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Destroying The Liars And The Lies
By Jim Kirwan
In the 1600's the centers of power in Europe that had been the Cathedrals were still symbolic of the massive-criminality of "the Church" in Europe. This is a detail from "Explosion in a Cathedral" that was attributed to MonsaDesiderio, and was published in Art in America, by Newsweek © 1966 in something called "The Grand Eccentrics." It is being used here as a reminder that 'corrupt-power always corrupts absolutely' and will always lose in the end because where there is no character there can be no moral compass. US Inc. represents the forces of arrogant-corruption today that are held together by 'Lies, Lies and Lots More Lies' and their temples today are the Banks and the Federal Reserve which ought to follow what happened to the symbolic-Cathedral above.
When this particular battle began for me, in this War-upon-The-World, USI and the Zionists had apparently already convinced the world of 2001, that they and they alone represented the sole military, financial, social and political powers that would soon 'Rule-the-Planet.' Millions of us disagreed with this lie, emphatically! In refuting these lies, billions upon billions of articles have appeared world-wide from a loose association of those that have fiercely opposed this farce from the beginning.
First we were all told by a slothful and willfully ignorant population that we (the outspoken) could not be right, or that we were conspiracy-nuts, idiots, or accomplices of the enemies of the United States. All of that has successfully been refuted; time after time, to the point that the truth is now 'out-there' for those capable of asking questions, and then actually reading what is available to anyone that will seek real answers to any question-but especially to this one: "WHY have we declared war upon the world"?
This situation has remained in place since 2002 and yet the public has remained silent until very recently. But now, with the shattering of bricks in the many walls of separation, one by one, between the lies and the truth: The Amerrikan public has begun the process of finally accepting that US Incorporated is part of the globally-criminal establishment that is attempting to hold all people hostage to the dictates of this illicit global-police-state. The time has come to join the Rolling-Revolution in North Africa and to follow where they have been leading us. Tomorrow will mark the first-month-anniversary of the uprising inEgypt. Look what was done in just four weeks; while we have spent over fifty years in self-absorbed complacency; that has nearly finished off this once-proud nation. Remember this New World Order was supposed to be ABSOLUTE and unchallengeable by anyone, anywhere: Except that it turns out that now it is being challenged everywhere by ordinary people that are willing to put their lives on the line for freedom. What about us?
The countries that are leading this have been enslaved for upwards of thirty years-and they've had enough. We have been enslaved far longer but have not quite yet chosen to even notice our chains until now. (Wisconsin, Ohio andIndiana).
If' we remain SILENT & COMPLACENT about exactly how our money is has been wastefully spent: Then there can no longer be any automatic sign-off on any budgetary or policy issue in the USA: Because those that have been doing this for the last 50 years have always made the WRONG choices. And it is our policies that are killing us as well as millions of others around the world, in war upon war, and with crime upon crime-unending!
The only way to END the LIES is to remove those that are LYING!
Compare & Contrast
Obamanation has a huge problem on his hands now; because of all his lies to date. Libya, or more precisely Gaddafi, has become rabidly violent; slaughtering his supposed countrymen at will using massive-overkill to try and stay afloat. Today Obama is talking about no-fly zones over Libya, and global condemnation for the heinous crimes of mass murder and the very public-slaughter of his own people. However he can't do what the world is demanding that we do-which is to use force to free the Libyans from the continuing war-crimes which Gaddafi is committing.
The reason Obama refuses to act is that then he would have to explain to the world; why he and virtually all his presidential predecessors have allowed Israel to do what they have done - to Palestine: Because that is exactly what the world is so strongly objecting to inside Libya-while at the same time Israel has been given a pass to massacre any people that they choose to invade, anywhere in the world. This subject just cannot become TOPIC ONE, because we are eyeball deep in every international-war-crime that Zionist Israel has committed; and we have never chosen to explain why Israel gets a pass on international charges of Crimes Against Humanity, War-Crimes, torture, or the continuing slaughter of children as "Enemies of Israel."
