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Demystifying The Collapse
Of American Society

By Jim Kirwan
Charles Darrow created the Board-game, "MONOPOLY," Which was once about the pitfalls between Power & Impotence.
"Brady's book describes Charles Darrow as an unemployed salesman and inventor living in Germantown, Pennsylvania, who was struggling with odd jobs to support his family in the years following the great stock market crash of 1929. Charles Darrow remembering his summers spent in Atlantic City, New Jersey, spent his spare time drawing the streets of Atlantic City on his kitchen tablecloth, with found pieces of material and bits of paints, wood etc. contributed by local merchants. A game was already forming in his mind as he built little hotels, houses and other tokens to go along with his painted streets.
In investigating the history of the world's best selling board game, I discovered a trail of controversy surrounding Monopoly beginning in 1936. This was the year Parker brothers introduced Monopoly ® after purchasing the rights from Charles Darrow. The controversy continues with the General Mills Fun Group (buyers of Parker Brothers and Monopoly) bringing a lawsuit against Ralph Anspach and his Anti-Monopoly® game in 1974. Finally, there is Anspach's pending monopolization lawsuit against the present owners of Monopoly. Dr. Anspach deserves the real credit for unearthing the true history of Monopoly while developing his defense case against the Parker Brothers' infringement suit. Make sure to read the second part of this article to find out what is happening with Dr. Anspach today and to read a special statement written by him." (1)
The shorthand explanation for why MONOPOLY was created is that Darrow wanted to make a board-game that explained (to the public) how the BANKERS were able to do to what they did to the public on the stock-market-crash of 29. After the game was acquired by Parker Brothers, it was altered slightly to become just another Capitalistic enterprise that lauded CAPITALISM and all of the supposed-wonders that were being made possible though the Banking System, or in other words the exact opposite of what Charles Darrow had designed his family-oriented board game to do. . .
Hence we have come full circle, once more. The Bankers of the Stock Market Collapse in 1929 are standing today on the edge of a second precipice; this one thousands of times more deadly than their trial run in 1929. Maybe it's time for a new board game: This time one that shows exactly how the entire society has been compromised and included in the total erosion of every aspect of this society, on all fronts, so that there is no longer any way for determined individuals to even deal with the system that is now firmly in place-except by overthrowing the entire system.
The first thing any realistic investigator looks for whenever anyone chooses to investigate anything is the ORG-CHART, of the business being investigated. The same thing is true here, except that what I see has turned out to be an ORGE-Chart that delineates how millions of people have been sucked-in to a closed-system; wherein only the elites at the top of every discipline can profit-and wherein everyone else can only Lose, Lose again and again, and then finally FAIL completely.
If anyone were to create such a chart, (or DARE to create such a game) it would involve a virtual book to barely describe it all; so I'll spare you the massive amounts of knowledge and detail that went into assembling this "chart." Instead I thought maybe just a few examples might suffice.
In the overview one must consider all the major professions; each of which has their own set of professional-standards that are supposed to guide the professional behavior of their members. All of these 'guidelines' have been corrupted in favor of making and keeping evermore amounts of money and power over the far larger ethical procedures that once governed so many people that are involved in trying to live their professional lives.
The world tends to believe that there is only one "oldest profession." But there are actually two professions that predate language and everything else. Prostitution and the Arts, form the "oldest professions." This is critical to understanding how these various cancers upon all societies today became possible. The first element of their attack upon the rest of us came in the form of the Double-standards that were created by owners, to censor and cast-out the lesser people within the society: They did this by sanctioning anyone that had to resort to less-than-traditional ways of earning a living.
"Prostitution" was among their foremost targets; the "arts" were employed to keep their carefully crafted image of power in place and protected. Let's use the lens of 'prostitution' as a guide to 'understanding' just exactly how pervasive their system has become. Every profession in this country has used advertising (the arts) to coerce its members and the public into believing that how they go about "the business of business" is both ethical and good-for-everyone from practitioners to customers-when the truth is more like the Snake-Oil Salesmen trying to make a buck in the sleaziest ways possible. This is the method beneath all the "LEGAL contracts" that can be violated at will by the corporations (And the government), but which are death to those unaware of what they have committed themselves to.
"Prostitution" as it usually thought of is a street-corner world, or possibly a higher-form of call-services wherein people of both sexes offer themselves to be rented-out for a wide variety of services-rendered. In BUSINESS, as in what now passes for the whole society; prostitution is a basic requirement. In everything from marriage to business, prostitution has its part to play, and has been fantastically successful in the highest levels of government and in every private corporation. I am not talking about sex-for-hire, or honest prostitutes: I'm talking about how often everyday, each of us is told to prostitute themselves for any cause from phony-patriotism to a better quarterly earning share for any business. There is also the common-prostitution that is practiced by millions of employees, every minute of every day, just to keep their pitiful "jobs" in this criminal world: primarily by NOT ASKING QUESTIONS about whatever they 'must-do," if they want to keep on getting a paycheck.
