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Reaping The Whirlwind!
By Jim Kirwan
There's a principle involved with predicting the weather. However there are also facts that limit how accurate those predictions can be, given the very unusual complexities and anomalies of weather everywhere.
Several years back it was revealed (in Chaos Theory) that "the weather" could never be accurately predicted anywhere, for any more than 24 hours ahead; anywhere in the world. This remains true because to do so would require the entire earth to be blanketed by a huge grid system of censors that registered weather in real time, and was able to transmit that information to some form of a central weather computer. However to do that, the grid would have to cover every inch of the planet and all of its oceans, which is of course impossible, for a grid that would have to be configured for a censor in every square mile of space or land or water.
Hence the FACT that the weather on this day (April 28, 2011) was predicted (by the government when they begn to purchase the 14 million body bags) for their Exercise at the New Madrid Fault; months ago, which had nothing to do with forecasting existing weather conditions: It has to do ONLY with the FACT that someone KNEW that these storms would be happening today; because they planned to create them, and everything else that shall eventually flow from their actions, as a part of some diabolical plan for the destruction of this country and its people!
US government takes down HAARP website to conceal evidence ofUS weather modification and earthquake inducing warfare.
"Posted by PC Latest news, World news April 21, 2011 ­ The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) website has been down for the past 3 weeks. It was ordered taken down by the USgovernment to conceal US weather modification and earthquake inducing warfare activities against foreign states. The HAARP website was publishing very damaging evidence of US military weather modification and earthquake triggering operations against foreign states. HAARP's waterfall charts and magnetometer charts gave evidence of an ongoing weather war between the United States government and foreign states. The magnetometer presented concrete evidence that HAARP triggered the Japan earthquake and ensuing tsunami.
HAARP's magnetometer can be used to predict as well as give evidence of a HAARP created earthquake. A magnetometer measures disturbances in the magnetic field in Earth's upper atmosphere. HAARP was broadcasting a 2.5 Hz frequency (the signature frequency of an earthquake) from just before midnight on March 8, 2011 and continued to broadcast the frequency for the entire days of March 9, 2011 and March 10, 2011. The 2.5 Hz frequency continued to be broadcasted and recorded by the magnetometer for another 10 hours the day of the Japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake.
Scientists at the HAARP institute discovered that a 2.5 Hz radio frequency is the signature frequency of an earthquake. Since this discovery the HAARP phased array antennas have been used by the US military to beam the earthquake frequency into the ionosphere and the ionosphere reflects it back to Earth ­ penetrating as deeply as several kilometers into the ground, depending on the geological makeup and subsurface water conditions in a targeted area.. By beaming the frequency at a specific trajectory HAARP can trigger an earthquake any place on Earth. A short burst isn't enough to disturb solid matter (the Earth crust) so they keep beaming the 2.5 Hz earthquake frequency for hours or days ­ until the desired effect is achieved.
The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) prohibits the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques.
(However apparently this has never stopped anyone from developing these illegal weapons or from using them "at will" anywhere in the world)!
It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978. The Convention bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction.
Evidence from HAARP's own website revealed that the US government was acting in violation of the ENMOD treaty ­ use of weather modification techniques (HAARP) for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. HAARP broadcasting data published on the HAARP website coincided with a number of recent major catastrophes such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2010 heatwave in Russia, the major floorings in 2010 in China and Pakistan and the major earthquakes in Haiti and Japan ­ all occurred since US president and commander-in-chief of the United States military Barack Hussein Obama took office.
The Japan 9.0 earthquake offered the most damaging evidence of the US government using HAARP to induce major damage and destruction against a foreign state. HAARP's magnetometer data showed the World that HAARP (jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy) began broadcasting the earthquake inducing frequency of 2.5 Hz on March 8, 2011 and continued to broadcast the frequency for the entire days of March 9, 2011 and March 10, 2011. HAARP wasn't turned off until 10 hours after the Japan9.0 magnitude earthquake that was triggered on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 05:46:23 UTC.
Smaller earthquakes have continued for weeks without being registered on the HAARP magnetometer. Why? Because, as stated before a magnetometer measures disturbances in the magnetic field in Earth's upper atmosphere. It is not a seismometer which measure motions of the ground. The magnetometer doesn't measure seismic activity it measures and records electromagnetic frequencies in the Earth's atmosphere. HAARP's antenna array beams the 2.5 Hz earthquake inducing radio frequency into the atmosphere where a magnetometer can record and provide concrete evidence of a US weather modification and earthquake triggering attack against foreign states.
