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Cooperation Vs Competition
By Jim Kirwan
We made a wrong turn, right after the Pyramids
For thousand of years the world has been paying for taking the wrong road, after the gift of the Pyramids. In the ancient world where knowledge itself was not secret, the human race was embarked upon a combined universe of knowledge and technology that was structured to advance both humanity and the human condition.
But after the Pyramids it was also faced with choices, at that point, and the enemies of life and existence succeeded in their capture of 'that special knowledge' that brought us to that point. The Darkness that followed this sunset upon the human condition, involved the disappearance of that special cooperative knowledge, which was superseded by competition, by greed and avarice together with an all consuming lust for temporal power. This equation became
"The Root of all Evil."
In the natural world that preceded this fatal-tuning-point, human beings were just another part of nature, at peace in a balanced world. Cooperation with others and with the natural laws of the universe allowed mankind to flourish.
There had been a very different kind of bounty that came through mutual-cooperation and those understandings that were founded on the reality that such a way-of-living had produced. Yet the success of this natural way of life and progress was envied mightily, and that was the dark-spark that introduced the hatreds and the obsessions with everything to do with acquisition; over cooperation and the mutual bounty created by living and loving in accord with the rest of all life on the planet.
From here on in War trumped every other endeavor just as conquest was always preferable to the tedium that surrounded human needs. So for the next few thousand years mankind began its war upon nature and women as well; but by then the world was addicted to capitalism-by-any-means; and it's been downhill ever since.
In the world we lost; CHALLENGE had been a natural and beneficial part of every thought and action: When challenges came in non-competitive forms, where there was room for everyone to share in both the work and the bounty thus produced. But when we took the wrong path we lost what had been gained, in all previous centuries, because the very few were demanding more, more and even more of everything that had once belonged to all.
Today that Dark-Force calls itself the Illuminati and its followers have branched out into a myriad of deadly sub-divisions that all share the same goal which is still the end of civilization and the rise of Totalitarian Empires where free people had once walked upon a balanced planet with clear priorities and a magnificent 'future' based on everything that lived. With the rise of savage and arrogantly personal competition; cooperation died; and the future of failure, of starvation, and of global-blood and death that we are now about to experience was born!
The first casualty on the road of unyielding Competition was self-belief. In the natural world individuals themselves decided who they were and what they needed to do to make their lives complete. There was no need for middle-men or arbitrators because each person had his or her own direct line to the Universal-Spirit of life which was that invisible force that ruled their lives and the entire world.
To ease this new and radical-reversal of the terms of the human condition; formal religions were created and they demanded total-loyalty to an extreme set of artificial-authorities that had to be obeyed: Regardless of the goals of any individual's personal-determination of the life, that each had chosen for him or herself. The formalized relationship between people and these new and self-appointed 'authorities' was such that a new imperial-link had to be recognized (upon pain of death) between people and their universal-spirit which had been renamed. This force was to become known by several different names and practices; with a common-denominator that required a mediator between all people and their universal yet individual understanding of the Spirit that had ruled this planet from our earliest beginnings: Back when we were all nomadic-wanderers that followed the seasons and the herds for our sustenance and for survival. Formal religions killed that individuality that had been the real-strength upon which all of civilization was built. The new submissive world had no such strengths on which to rely: Tyranny became the new ruler, and wealth guided every step toward the thrones that never seem to have enough of everything they hungered for.
It didn't take long for the artificial-authorities, in the guise of formal religions; to demand an end to every individual's "right-to-knowledge" under their new an evermore twisted malformations of decrees, taxes and the endless Empirical demands upon their newly created "subjects." The self-surrender of the human race to these contrived-ideologies was the turning point that ended any real chance for people to save themselves, or their world, from the death of their own self-belief. At this point formal "ownership of the land" made its appearance; just as people were being changed from independent entities into nothing more than chattel for the land-owners who soon became dictators; over every facet of the lives which the OWNERS had them conscripted to. Their abject and unrelenting poverty crushed the spirit as well as the body. And as "property" they were treated with as much contempt as was needed, to keep them all in line.
Today's re-birth from the ancient "owners-primitive-concepts has been inherited and codified further by Multinational Corporations; who have informally replaced the now-dying-religions, upon whose ritualized-forms these crimnals have been feeding, since the end of World War II. The result of this cut-throat capitalism that worships money, greed and artificial power over life itself; has given rise of global-tyranny with an eye to owning the entire world and everyone in it; except of course themselves.
