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Postcards From The Edge
By Jim Kirwan
It is not possible to look directly into sun, but it is possible to actually see what is there if one uses the black obelisk to deflect the most harmful rays. This is a graphic form of Inspiration ~ Interpretation that could be used to understand how we came to be standing on the edge of Oblivion.
First we must remember that in this country 42 percent of our people are functionally illiterate, and basically cannot read. But everyone alive can still 'feel' the chaos that has now reached the pending-crisis-point of a global MELTDOWN.
When it takes the spin-meisters three times as long to explain their own explanations of events; as it takes to actually get any skewed reporting of the facts at issue, in any of the global hotspots that are now multiplying like radioactive isotopes across the whole world. Then it's not just the Uprisings everywhere that are becoming corrupted by government inactions or the government attempts to reverse the original points of resistance: It's the entire global-corporate-spin machine that we are seeing at its incompetent worst, while the illicit powers try without success, to save their fatally-flawed power grab from a complete and total collapse. The INSPIRATION we have sought for centuries has surfaced and is now just waiting to be interpreted in such a way as to be applied specifically: To the terms and conditions where it is needed, in so many places around the world-right now!
This Postcard begins at the bottom with CONFUSION, topped by UNDERSTANDING, the with the song of the Siren, to one side that haunts us, with hints of what's to come, from the outcome of the conflict between PASSION and INDIFFERENCE in the Seven of Diamonds.
This almost inconceivable revolt has risen from the very depths of the global-corruption itself, that has overreached in every case, where it has tried and failed to force the planet into the global-slavery that would result from their obsessive-need to enforce an UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of all people still living on this planet.
How the world reacts to events that are 'about to be' in the next few days shall determine whether or not any of us shall live or die. Now is not the time to turn away; because this is the time to face the Dragons of our Discontent head on: If and only if we are to ever banish the nightmares, and reclaim the full-brilliance of the light of ordinary day!
Libya at this moment is a perfect example of the complete disarray into which the New World Disorder has fallen. Governments from all over the region are racing (At a snails pace), to try and not seem either too aggressive or too disinterested: In the meltdown of Kaddafi, one of their own megalomaniacs, who happens to be having a very public meltdown of his own, amid the total confusion of mercenary-murders interspersed with military forces that Amerrikans have provided Libya with for the entire term of his murderous rein of outright madness. This was allowed to happen because during most of Colonel Kaddafi's light & shadow show; we had no particular need for whatever the madman was claiming that he 'owned.' Now with every country in that region in some form of revolt, rebirth or outright collapse-it has suddenly become imperative that "we" (the former powers that were) at least "appear" to know what we're doing.
However it is clear from the number of Libyans' that the world has allowed Kaddafi to slaughter (so-far) that private-corporate-interests don't know what to do. So the solution now being offered typically includes a bit of everything from NO-Fly zones to UN or African Intervention, and probably somewhere in all that crap there will also be sanctions just to punish the Libyan population for daring to challenge the so-called authority of the planet. Each country now in turmoil is different; just as each government tries to hide what has "happened to them" in various shades of deceit, disinformation, and outright lies.
Japan is a great example of the difference between what is actually happening to the six reactors and what they are willing to admit to, for global consumption. However that MELTDOWN continues and it will be what it will be regardless of what Japan or anyone else tries to say that it is. Our basic problem now, throughout the world, is the same as it has been since the end of the Second World War and the creation of the Outlaw and Illegal so-called state of Israel: Everyone in authority, anywhere, lies. That is nothing new: But what is intolerable is that when LIES become the only "TRUTH" that any authority allows its people to have: Then "everybody knows" that it is long past time for those corrupted-criminal organizations to be criminally charged, prosecuted and replaced.
Our problem now is with our own war-criminals throughout our entire government, including Obama and all of his Zionist henchmen and women. We must stop "playing with these people", including the outrageously fascistic governors and legislators throughout this country that are trying to eliminate this nation, one state at a time, under a threadbare and disaster-ridden cloak of simulated authority-as if people cannot tell the difference between laws that are passed legally & correctly and what they have done in Wisconsin; which was an outright legislative takeover that shattered the very laws these reptilian-politicians are supposedly there to enforce and "protect."
The people of Wisconsin held their demonstrations; voiced their dissatisfactions: but when the so-called government spit in their collective faces ­ they DID NOTHING about that. They were there in the heart of the government of the State of Wisconsin: WHY did they not follow the signing of an illegally passed and signed piece of legislation, with a very public arrest of the so-called Governor and of all the Senators that illegally voted on that meaningless piece of trash which gave away the rights of the people of Wisconsin to private interests-just because they could? When the public was THERE and apparently chose to DO NOTHING further; then the fact is the Dark-Forces won the day, and all the future days that will follow: Until the Public physically removes those people from public office (in every state as well as the nation) and charges them with the horrific crimes they have each committed!
If one-hundred thousand people cannot accomplish this, when they were already occupying the entire Capitol City; then that has to be because of the FAILURE of the public-will to stand in real OPPOSTION to the evil that has taken over the entire nation. Hell it's no wonder 'people' are confused; but then when LIES become the ONLY-TRUTH around: What more can anyone expect? Here's the whole PACK of LIES in one place; easy to understand, but it will take over two whole hours for you to view it and a lot longer for you to digest what these massive and far-reaching lies actually mean in "your world and for your future-or the lack thereof." (1)
This article marks the passing of the nine-hundredth time I have tried to get people to listen to the truth behind the events, or to ask any of the necessary questions which so many still refuse to do. Yesterday I finally figured out why so many are simply unconcerned about the WHY of anything today. This 'happens' apparently, because questions have to do with "being free to ask them," but when one is already enslaved-the reasons not only do NOT matter-the "questions" themselves actually become a sore point to be avoided at all costs. People who have already unconditionally SURRENDERED to the tyranny and treasons which this place now represents to the world ­ are already dead to themselves first and foremost; so why would they care at all about any reasons to behave otherwise!
But most of all, deep down in that place where the real Dreamslayers live, even the-walking-dead 'know' they have chosen profits over freedom; war over truth, and corruption over light: Because for them there is no longer any "promise" there are only the shadows of complicity that care-not for anything to do with the reality of either the heart or the human-spirit, which they cynically-eliminated early-on, to make room for more greed and greater "PROFITS" in what they and their idiot-friends call "LIFESTYLE."
May these cowards burn in their own form of whatever they might call 'HELL on earth or elsewhere' ­ FOREVER!
1) War by Deception ­ video

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