has become.
The answers are not inscrutable, they are all there just waiting to be acted upon, in any number of ways from boycotts to rebellions, from exposure to formal trials: All that's missing is the public will to "get involved" and to "END" this vast history of lies, perversions and maniacal deceit!
With the coming of the nuclear threat of annihilation, that has just poked its ugly head into this equation, there is today a special URGENCY for the need to begin to ACT against the entire facade that has in reality no basis in reality except what the public still allows them to keep. Is it not-yet-time to end this shadow government along with all its underwriters, and begin to become a part of the world in which all of us are trying to survive?
We can and we must "Remember who we are," or there will be no tomorrows in which we could to explain to our children what we did or did not do to keep them and ourselves free and able, to live our lives, according to what we have decided it is our natural-right to have, and to pursue into the next generation. . . (3)
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