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Science And The Art Of Life
By Jim Kirwan
Science and Art have always contained the elements that humanity has needed to bridge the kind of crisis that is descending now like some ancient plague of our own creation.
The arts came first because they spring directly from the heart and spirit of us all. In music, poetry, writing and the graphic arts people have always found some of the myriad-ways to both express and understand some of the deepest mysteries that every thinking person both knows and feels.
Yet for most of human history the arts have been enslaved by those that have always sought illicit-power over others: The elites of every age have used their illicit sponsorships to enslave and shape the arts to ensure their own agenda's over what the arts could do; if they had been free to add their own visions to the global-picture, as well as to the individual interpretations, from which the arts have sprung, fully grown.
Science began as a the step-child of the arts, but in reality the disciplines of Science are as necessary to human breakthroughs and understandings; as are the emotional joys and heartaches of the more spontaneous arts from which the need for 'proofs' evolved. However when the elites enslaved the artists and determined what subjects could be painted, or celebrated with songs and stories; they were at the same time creating their own private-treasure-troves from which they derived profit-streams that could span the centuries.
So when science began to make its way into the world; these same 'benefactors' sensed a new and even more compelling way to insure their continued prosperity and sway-by funding 'science' and thereby determining which areas of human-existence would be explored and what would of course, be ignored. Here is one such example that could be GREAT NEWS, if we were to finally lose our fear of the inbred-terrorists that run this place and demand that something like the following suggestion be undertaken immediately-believe it or not "In the real interests of national-security"!
This story comes from a video-story about "the swelling of the land" around "Yellowstone's Super Volcano," that would indicate a massive nation-ending eruption, of which there is NO PROOF as yet! (1)
However: Yesterday when I sent this out I got this response which indicates exactly how a real response from the combination of Science and the Arts could completely turn this situation around and literally create the way for America not just to end this potential threat; but to create enough power for the next thousand years here in the USA. This is how Science and the Art of Life should be working for people and for civilization while it begins to end this global-cycle of blatant destruction which nuclear energy has purposely chained the entire world to: And which has also doomed the world to nuclear annihilation, unless we take the necessary steps to stop this in its tracks!
"There is enough geothermal power in Yellowstone to run the USA for a 1000 years! Of course the Eco's want everyone to just look at it and watch it blow, someday killing everyone, when a well managed geothermal plan could safely decrease excess heat buildup and manage water etc. So it would be ideal, and oh yes, we would still have cool geysers and fun for everyone without risk of death from grizzlies and wolves, stay in your car! Oh yeah, we might also have access to those enormous deposits of other valuable minerals that are currently locked up, in Yellowstone. Oh well, they will just build another hundred nuke plants and gas-fracked poisoned lands everywhere else we live. And of course less I forget BP poisoned Corexit wastelands where the other quadrant of the USA lives.
Yellowstone, is not only a massive mega-energy waste, that has been ignored as a resource, but it is also increasingly dangerous as unmanaged geothermal land (that could be 'managed' much differently) IF it were to be removed from the control of the BLM, Bureau of Land Mismanagement and was allowed to be used effectively. This renovation in thinking could create the kind of safe-use of this resource; that not only "could remove" the very real threat of an eruption in our lifetimes: But this example might well set the tone for an entirely different approach than what Cheney & His Privateers had in mind; when they kidnapped US National Energy Policy back in 2001."
For me ­ This is a perfect example of how science and the arts of life can work together for humanity instead of for the contemptible-elites and their death-star-plans to kills billions of people by design. This alternative amounts to some of the BEST NEWS I've ever heard in a very long time: How about you!
On Another Front: The Global Situation has not gone away because of Japan: Far from it. The Uprisings are mutating and changing but they are not only not stopping, they too, like the global-threat of radiation-poisoning are continuing to alter the actual conditions in the world as this article is being written. This involves continuing changes in the following countries
Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordon, Yemen, Iraq, Oman, Iran and Saudi Arabia. (2)
Then here at home comes another breakthrough video this time from the ARTS side of the equation that sheds a great deal of light upon the corruptions and the self-serving contradictions being preached by Alex Jones from his various outlets-but this is no ordinary revelation because this video uses the words and images of Alex Jones himself, in his own words which must be seen to be appreciated. (3)
The world might be in serious trouble right now; but despite these continuing threats; there is room for positive and actual game-changing ACTIONS; which if we keep our focus on how each of us can use our skills and individual knowledge to change what the owners want us to believe is a foregone conclusion: We can still defeat them! If we do this consistently now, when it matters the most, as we find ourselves standing before the fire-breathing dragons of our own nightmares-then we can not only "make the required differences" but we can do this together in such a way as to begin to reverse this artificially designed path towards global-self-destruction.
This is not just about PROTESTING this is about taking back our World for those of us that actually built it one brick and one idea at a time! Think about how you can help to get this done, sooner rather than later-please!
1) NIBIRU 201l: Yellowstone Super Volcano - video
2) SPOTLIGHT Region in Turmoil
3) Alex Jones: Constructive Criticism, Israel and 911, Why Avoid It? - Video
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