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Lust, Greed & Indifference
Equals Chaos Theory

By Jim Kirwan
New Ideas are forming in the Aftermath of the Uprisings. The Law of Chaos is about to help us all reshape the governments of world, as well as our own individual lives. Above is an oil sketch that was never used, but which attempts to reflect some portion of 'the writhings of the human heart' wherein chaos theory brings 'order out of chaos' to create something wholly new and unexpected in the world. If ever there was a time for going beyond the fractals of Chaos Theory to get to the new elements of motion and a new world premise: Then maybe this is it.
"According to James Gleick, author of Chaos: Making a New Science, chaos theory is "a revolution not of technology, like the laser revolution or the computer revolution, but a revolution of ideas. This revolution began with a set of ideas having to do with disorder in nature: from turbulence in fluids, to the erratic flows of epidemics, to the arrhythmic writhing of a human heart in the moments before death. It has continued with an even broader set of ideas that might be better classified under the rubric of complexity."" (1)
With every passing day it becomes clearer to even the most isolated Amerrikans that US Inc. is up to its eyeballs in the filth that is being rejected in place after place around the world. In every account from anywhere all can see Amerrikan military uniforms, Amerrikan military hardware, from side-arms through all the latest hand-held weaponry, to vehicles, tanks, jeeps, helicopters and aircraft, as well as predator drones that kill anonymously from the air: All of that is licensed or made in Amerrika and the profits earned thereby have been the entire point behind Cheney's never-ending wars-upon-the-world.
There is a law that absolutely FORBIDS the use of the American-weapons we have sold by the boatload to so many nations around the world, but to Israel in particular. That law forbids the use of any military weapons in any offensive way: They can only be used defensively-who could possibly still insist; that US weapons are not being used offensively in Palestine, in Libya, and around the world to maintain the continuance of so many repressive-regimes that are now being overthrown?
Some believe that we could have won the War on Iraq as well as the War on Afghanistan militarily but that this was purposely not done; because the point of both invasions was not to win but to keep those oh-so-generous secret-no-bid contracts coming. These same people say that the creation and continuance of these contracts were the real reason that we chose to go to war in the first place. However without the convenience of 911 such choices could never have had the chance to create all the illegal-war-profiteering that has made the very-special-few so very much richer. These are the same people that failed to notice that "Shock & Awe," the official name for our Attack upon Baghdad, was called "Shekinah." Why was this Amerrikan Attack named for a Hebrew concept? This term is a play on the Hebrew word Shekinah. The Shekinah is known as the "divine whirlwind" or "divine presence." The blitzkrieg-bombing of Baghdad was hardly "divine" by any standard; especially since there was no legitimate legal foundation for any-attack, according to everyone that investigated the subject.
People across the globe have known for many decades now that US National Security Interests are not what USI claims they are. In the streets of every third-world nation the conversation is always political-because they know that their very lives depend on how well informed they are about what might be brewing in the basements of the Zionist-Pentagon and the underground combat-centers of MI-5 and MI-6, Mossad, and CIA; none of which have any interest in keeping anyone in the third world alive. Simultaneously, in this place, the population here seems indifferent to all the blood and death; as well as the starvation and thirst that are actually paying for our life-style with the blood and slavery of the world's poorest places. "We" have been doing that for longer than most yuppies have been upon this earth. Here are some lyrics from a song by Krista Branch called "I AM AMERICA" that puts these crimes in much stronger terms.
'Potential Kings sit on their Thrones
Don't seem to know of all the peasants below
I've got some news, We're taking the names.
We're waiting now for Judgment Day
I am America,
One voice, United we stand,
I am America,
One hope to heal our land
This is the work that must be done,
I will not rest until we've won,
I am America
You preach your tolerance
But lecture me;
Is there no end to your hypocrisy!
Your god is power, you have no shame,
Your only interest is political gain,
You hide your eyes and refuse to listen,
You play your games and abuse the system,
You stuff your pockets while Rome is burning,
I've got a feeling that the tide is turning!