HAARP Patents (Assigned to APTI, Inc. Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC)
U.S. Patent 4686605: Method And Apparatus For Altering A Region In The Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere, And/Or Magnetosphere Issued: Aug. 11, 1987 Filed: Jan. 10, 1985
U.S. Patent 5038664: Method For Producing A Shell Of Relativistic Particles At An Altitude Above The Earth's Surface ~ Issued: Aug. 13, 1991 Filed: Jan. 10, 1985
U.S. Patent 4712155: Method And Apparatus For Creating An Artificial Electron Cyclotron Heating Region Of Plasma ~ Issued: Dec. 8, 1987 Filed: Jan. 28, 1985
U.S. Patent 5068669: Power Beaming System ~ Issued: Nov. 26, 1991 Filed: Sep. 1, 1988
U.S. Patent 5218374: Power Beaming System With Printer Circuit Radiating Elements Having Resonating Cavities ~ Issued: June 8, 1993 Filed: Oct. 10, 1989
U.S. Patent 5293176: Folded Cross Grid Dipole Antenna Element ~ Issued: Mar. 8, 1994 Filed: Nov. 18, 1991
U.S. Patent 5202689: Lightweight Focusing Reflector For Space ~ Issued: Apr. 13, 1993 Filed: Aug. 23, 1991
U.S. Patent 5041834: Artificial Ionospheric Mirror Composed Of A Plasma Layer Which Can Be Tilted ~Issued: Aug. 20, 1991 Filed: May. 17, 1990
U.S. Patent 4999637: Creation Of Artificial Ionization Clouds Above The Earth ~ Issued: Mar. 12, 1991 Filed: May. 14, 1987
U.S. Patent 4954709: High Resolution Directional Gamma Ray Detector ~ Issued: Sep. 4, 1990 Filed: Aug. 16, 1989
U.S. Patent 4817495: Defense System For Discriminating Between Objects In Space ~ Issued: Apr. 4, 1989 Filed: Jul. 7, 1986
U.S. Patent 4873928: Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation ~ Issued: Oct. 17, 1989 Filed: June 15, 1987
Question: If the government is involved in making weapons that can destroy the people and the earth why in Hell would they bother to Patent
these Weapons of mass Destruction? Also ask yourself if you think that because this shit is patented that anyone or even any nation that decided to steal this knowledge would be intimidated by a "PATENT" from doing whatever they might want to do with any of these vile weapons?
Still think that HAARP is just another wacky fictional conspiracy?
The above listed patents should be enough to convince any intelligent person that HAARP is real and is now actively modifying our weather and triggering earthquakes. For those who are still not convinced, look to the United States Congress for proof. In order for HAARP to get funding the people who first created HAARP needed funding. That funding was made possible by the US government. If you were to look at Congressional records you would find documents that states just one of the many official purposes of HAARP ­ for penetrating the earth with signals bounced off of the ionosphere. Congress was informed by people in the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program that the bounced signals would be used to look inside the planet to a depth of many kilometers in order to locate underground munitions, minerals and tunnels. If you bounced the known earthquake signature signal (2.5 Hz) for a sustained period of time an earthquake could triggered many kilometers inside Earth's crust. The U.S. Senate actually set aside $15 million dollars in 1996 (Clinton and Al Gore Administration) to develop this ability alone - earth-penetrating-tomography.
Update April 21, 2011
Under pressure from the International community the HAARP website is up again. No data is available from April 7 to April 12, 2011.
Data before and after shows the signature frequency of an earthquake (2.5Hz) being transmitted. Also shows energy spikes which indicates active weather modification. Now that the website is up again you can view the data for the Japan earthquake at From the magnetometer induction data you can see 2.5Hz (earthquake inducing frequency) being broadcasted and recorded for several days before the 9.0 magnitude earthquake. To see what a normal (no HAARP broadcasting) day looks like view the magnetometer charts for the days of March 15, 16 and 17 ­ March 16, 2011 No earthquake inducing broadcast was detected from March 15 to March 27, 2011. On March 28, 2011 a low powered broadcast was detected from approximately 12:00 am to 3:00 am. Broadcasting resumed on April 2, 2011. April 6, 2011 shows you what the magnetometer charts looks like when a solar storm blasts Earth.
No data is available from April 7, 2011 to April 13, 2011 ­ a shutdown. Starting on April 15, 2011 and ending approximately 10:00 am April 16, 2011 the earthquake inducing frequency of 2.5Hz was detected being broadcasted." (1)
1) U.S. Government Takes Down HAARP Website
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