Add to this FACT that American workers now "sell or rent themselves" to the companies (or government) they choose to work for, in exchange for only a pittance of what they actually are contracted to give to their criminal-employers. How so? Well the company (the employers, including government) demand every hour of your time in every week of the year. Yet they will only agree to pay you or me for the extremely few hours that we spend directly on doing what they hired us to do. So; to keep the job-people have sacrificed by far the largest amount of the time that they have given to those that do not need the money-and yet who demand total subservience, in exchange for something that not only has no future (you can all be fired at any time) but the effects of this illegal arrangement between those who work and those that profit cannot ever be challenged. It's all because you agreed to become prostitutes to criminal-organizations and the government whose goals have for the last fifty years been to convict you of anything that will allow then to end your productive and private lives; while they steal your work and services for almost free.
You want proof? Companies and the government now control all your personal habits, what you eat or drink, what kind of cars you might drive, what kind of personal hours you might want to keep along with who you might choose to associate with-and all at no cost to them! YOU GIVE THEM that power over you without question; just to get what you supposedly need from the non-security of "the job" you supposedly were hired to do. Basically we have become prostitutes without the honor of honesty: While we tell ourselves that "WE HAVE NO CHOICE!"
That's just one tiny part of this 'Mirage of Freedom' that now almost owns the souls of the millions that still might have a job amid this colossal collapse of the entire system that once was so productively beneficial for billions of people everywhere-but NO LONGER NOW!
They (these would-be owners of us all) began this process innocently enough with the stated desire "of satisfying the inmost desires of every man-woman-and-child on the planet: Who could fault them for that? What they neglected to mention was that the price for meeting this criteria was you complete slavery to everything and everyone above you on the ORGE-CHART. You see the lowest rung on every one of the long lists on this ORGE-CHART always ends the same way; on the backs of the poor and the enslaved. However what they have tried to keep SECRET is that most of those directly above the slaves, all the way up to Members of the Boards of Directors are also TOTALLY EXPENDABLE as well; just like the slaves!
Take a look at "MEDICINE:" Supposedly a field that is critically necessary for the health and well-being of the entire population The Congress has Carte Blanche: This is what the government refers to when they boast of having "The FINEST MEDICAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD TODAY." Congress has that for FREE; while the rest of us have the worst system (privatized & insurance-based, that does not give a fck about any individual person) or so-called medicine here or in the entire developed world!
Doctors are the people that are supposed to care about their patients; but all that most of them care about now is making as much money as the system allows them to steal from the rest of us. The same is true of lawyers, politicians, and all the professionals in-between, who are trolling for business in this very old-system of colonial dominance, over the rights and expectations of the people they have been stealing from for the last fifty years. Part of why they get away with all of this is that the word RESPONSIBILTY has for all intents and purposes been ERASED from THEIR lives and taken off the list of prosecutable things that must be answered for, anywhere in the world today. This is part one of the new GET-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE card in the NEW MONOPOLY board-game that probably ought to be called The NO-BLAME-GAME!
Advertising is now used by not just the politicians and the BANKS, the media, every profession with any depth attached, but it is also used as the JUSTIFICATION for continuing THEIR power over the rest of us, in millions upon millions of all those smaller decisions that have been 'RESPONSIBLE' FOR KEEPING THE RICH filthy-rich, and the poor or struggling in the poor-houses or the prisons across this land. So if you want to blame someone just look straight into the mirror and begin to ask yourself how much of their bullshit did you buy, this week, last month; or how about since the dawning of THEIR New Millennium! The SECRET behind it all has always been that YOU & I REFUSED TO CALL THEM ON IT ­ no matter where or how they have used these decisions against us.
We were SILENT when PRICE-FIXING was forgotten, when TRUTH-IN-ADVERTISING, went the way of all things. We forgot to notice when our "executives" began to exceed the rules against EXCESS-PROFITS. We shut-up when we dumped being a REPUBLIC and turned ourselves into a POLICE-STATE just like we ignored the FACT that doctors, lawyers, and the government have been trolling for business for services and information which they do not need, and which does not help the clients for decades: In order to totally control every aspect of our lives. Nor do most of us pay any attention whatsoever to the now billions that we have recently maimed, tortured and killed throughout the entire world. Incidentally these same now totally corrupted areas of life are now blaming us for the predicament that we have allowed them to create: Just look at TSA and now FEMA; both of which we have sanctioned to the max!
There will be more on this later; but if you think about the way you have been treated by countless insurance companies, banks and the government, not to mention whichever crappy company supposedly is responsible for your ability to pay your bills, then you certainly don't need me to point that out in any more depth. . .
1) Monopoly, Monopoly http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa121997.htm
2) Playing the HAARP: The previous aticle today
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