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Frequencies Rule!
Jim Kirwan
Whether we're talking about the world or the Universe, "Frequencies" rule everything, always have and always will!
Whenever anyone tries to think about the future amid the chaos that daily-life has become today there is something technical that can help us all understand what is really at issue. Everything in this universe has a 'frequency,' and it is these frequencies or in layman's terms "vibrations" that rule over everything that happens. In this world where disease and infections are commonplace along with some of the worst nightmares that anyone could ever have; Being aware of this little-known fact can make a huge difference in each and every life.
"Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition
(San Francisco) ­ Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated "Mushroom Cloud" Atomic Bombs is two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945." (1)
Does this mean that people will begin dropping like flies before the end of next week? NO. Does this mean that we are all doomed? No. There are exceptions to everything, even to radioactive-poisoning. What this does require is a heightened AWARENESS of the vibrations and the frequencies that have been disturbed by the arrogant activities of some among the supposedly human-species: Mostly the elites & their ridiculous followers who dream of owning everything on this earth.
I have always taken care of myself, with very little assistance from what we so loosely refer to as modern-medicine. I did require a bit of help when I broke my neck at 15 years of age-which was probably necessary; but beyond that and the early years where I seemed to have a tendency to try and crack so many different bones in my body; until I discovered that much of that was just about growing up. As an adult, with too little money to "invest" in insurance, I took on the task myself; anyone can do it if you just pay attention to what your body will tell you about the current state of your own health. Traditional medicine today has lost this natural ability (due mainly to over-specialization). Anyhow; the point is that once you establish a working relationship with your own body; ninety-percent of all the questions (problems) which you discover within yourself can be taken care of by a combination of personal-attentiveness, common-sense and a willingness to deal with whatever it is yourself.
A lot of my friends do not believe in this method: It tends to be much too far-out, to their own points of view. So they listen to others, to doctors and bosses, as well as to the system and they do manage to get sick. I've been self-employed for over three-quarters of my seventy-plus years of life; so I've become accustomed to making my own decisions about virtually everything in that life, health included. I discovered early on the need for "letting-go." Whenever anything makes me angry, seriously furious; I simply respond directly to the source of that anger. Whenever that is done then the body does not have to deal with the on-going frustration of trying not to let this fury out. That is what causes most of the various diseases that we are all routinely-exposed-to. All you need to do is just "outlaw" whatever everyone else is coming down with-it's as simple as that: Provided that you truly mean it!
Decades later I discovered that everything has its own frequency and whenever that frequency is interrupted or changed there is often hell-to-pay! It's true on both the personal or the public levels of awareness. What is going on now with the obscenities coming from Fukushima and other places thanks to DU, determines a huge amount of the number and kinds of things that most humans suffer from on a regular basis. For instance the political situation wherein no one is allowed to meet with more than one other person without being subjected to scans for weapons (inSan Francisco). This can easily create unmanageable circumstances for a whole lot of people-ordinary people who have done nothing to warrant this kind of subjective intrusion into their daily lives.
"San Francisco's Entertainment Commission will soon be considering a jaw-dropping attack on privacy and free assembly. Here are some of the rules the Commission may adopt for any gathering of people expected to reach 100 or more:
3. All occupants of the premises shall be ID Scanned (including patrons, promoters, and performers, etc.). ID scanning data shall be maintained on a data storage system for no less than 15 days and shall be made available to local law enforcement upon request.
4. High visibility cameras shall be located at each entrance and exit point of the premises. Said cameras shall maintain a recorded data base for no less than fifteen (15 days) and made available to local law enforcement upon request.
Would you recognize a police state if you lived in one? How about a police city? The First Amendment right to peaceably assemble takes a big step back when your identity data and appearance are captured law enforcement to use at whim simply because you showed up." (2)
My solution would be to avoid such meetings in the first place; which was possible with TSA as they were initially only physically-intrusive at airports. So I don't fly. Now however the latest version of this is being brought to us all via mobile VIPER units that can and will begin to do the above scans on people at random for no particular reason. Most of this was outlined here in a series of articles I wrote about this problem back at the first of the year when San Francisco chose to PRIVATIZE CIVIC CENTER. (3)
The public lost that fight which was not voted on in public, and which was rigged from the beginning; but no one listened or cared enough to keep watching ­ so now just three months after that landmark CRIME-we have this new addition to being-alive inside San Francisco. . . just as what I envisioned would happen. So now yet another page of OUTLAWED behaviors have been added to all the other nanny-rules and regulations that citizens of this city must now suffer from: All because we lost the courage to just say NO!
This by-the-way is what is wrong with so-called 'democracy.' Because in reality it means "mob-rule." And when the mob believes the criminals that sit in all those offices of the POLICE-STATE, this is what you get along with no protection from either the law or the government for those that disagree. Violence by the police against the public must be met with resistance in all its many forms; beginning with avoidance.
This "program" will continue until there is a real backlash from those of us that are genuinely outraged and who not simply go-quietly into this FORBIDDEN-TERRITORY where human rights no longer apply! Not everyone in this country believes in the fairy-tale of "national-security-interests of the USI. Some of us will fight this; regardless of the odds. And then things might well begin to really-change. But until that happens, everything will only get worse because the thugs are messing with the frequencies of nature and that simply cannot continue to happen; if there is to be life-at-all in this place.
The point here is that no member of the public can survive for long as a labeled-enemy of the state; especially when the charge is ridiculous upon its face. Add to that, that most of those in uniform are felons, perverts or just common criminals being paid to do what they do best which is to intimidate and beat up on anyone they can find that will not resist them. Somehow we managed to allow these lowest of the low to become "officers" within our very ownOUTLAW STATE, where the only crimes punishable are those committed by the law-abiding against the mindless rules and regulations of this fascist state. (4)
All of this new governmental behavior is foreign to the natural frequencies that every society must live (or die) by. So each and every one of us must begin to become aware of the vibrations in the air; as well as the Medieval rules of the false-flag state - that were last publicly applied during the Spanish Inquisition. . .
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FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs : Veterans Today
2) Surveillance San Francisco Style
3) San Francisco The Death of Civic Center
4) Open Letter to Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops
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