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Letter To Jim Kirwan
Hi Jim,
Well, I dont buy into any of that stuff HAARP, micronukes in the fault, death beams, blah-blah.
What caused this is simple enough.
A resource-poor country with lotsa smart people builds prosperity through nuclear power and tries to beat the devil's bargain by opting out of nuclear weapons, seems like a feasible plan but that's not how Uranium/Plutonium work their evil, its all an evil bargain for power, just different types.
Its all Faustian Bargains, just different types of contracts.
Gee what a deal - cheap power for a few decades then permanent destruction and death.
There is no way to influence in any way the deep portions of a subduction zones, PERIOD the quake was 24 km deep ! Its a huge slab of ocean floor made of basalt, its heavy, it sinks, when it gets deep enough it starts to change, but often quakes before it become plastic and then volcanic again.
These plants are not built right on faults, nor are CA plants, quite the opposite and all efforts were made to keep them as far away from faults as possible, endlessg eology, but of course, it just not far enough.
CA plants are just barely out of range for Valley Quakes to take them out , just barely it actually was distant enough by about 10 miles it was that close to destruction, Oh I tried but the calcs came up just within design standards, 0.66g's pathetic we now know by todays new quake data, but it was just far enough from San Fernando/Northridge. So they let them reopen and turn them back up. I did try and am still trying.
The big quake out here is the one, as it could be over M9 easily and its only 75 miles from SONGS. sure mountains but they are not in the way, that doesnt matter much. So if a quake 120 miles from Fukushima plant can knock tings out, and it may have actually held up pretty well, and it has a 20 foot or so seawall, all seemed within design parameters, except teh tsunami was 30 ft + and when it hit the seawall the wave was increased quite a bit, as we saw from seawall at Sendai, it makes it go even higher ! so it was over 30 feet at teh plant, and just blew most of it bad, and knocked out too many systems all at once.
Control room was lost, generators adn plumbing ?electrical etc, the reators just were left too long without water and partially melted, and now hydrogen blasts off the roofs prefectly, and even less water is getting to core, and it will meltdown soon enough, the steam pressure around the core prevents water from actually filling or touching it, at 2000F +- so superheated steam just doesnt keep it cool enough, it will melt down and blow.
This is not some attack, its not someone's eles's fault, its all our faults, we are the faulty part of this equation, not the subduction zone, nor others, sure we can blame nuclear people, that is correct, but we are the ones who pay for it, we live by it and will die by it. Its not about a blame game now, its about saying your sorry, and I admit I am sorry, i personally gave it my best shots many times over in my life, amazing attempts, at total grave personal risks, but I apologize, I failed over and over. Its all my fault. Its also everyone's everyone who lives by electricity, a little evil bargain in its own right.
It is of absolutely no use to try to blame haarp or death beams or mini nukes or drilling etc, meaningless my friend. Sure a few quakes have been man made but it all comes back around to consumers who live by it and pay for it. Are not the ones who pay for wars responsible?, who pay for mercenaries? who pay for hits? who pay for evil politicians and other stupid stuff??? Dont we all wish to live other than God intended in a nice little garden ? Get up with the sun, dig like a rabbit all day, go to bed at dark? who needs any of this stuff?
No my friend, i dont buy into any of these conspiracy theories on this event, sorry its not science nor reality. I have fought the enemy hand to hand for decades, and the enemy is us.
Semper Wifi
Hi Jim,
As for this HAARP quake connection, it just doenst seem plausible, a billion watts seems too small, and the ionosphere or even the magentosphere seem to have little to do with quakes to me.
It's just an internal earth tectonic process that has its own dynamics, rates and triggers.
Yes it's possible to trigger pretty good quakes with injection drilling right into a fault, OK but that is totally diff than messing with plate tectonics via 'waves' of any sort. I just dont think that the pressures or vibrations are strong enough to trigger even a quake that is primed to go soon.
Rocks just dont seem susceptible to that way. Maybe I am old school, and thinking too mechanically and structural geology, and have actually mapped and examined hundreds of faults and mines, but maybe, its a long shot for sure and would require far more power I think. And Focus?
OK, so they could focus a beam and bounce off ionosphere like a bad radio show, and hit the eight ball in the side pocket, and somehow know exactly where the weakest spot is at those depths that hitting that psot would do this right on schedule? I dont give them that much credit.
As for high bi-refringence chemtrails 400 to over 500 km away from epicenter in the film, well so? We know these colors are 4th order hi bi-refringent minerals, like calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, bauxite,
Ok? so how does that connect to much of anything? These minerals in high altitude smog are a different pollution problem and have no real impact seen so far. none, except a slight decrease in sunlight.
It is speculated that such high reflectivity minerals may be useful for reflection of waves but they are so variable and patchy it takes all day to cook up a chemtrail covered sky via chain reactions.
Haarp seems to be broadcasting mostly at night as I understand, maybe Im wrong not sure, anyway most radio etc is sent out at night to bounce off the ionosphere, and chemtrails seem to fade off by then here at least. It seems to be best cover in afternoons.
Ok, so we are to assume all these things are under control? And used as blackmail or power control etc?
Its been a financial disaster already, their nuclear plants and plans in shambles, nuke stocks plunging, did they have puts? Like 911? I just dont know, Jim, I get itchy when I see everything including the kitchen sink tossed in the mix, and it's so confused and uncertain it all becomes a mind fk or mind control? Fear-mongering is a serious weapon.
People have little science background to assess such rants, it's a growing problem. It is difficult for me to untangle them all, it gets so messed up. So, I know it's real hard for others to hang these ornaments of info on a good tree of knowledge.
You do such a good job of keeping your stories as straight as possible thanks! I cant type well and have a hard time even replying or clarifying, but I try to keep a balance and what makes clear sense and reasonable science.
But then when I show people all the good stuff we can do, its totally shunned, it all bounces off 100% ??? Total cognitive dissonance to all real science and a beautiful life path and plans. Like the garden plans, geez could be the most hated thing online ! people really hate the idea of eating tree leaves or duckweed or dandelions or marijuana or any of the other things on that page, all of it ! every single thing, and even those who could maybe even think about it, shun it quickly in the mad rush of lemmings over the cliffs. Plant trees? seems a silly idea I guess, grow a pond of duckweed? seems stupid, but I might be the last one standing as all other plans are totally bunk and off the mark ! clean water, pure food, total nutrition, symbiosis, lotus blossoms and peace here as the world disintegrates into total fission of mind body and soul.. ???
Steve - I was just telling someone in England that I'm just a few article shy of reaching 900, and yet I've not been able to accomplish anything, or so it seems. Then she said to me the same thing was said about a songwriter that she knew, who said essentialy the same thing to her as well. She thought about the answer that she'd just recieived and said: "Well at least you got to sing those songs!" - just as I will be able to say "well at least I had the chance to write those articles," and I guess that's all that any of us can ever do: "ALL THAT WE CAN DO AND PROBABLY JUST A LITTLE MORE" - BECAUSE THAT'S JUST HOW IT IS SOMETIMES.
So, THANKS AGAIN, Steve for all that you have done at least folr me throughout this long strange nightmare that pretends to pass for days and weeks without any change except to get much, much worse...
Yes it could be too little too late, and I am as pessimistic as I ever have been in my life, it really looks like the end of the northern hemisphere is coming soon. Got duct tape? Maybe it will all blow over soon...Lord Have Mercy
Semper Wifi Steve
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