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The Narrative Continues
Jim Kirwan
This is an extension of "Continuing a Narrative."(1)
FEAR sits paralyzed atop her aggressive side which shows us the sheer beauty and possibilities of inner-COURAGE, as she leaps across the inner eye of mind to that undefined place where 'life' begins.
This is that place that has stripped the American public of the charade that has tried to conceal itself beneath our disingenuous quest to find "absolute security" in absolute SURRENDER. Yet all that we have succeeded in doing to ourselves, whether as a people or as individuals, has been to come to know the even greater FEAR of all the UNKNOWNS that are now literally tearing this world apart in 2011.
This is what we have done to ourselves and of course we cannot see the mind-chains that have imprisoned us in the terrors that we still cannot define-because that too continues to play its part in the absolute isolation, that so many intensely feel, throughout these days and nights of torment, for all those decisions that too many of us REFUSED to make. . .
Because we have chosen isolation, we have left the field of conscious-actionto those that who never let any crisis go to waste. The result has been this multi-dimensional War-upon-the-World where only military-muscle seems to matter; because diplomacy has become just another whore for false-flag-governments to use in their race to end this world as quickly and with as much death as possible. Yet no matter how hard these Barbarians have tried to be, in their continuing quest against Nature & Life upon this planet-they cannot escape the Natural Laws surrounding RISE & FALL; because it's everywhere and can be seen by anyone in every ocean wave, whether the water itself is polluted or not.
In doing what we've done, we opened the no-longer metaphorical "Gates of Hell on Earth" when we granted the Nazi-sympathizing clan of the Bush Dynasty a License to Kill (the world) back in 2002. (2)
Then we compounded that CRIME against nature and the World by adding to it through DECEPTION & global SABOTAGE. (3)
Which has brought us to this point where, what we have allowed to happen previously has now created a global-computer-virus, that first infected Iran's nuclear programs, and then managed to infect the Japanese Nuclear Plants that are currently in total meltdown. However until now we have refused to see that such a program, which could easily already be inside American Nuclear generating sites; not only has the capacity to destabilize those American reactors: But once begun, this Israeli-American piece of treachery and massive-global-death, could forever alter the entire eco-system of the planet in favor of DEATH over LIFE.
Since 911 literally hundreds of films and stories have been circulated throughout American media of all types, but film & video in particular, that purport to deal with totally fictional but colossally deadly 'ATTACKS" upon our soil (that have NOTHappened): Yet, now when the entire nuclear generation system is potentially about to be, or has already been SABOTAGED-then these same sources tell us that: "Hey there's no problem, no problem at all, no worries be happy ­ everything (nuclear) is under control!"
This cynical-criminal act must be seen against a backdrop of the perverts at TSA sexually molesting babies and children, while they put their hands into the pants of the parents, and are massaging everyone's genitals while supposedly looking for BOMBS. TSA's crimes go on every hour of the day and night; While the real crimes that involve polluting the air, the water and the rain with deadly iodine, tellurium and cesium, which is now coming down with the rain in Berkeley and Northern California "NOW" is just beginning. Yet somehow this is not something that anyone should actually be concerned about-even though this will kill a large number of people everywhere? Watch the video and make up your own mind. (4)
America once prided itself on our ability to keep ourselves free to succeed in as many ways as it was humanly possible to imagine. We unofficially worshipped "SUCCESS." What we ended up getting with our national reluctance to condemn our criminal-society at any level, has resulted in the imprisonment of our "FAILURE" to have or maintain any control at all; over anything we might choose to do from speech to thought-crimes we have almost totally been captured like this image-under-glass: While we continue to pretend that we still have the ability of 'Break-out' of our self-created prisons, like the upside down image of SUCCESS, who waits beneath our 'FAILURES.'
The multiplicity of levels in this global WAR-on-the-WORLD have continued to increase, in direct and inverse-proportion to our continued silence, concerning everything that we have allowed these privateers to do to all of us.
It is as if we are all helpless in the face of every threat they have so ruthlessly flung directly in our faces. This is NOT going to just fade away. Our so-called government is GONE. Our World is now facing the exact same kind of threats that we failed to control nationally. Damnit people; is there no end to cowardice, or to your complicit silence that is now facing nuclear annihilation? If what is happening now is not total-surrender, then nothing is!
1) Continuing a Narrative
2) The 2002 Bush Doctrine Triumphant!
3) Shadows of Sabotage
4) Stuxnet, Japan Division (Michael Rivero) ­ video
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