However there have been some real problems with their plans. It's simple really. Everything they have based their entire scheme on, has involved building nothing while destroying everything that was already here. This assumed that there would always be people creating new things somewhere; in order for their brutal-conquests to continue. What they did not plan for was that so many half-witted collaborators, around the world, would begin to join them as soon as all the laws restraining each and every one of them was also dead. Consequently the scorched-earth policies of the N.W.O. are moving much faster than they had imagined, and the End-Game is upon us now, when there is so little left to plunder to rape or to steal. Which brings us to the end of COMPROMISE that descends ever deeper into the upside down guts of the now betrayed challenges that all of us were given, to help the human race succeed.
A very obvious side-effect of this insane disease of gluttony; compounded by unlimited greed and a lust for power that is unrivaled in the annuals of history, is that their chattel are so insecure, so cut-off from the universe and from everything else that whenever a crisis develops they behave very much like a crop of factory-raised-turkeys, that have to be watched so that they don't drown in a rainstorm. The public today has lost any ability they might have once had, to respond to a multiplicity of threats simultaneously in any cohesive or intelligent way.
Today the global population faces severe and dangerous attacks from every quarter now. Earthquakes, nuclear and potential-Plutonium-radiation from the six reactors that are still imploding in Japan to be followed by "other events" either within the Ring of Fire or possibly by "other disasters," in places as distant from each other as say The Madrid fault line in the Midwest to that ring of volcanoes within the ring of fire; any three of which could bring on nuclear winter. And then of course there's still Yellowstone: and these potential events all bear directly on the health and vitality of the now ruined USA. That would be the country that is in the middle of giving states the right to break all contracts and dump elected leaders in order to give the management of whole cities and entire states to individuals or to private corporations. This will mark the total end of all human rights or supposed freedoms in the farce that is now US INC.
And as if that were not enough this nation is about to undergo a Financial Tsunami that will wipe-out the last two-hundred plus years of illicit and legal profits amassed under the rubric of Barbaric-Capitalism-unchecked. During these last ten years the goal has been to destroy everything we cannot steal or sell. Whatever is left-over from that time when we actually tried to make something useful out of this blood-stained place must be sold or ended. The Bald Eagle has been replaced and our national bird is now the Vulture of Raw Capitalism. The Vipers and the Vulture-Capitalists have been raping and scavenging every last piece of gristle from the shattered bones of what was once a semi-unified land; before we dumped it all to grab "our private shares" in the blood money "we" produced with our unending wars upon the rest of the planet.
These spineless cowards, that have ignored the plight of the rest of the world while they had their little celebrations of excess in every boardroom in this land-are now TERRIFIED of EVERYTHING, but especially of the UNKNOWN because they know how much at fault they are in all of this. It doesn't help that they know absolutely nothing about how anything (including actual survival) actually works.
It begins to feel like the ghosts of those 59 million Natives that we murdered might be getting restless; that's definitely overdue! How very different this circumstance would have been had our ancestors embraced cooperation and endorsed healthy-competition; instead of exterminating cooperation in favor of this ruthless and mindless competition that has led to acquisitions unending in a world already overrun with too much trash and meaningless garbage. What's done is done I guess.
You know we actually stole the really innovative parts of the US Constitution from the Five Civilized Tribes, in the Northeast, before we murdered them. I guess it doesn't matter since we could not keep faith with the higher-forms of governance that were involved. But it is interesting that we called them SAVAGES, while they were in fact light-years ahead of the idiot-wanderers that migrated here for gold and opportunities without restriction, under flags of religion and conquest that had been irrefutably tarnished, long before they set sail to come here.
Too bad, so sad, Oh well ­ bring it on world. This place has found and screwed everything that lived here once, on more than one occasion. The party's over and its time for the killing and the Chaos to begin, side by side with all the disease and the destruction that all those years of determined self-denial about the truth of what Amerrika does with its looted booty to
everyone else on the planet. Did you know that in the CIA's shadow wars we've already killed 6 million civilians in the name of Cheney's Shadow Government? And that's in just one area of corruption that this place has created for itself, while claiming that "Amerrika is a Free and Democratic place." Sure it is. . .
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