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Kingdom Of The Khazars
By Jim Kirwan
The Red Shield of the House of Rothschild
"Double-headed eagles have been present in imagery for millennia. The two-headed eagle can be found in the archaeological remains[1] of the Sumerian civilization and through the Hittitecivilization, dating from a period that ranges from the 20th century BC to the 7th century BC." (1)
This much-hated shield refers to its own ancient roots that go back in history to a time when two-headed eagles were as common as the publicly recognized frauds that were always marketing whatever was being stolen from the commoners of each day and time ­ across the known world.
Today, the global reaction to our practices and policies everywhere, are coming home to America, in the form of a rising and raging tide of privatization: Operating in the shadows of a rebellion that is just beginning inside the belly-of-this-ancient greed that fosters only more of its own blood-lusts and ever-more murderous hatreds; for everyone else in the world they seek to own.
Within the stormclouds of impending national-collapse; beneath the national headlines of what is clearly a pretext for "Economic Crisis," the behind-the-lines traitors to America are working feverishly to capitalize on the impending implosion of everything that once belonged to the people of this country. With the razor-wire of corporate privatization literally clearing out swathes of public-resistance, by simply privatizing whole communities, while still angling to do the same thing to a number of cities and whole states under the cloak of 'a need to dump all rights and void all contracts,' in their efforts to supposedly "save America from our wasteful and excessive-ways" by ending any and all spending on every law that was put in place to aid those that cannot survive without public help.
Simultaneously of course; the real thieves and carpet-baggers at the top are of course rewarding themselves with a cascade of new bonuses, and bloated tax-cuts while these same Privateers are screaming for an end to all excessive spending under the slogan: "We must all SHARE the burden, in this time of economic-uncertainty."
The actual creation of this globally-impossible situation was created by the same people that have leveraged all the debts they created from their failures, onto the backs of the global-poor. Simultaneously these corporations that are the backbone of the N.W.O. have also managed to leverage the true costs of all their profiteering-failures back onto the global-public which their global-schemes have devastated: Meanwhile the global-plutocracy continues to rake in trillions through privatized-fraud on a global scale that has never been seen before.
"It's overwhelmingly women who are providing the services that are under attack. Teachers are getting the worst of it. It's not just labor that's under attack it's the services that labor is providing that's under attack. It's health-care, it's education, it's those fundamental care-giving services across the country that are under attack; which could be profitable if they were PRIVATIZED. "Naomi Klein
And beneath it all is the Illuminati and their champion that House of ill repute that the world calls "Rothschild."
In the US we are just beginning to see waves of the now resistant public against these evil attacks upon literally everything that still functions here. Unions have been targeted along with "women" as some kind of un-holy-sacred-cow that according to the extremists 'must be reduced to slavery if the world is to survive.' In almost the same breath, these traitors are also claiming that the totality of civil government is somehow now impeding the ONLY solution which they advocate in this created-crisis of emergency-management; "for the public good." LBJ's 'War on Poverty' was supposed to have done all this before, but it failed miserably: Succeeding only in providing America with an entirely new establishment of state-controlled poverty czars and bureaucrats that turned real-poverty into just another mountain of red tape and a variety of slushfunds that paved the way for Gingrich and his "shutting down the US government" under his rubric of his "Contract on America!"
With all of Europe as the forerunner: Today's American Resistance is happening only because: "This time (the elites) went too far. The reason people won't take it (this time) is because it is not "shared pain." The PAIN is not being shared equally. The people who created the crisis in the first place are NOT sharing the pain. And the INJUSTICE of this response is just SO BLATANT, this isn't just any 'economic crisis' this tactic has worked! It is really easy to use any economic crisis: In the nineties when Newt Gingrich was Speaker it was possible for him to argue that the source of the economic crisis really was entitlement programs. You cannot do that in this moment in history; because everybody understands that this crisis was created on Wall Street. It was created through speculation and greed and a decision was made to bail out the bankers with public money and to pass the bill onto the public. [This was done repeatedly through at least six bailouts] And they're seeing the bonuses back, they're seeing the outrageous salaries and the corporations are not paying their taxes and it's just "TOO UNJUST!" NK
The treason comes in what is being offered to us as the only thing possible to do during this pretext for the Economic Crisis that is here.
PRIVATIZE- EVERYTHING! Sparing no existing law and no individual person or institution; untilAmerica itself is nothing more than a very private and a vastly imperial-corporate-state.
This has always been the goal, and the creators of it have always been those household names in 'American Business,' who have now become corporate leaders under the Red-Shield of Rothschild who will become the new owners of you and I and of everyone else that doesn't die in this coup. The ultimate insult is that these coup organizers are trying to present themselves as the only saviors that can be followed in this coming time of 'want and desperation.'
"The issue is this backhanded attempt to use a crisis to centralize power, to subvert democracy to avoid public debate; to say we have no time for democracy, it's just too messy, it doesn't matter what you want we have no choice we just have to ram it through. And we're seeing this in sixteen states." Naomi Klein. (2)
Too many Americans have failed to understand, in depth, just how insidious all of this really is. Ask anyone in Latin America or the Middle-East or the Far-East about what is happening here. Those people have been waiting, not too patiently, for the people of the USA to join them in this fight which they've been tirelessly fighting now since the end of WWII. This 'tool of totalitarian power' was 'Made in the USI, to be used viciously everywhere else first: In order to perfect its abilities to conquer and subdue anyone or any group that might oppose them when they began to use it here (which was the final part of their global-plan for privatized-world-government).
The reason, in part for allowing the uprisings to begin in the Middle-East was in-part to distract us from what they thought would be another cake-walk here in the stripping of United States citizens of the last vestiges of what makes any nation viable: Our freedoms and our national rights under the now long-dead US constitution.
But with Libya and Yemen heading toward heavier military resistance and Saudi Arabia about to become consumed with an actual revolt: The stakes, both over here and over there, just got a whole lot bigger and a whole lot less predictable since our military resources [despite their unimaginable size] are still not bottomless!
This is the moment for the global public to "Seize This Moment" to roll back the Empire wherever it has chosen to put it's blood-stained boots-and then began to press them on every front simultaneously from Tripoli to Madison, from Cairo to California and beyond: Because this global-grab is more than vulnerable, it's entering its own final chapter. It's time to behead the double-headed eagles wherever they have chosen to reside. Beginning now we should no longer give even one more dime to Zionist Israel that has acted as the hunter's predatory beast throughout the entire charade of this Old-World-Order that must be terminated. It's time for the ordinary people of this planet to take it ALL back and to do it NOW! (3)
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2) Naomi Klein on Anti-union Bills & the Shock Doctrine
3) Take it back, Take it All Back
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