Obama must explain this mega-lie, and we must demand that the United States take the actions required to save lives in Libya and Palestine. Of course this won't happen but the LIES will be exposed, one more time!
"Press TV: The international activist and former US marine is now with us live from Gaza to share his thoughts with us. Ken, thanks for joining us. I just want to go now to the global and international reactions that the events in Libya have been attracting, and the role of the UN in Security Council. Now let's focus on the role of the United States first. The White House spokesman is calling for the respect of the rights of citizens, saying Washington will work with the international community to speak with one voice in condemning the violence. That is all they have been saying: to condemn the violence. We are not hearing anything about the humanitarian situation, the issue of diplomacy, and the issue of a democratic state in Libya and of course human rights. What do you think?
O'Keefe: I am really looking forward to the day when the hypocrisy of the United States is not even allowed to be spread over the airwaves. For the United States to keep talking about respect for human rights is beyond absurd, as they are at least 1 million and a half dead people in Iraq who committed no crime except for having oil under their feet and military bases as part of the full spectrum dominance agenda. How many people have died in Afghanistan and Pakistan? It's impossible to tell. The hypocrisy is beyond acceptable.
The United States as well all know propped up brutal dictatorships around the world, and is continuing to fund and take care of its buddy Saudi Arabia and all sorts of dictators throughout history over the last several decades. So why would we even listen to what the United States says and take it seriously? There is nothing but perversion, bribery and tyranny behind the United States. That brings us to Egypt which I know the one billion plus dollars in bribe money that is going to Egypt is going to try and make sure that the revolution in Egypt does not end up serving the will of the people. So let's not take the United States seriously. They have no credibility at all. None." (1)
The War-on-Terror was broadcast worldwide with logos and theme music by the thoroughly corrupt slaves of corporate journalism. The same was true of both times we attacked Iraq (even though in fact that was all the same war which began in 1991). Those state-sponsored 'WARS' are still continuing. In Afghanistan it's been ten years: In Iraq it's been over 20 years; and we are actually no closer to victory now, in either country, than we were before the wars began. Of course we have undeclared wars going on in Pakistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and other places-but all of that is now being called into question by the last four weeks of actual successes that came from the hearts & minds of people in formerly puppet-states who simply have had enough!
'Amerrika" has the world's most massive armed force; every conceivable weapon and technology has been used and abused in our efforts to defeat two very poor and very conflicted countries ­ and for twenty years now we have been getting our ass kicked: Not because our forces can't fight; but because our politicians will not allow these "wars" to ever end! What does that say about those that are demanding absolute loyalty on the battlefield; while at the same time knowing that everyone in a US uniform is nothing more than what Henry Kissinger so callously called "Dumb Animals" that are just there to be used to carry out his polices of genocide and mass murder from Southern Africa and Indonesia all the way to Chile; and lots of other smaller places in-between. Who is going to be held accountable for the now over 75,000 dead Americans and the well over a million and a half disabled? (2)
In one instance alone we lost over 300 dead on the same day: Their names and rank are published in this article. If this had been made public the war would have ended the following day (back in 2006) and that's why you have probably not heard about this particularly "BAD NEWS" from the totally censored front-lines of this lie-packed war. Just imagine how many more have died NEEDLESSLY since the cover-up of Forward Base Falcon happened. That would be five years of casualties and disabled people that did not need to even be in Iraq or anywhere else at all!Why have we not PROSECUTED Cheney, Rumsfeld & Bush for this CRIME against their own serving troops?!? (3)
I keep on thinking of how many people repeatedly have assured us that "'There is 'no way' that anything could possibly ever be done about these lying bastards" Well it looks like that bit of bullshit will soon attempt to go the way of Mubarak; except that Mubarak won't be around in three months-and three months from now the entire game-plan of the N.W.O. will have been shaken down to its core of basic lies: LIES that no one here will be able to believe-in anymore!
1) US, Israel desperate with fear over Egypt
2) Since Gulf War 1 73,846 Dead, 1,620,906 Disabled (As of 12-11-06)
3) 300+ U.S. Casualties: Forward Base Falcon "Coverup"!
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