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Fukushima Plutonium Meets
Chemtrail Barium - The Perfect Crime?
By Dick Eastman
Let me summarize in the simplest terms what I said in my earlier message (which I have included below.)
Assuming you already know Fukushima is a "dirty bomb" aimed at the US, I suggest that it is not the perpetrators intention that California, Oregon etc. be permanently contaminated with plutonium as are villages downwind of Chernobyl.  
What they want it to reduce our population and degrade the health and level of functioning of the survivors, but to save the prime real estate in habitable condition for themselves.
To accomplish this they are sending enduring plutonium over in small quantities only to create a weapons factory in the sky from which will come highly unstable (short-half-life) radioactive isotopes of barium and lanthanum. These isotopes will be produced in this way:
The plutonium emits at very high speed heavy particles consisting of two neutrons and two protons in nuclear bond.  These "bullets" are called alpha particles, and they only slow down by colliding with other matter. The closer the target to the plutonium atom that emits the alpha particle the greater the probability of it being hit hard.
When an alpha particle moving it its initial very high speed hits the nucleus of very close barium atom, the barium will no longer continue as the same stable low-radition isotope it was before. It will no longer have the same number of protons and/or neutrons as before. It will be come a highly radioactive isotope of lanthanum or of barium, that will last only a short time because of its inherent instability. It's half life may only be a few minutes, a few hours or a few days depending on which isotope is formed (see list below). 
It is these isotopes that will attack our the molecule of the critical cells of our organs and our genetic endowment. This will be the atomic attack -- all during a series of beautiful spring days and you won't suspect a thing. And after the killer isotopes have vanished -- transforming into less radioactive isotopes with much longer half-lives, as it were vanishing in the crowd of not-so-low "background radiation" sources -- there will be no way of telling that the crime was committed. All the global conspirators have to do is keep tests from being to frequent and too thorough and in a very short the evidence will be gone. 
For this airborne weapons factory to succeed it is necessary that the plutonium get very close to a lot of barium atoms -- close enough so that the statistical probability of obtaining the desired amount of killer isotope will be attained. To accomplish that the skies have been salted with barium in a number of ways, but mostly by depositing it in the sky by jet airplane. 
Two decades of <http://www.rense.com/general79/barium.htm>clandestine weather modification using barium cloud deposited where high-speed computer models/simulations -- but such good models and such high speed computers that the simulation can actually extrapolate accurately ahead of real time -- so they can, by the right intervention affecting surface temperature and thus pressure -- steer weather systems -- they are now able to do a similarly amazing thing by computing how much barium and how much plutonium must be suspended in the air at given temperatures to create the number of collisions to obtain the number of killer isotopes to do the damage they want done. The isotopes will do their job and change into more stable and common matter even as the damage to us has already been done and we won't begin seeing the harm until later.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
p.s. There may be other components to this "precision dirty bomb" warfare -- but I am confident that I correctly understand at least this much of it.
*These "bullets" emitted from plutonium are called alpha particles. Because they hit other particles their kinetic energy is soon diffused in the atmosphere -- like the cue ball in billiards breaks the racked balls transferring its motion to them and slowing to the speed at which all the other balls are moving -- the effective range for hitting a barium nucleus with sufficient energy is very short.
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