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People Without Dreams
By Jim Kirwan
Strip away all the political and social 'add-ons' that we live with as we try to survive in this completely broken world and at the end of the day we are all just 'people.' What does that mean? It means that within every person, regardless of race or religion, ethnicity or gender, there is a tremendous capacity for the unbidden-dreams that make life worth living. This is not about what happens in the subconscious while one sleeps; rather it is about that intuitive-yearning for freedom that walks with everyone who seeks a better world: Not in some 'faraway-tomorrow' but in the everyday world of "today."
What began with Tunisia and has moved into Egypt and beyond; has now reached into the belly-of-the-beast-masters of raw-Capitalism: The old USA. Capitalism itself has become the Dreamslayer of the world: And without real and personal dreams there can be no life-left in those that are in theory, still alive.
The enemy of all of us has always been the Apathy which ultimately gets wrapped in the spider's-silk that allows us to become just paralyzed- roadkill, waiting to be devoured by raw and unchecked Capitalism, anywhere in the world today. This global revolt against that all-consuming brand of Capitalism is still growing because what is really at stake are the real and potent DREAMS of every man and woman; anywhere in the world today.
Thanks to Libya and Iraq today, we can begin to see the inner layers of the nightmare as the uprising continues to challenge those that know the time has come for taking RISKS! In Libya the Dreamslayer is returning with the promised intervention by Western-military forces that still seek only more of the same that we brought to the wider-world. With our invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq; in addition to the longer simmering fires in Palestine, Pakistan, Lebanon, and to a lesser extent Yemen and Saudi-Arabia; it is clear that we still seek, global dominance at any price. The first casualties of this war have always been the people that have resisted, anywhere: But who have now taken the personal and vibrant initiative that could lead billions out of bondage. (1)
In Iraq what we see today are a captive and imprisoned people still in the middle of opposing their own captivity; rising yet again in league with Egyptians and Tunisians to add their voices to the international-Cry-of-Freedom everywhere. A protest within a twenty-year long war that is itself one the most illustrative-examples of why belligerent and militarily-enforced rulers can never succeed in the end. Truly this is a bizarre new twist on an ages-old problem. This 'twist' is being added to by protests here in Wisconsin, in Ohio and in Indiana which will soon be added to by other states where the 'super-glue of naked-greed' has begun to lose its absolute grip upon this dying nation. "Kafkaesque" has become something of a guiding principle wherever Capitalism and corrupted state power have combined their 'forces' to crush the same people they actually NEED, to continue their own race toward national oblivion.
Corporations; despite all the illegally-conferred "rights" they have artificially acquired; are not and can never be "people." Corporations develop 'plans' and are infected by monomaniacal lusts; but they can never DREAM the dreams of the living-they can only smash and destroy in their current­quest to leave behind their scorched-earth-policies that seek-only to kill nearly five billion people worldwide. That is not a dream: That is the Global-Nightmare that all of us must work together to defeat!
Here are three short-videos. The first two have to do with "Where Are the Handcuffs" for the financial crimes committed in the last eleven years: The third video is an overview of CFR and the particular way in which membership in that organization has been used to by-pass the "isms & ists" - to not only shape US policy but to define what gets published anywhere in the world today." (2)
The nearly invisible contributor to all of the real-problems we have today has always been the false-dichotomy of the leading political parties inside USI. Going back over their entire history, at least since the end of WWII they have been responsible for hollowing out this country-from a nation where dialogue and differences were 'possible,' to a place where only one point-of-view can now be tolerated. When the UN was formed; one of the major points in creating that supposedly international organization was to create an international "institution," to officially be able to sanction the totally criminal-creation of "Israel" as a legitimate state, among the nation-states of the world: Dirty-Harry-Truman was the Zionist that made both the UN and Israel, not just possible, but on Truman's-watch both of these crimes took place! (3)
There is one other almost completely overlooked causality in this the entire question of public-education; which is part of the Governor-of-Wisconsin's demands to severely impact public-education in Wisconsin. For decades public-education has been little more than a cadaver pretending to educate our children and young adults. I say pretending because the whole purpose behind "education is NOT to just teach courses, but to teach students "how to learn" about anything they choose to study. Of course this is exactly the opposite of everything that began with Reagan and Bush, and has been furthered by Obamanation to actually ELIMINATE this most crucial core-value. Without a complete understanding of the need to know "HOW TO LEARN" the entire point of acquiring any knowledge about anything is meaningless.
That is why the nation was forced to politically-adopt "No Child Left Behind," because the only way they could eliminate the need for teachers to concentrate on teaching their students "how to learn" was to refocus every effort into the cul-de-sac of "teaching to tests." These "tests" are used to skew the efforts of real teachers and in most cases have ended any real possibilities for anyone attempting to go through-the-system to obtain any real knowledge that would have improved lives in the long-run. This too, of course, will never get any attention in the financial-battle over how to continue to fund education in any form that is currently accepted. inside US Incorporated (USI).
This is also why so many Amerrikans are so completely unprepared to deal with anything that does not come with rules and guidelines: And neither legitimate revolutions nor the public's demands for the actual freedom to decide anything for themselves; has ever come with an instruction manual!
We must end the DREAM-SLAYERS and begin to believe again in who we are as people-because that is the only thing that has ever enabled success in anyone's real life. This is also the only real way to end this massively-criminal dependence upon the criminal-organizations that only exist to end our lives-and will never help any people, anywhere, to be free (of them entirely). The N.W.O. has begun to try to reverse this global-Uprising in order to continue with business as usual (universal-USURY), by trying to use yet another unilateral and illegal invasion and occupation (this time in Libya). To take control of yet another oil-rich-state while frustrating the continued spread of liberation just as it has begun to cause Saudi-Arabia and other states in the region to panic. The surest way to end this practice is to end the power of the Dreamslayers here: By ending global-capitalism and corporatism as a legally-viable pursuit; anywhere on earth. (4)
Now is the time to intensify and expand public demands around the world and keep the pressure on the every aspect of the New World Order and the International-Criminal-Corporations that are funding those that want to kill us all.
1) US Government is Silent on Deadly Iraqi Crackdown
2) Organization Chart of the Shadow Government
3) Take it Back, Take it ALL Back ­ The Second Footnote:
4) Peace and Justice Movement Should Oppose US led Intervention in Libya

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