I will not give up on this fight,
I will not fade into the night,
I am American.' (2)
The words of the song are not true-yet. But they could be, if most of us come to the only conclusion possible, which is that the people of all stripes that are the global-population deserve to have the chance to own and run their own lives: Despite what the so-called elites have planned for each and every one of us. The elites have owned us, like livestock, ever since we allowed land-ownership to become the final arbiter over real wealth and any future prosperity. This actually began with the Pharaoahs' of ancient Egypt.
The world was promised a "peace dividend" at the end of the Cold War. The elites stole that promise by creating their own new-enemy for the whole earth: GLOBAL TERRORISM. This was done to insure that instead of allowing the people of the planet to grow and prosper; they would begin their genocides, not of just particular places and peoples-but of the entire world.
Their "farms" where we are nothing but cattle to be slaughtered, could have been crushed by real-prosperity for all of us. What is not widely reported is that technology (had we been allowed to clean up and improve the earth and its people instead we chose to develop weapons of war unending); we could have allowed the population of the earth to be five times the size it is now: With clean water, plenty of food and space for everyone on the planet. So, to prevent our numbers from becoming "unmanageably larger" they decided to murder four-fifths of the planet's existing-population: To make the world safe for the GLOBAL- CORPORATOCRACY, the highway-robbery of the global bankers and the very special privileges of the hidden-elites that have been running this charade since the ancient days of the Pharaohs.
Actually from their point-of-view turning whole nations into Road-Kill is the only way that they can manage to retain control, over their human-farms, that the rest of us thought were nation-states.
This is what the just-beginning up-risings are threatening them with: The actual end of the so-called "New World Order." We must all eventually come to see that no religious or political affiliation, anywhere, ought to be able to dictate terms for the ability to live, or the conditions of our lives, that result in death-by-any-means possible. That is true freedom FROM any Government-anywhere, as well as from ordinary outlaws in every part of the world.
This attitude of ours goes beyond-our-cynical indifference to the problems thus created and this is what has marked Amerrikans for who we have become; and has created the labels of GREED and global-blood-lust that while mostly unspoken, are nevertheless very much a part of the uprisings that continue to change the face of the world. USI & the Zionists have been fighting and killing the residents of Afghanistan for ten years and of Iraq for over 20 years: The World knows just how many of those maimed, tortured, displaced and murdered have been directly due to Amerrikan-Zionist Aggression.
The people everywhere, most directly affected, will "never-forget" who did this to them or the price which the survivors continue to pay for our arrogant-criminality in these massive WAR-CRIMES that we continue to commit each and every minute that we remain in these illegally-occupied nations that we attacked, without any actual probable-cause and contrary to all international laws.
Our so-called 'democratic form of representation' around the world has been raped and tortured beyond recognition. And just as with any rape-victim: Once "innocence" has been so violently destroyed, the victim can never go back to being innocent again. Ergo, the world needs to listen to the spiraling possibilities inherent in Chaos Theory to find new ways to live in this war-torn place with dignity and promise once again. If we cannot do that; or if we insist on retaining all these inbred hatreds and massive contradictions between what we all know ought to happen; versus the games of illicit-power and global-greed that have brought us to this very real Edge of Oblivion-then 'hope' is dead and the Hell we've been living in will only deepen!
*) ADDENDUM: Question from a reader
Isn't the " Chaos theory " itself, different than just "lust, geed & indifference"? TRUE!!! . . . the " OWO" and the "NWO" ARE both about lust, greed and indifference and they cause a negative chaos . . . .  BUT, isn't the "Chaos theory" in place in the Universe since creation and NOT intended to be negative or destructive? . . .but rather, isn't "chaos" the way the Universe works to promote more life and new life??
kirwan: Chaos Theory boils down to creating other outcomes from what apparently would otherwise become actual CHAOS. It's one of the great mysteries about all of human life as well as the universal fractal design for all life everywhere. And you're RIGHT  Chaos Theory is "the way the Universe works to promote more life and new life"  SUPERTHANKS Jeanne!  
1) Chaos Theory
2) I Am America ­ video
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