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Our Globally-Immortal War Criminal

By Jim Kirwan
Dick Cheney has expanded his global reputation as a killer of the planet, as well as a war-criminal extrodinare. His first act as Vice-President under Bush the Dictator was to forcefully take complete control over US Energy policy. This criminally SECRET action paved the way for everything to do with "energy" in this country, and now as it turns out, he has been able to add the global nuclear meltdown that can now be traced back to his iron-fisted control over filthy-coal and the completely unstable reliance upon nuclear energy over any and all other forms of energy. This situation has resulted in a nearly total lack of investment in any alternative forms of energy that could have given the world other choices. But with his own vested interests on the line; Cheney, above all others is responsible for the present situation; a predicament that has arisen because there are currently so few alternatives to either nuclear or dirty-coal by design.
This fact cannot be stressed enough because Cheney literally "guarded" his meetings with the heads of global-oil & gas, nuclear and coal companies that were held in the White House-the people's house-but to this day have been kept secret from anyone that did not attend those secret meetings in person. Cheney went so far as to use the Secret Service to confiscate the White House logs, to prevent anyone from knowing what took place and with who, during his first few months in office. To date that SECRET has been off limits to anyone not involved with his own private secret-government. Cheney is responsible for bringing back the use of dirty-coal into the official energy arena; which is currently being used as the vile and unsavory alternative; in order to keep Nuclear energy by having to rely only on filthy-coal, if we abandoned nuclear. In effect while making money by reintroducing coal, Cheney was also providing another excuse not to abandon Nuclear energy, because by not allowing funding to alternative-energy-sources; Cheney was able to severely limit control over our own lives-worldwide.
Consequently Dick Cheney; in addition to his contributions to the Bush Doctrine of 2002 as a war-criminal, he is also directly responsible for the ruins of US nuclear energy, that is about to be expanded upon, without first fixing the aging nuclear facilities that are leaking all over this country today. His actions have always been those of an individual defending his own turf; while putting the entire nation at risk for his own continued private profits. Cheney's policies are outrageously connected to the UN's Agenda 21, which seeks to destabilize the planet in order to generate global-control over international population-reductions that will eliminate billions of people around the world: Hence Dick Cheney has deliberately chosen to become 'Our Globally-Immortal War-Criminal.' (1) & (1a)
Cheney's vicious and open hatred of humanity has created one of the most inhuman disciples of global-control to have ever risen through-the-ranks of so many other evil men and women that his record of criminality on every front, uniquely qualifies Dick Cheney in so many ways, for Crimes Against Humanity on a global scale. Why is this creature still walking the earth?
Cheney's stance against the constitution, against human and civil rights, and in favor of global-control over all aspects of life in America today has quietly led the way toward national-secrecy and the criminalization of the entire civilian population of the former United States. His protégés in the warped view of so many would-be dictatorial candidates for massive social repression; who are coming forward now with medieval punishments for any that would challenge governments, state by state, to eliminate the rights of people to unionize or to STRIKE. All these grass-roots actions are being taken to avoid becoming absolute slaves to Cheney's world view that just happens to coincide with the UN's Agenda 21. Here's the latest on that fascistic-front.
"A plot is currently in motion to overthrow the government of the United States. It has already begun and has moved forward in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin but more states are waiting to act.
Shooting incidents and bombings are planned and some may already have been carried out. A major false flag terror attack on the United States is expected, followed by states openly defying the federal government, suspending the constitution and declaring a joint "state of emergency."
Those involved are told 5 Supreme Court justices will back them up, paralyzing the United States.
Michigan has already suspended most constitutional guarantees already and plans are in motion to enact martial law. Police departments will be "defunded," union contracts illegally dissolved and police powers will pass to mercenary groups derived from Blackwater International.
Schools are being closed in some cities, classrooms being overloaded with students stacked like "cordwood" in others. Universities are facing cutbacks while curriculums face politically inspired gutting.
Those who used to fear increasing taxes, always death to a reelection campaign are now taxing the middle class to death. There will be no more elections, not real ones anyway. In Michigan, in fact, plans are moving forward to dissolve dozens of local governments. They are being replaced by "political consultants" who will be above any court or recall authority. This law has already been written and it says exactly this.
On a federal level, a terror attack of such magnitude is in the works as to force a full scale invasion of Iran, something currently beyond the military capabilities of the United States. America will be left in such a weakened state that a "dark horse" candidate, certainly not one of the gang of political failures waiting in the wings for 2012, will be "placed" into the presidency as in 2000, approved by the Supreme Court." There is much more at the link. (2)
Obama has expanded on the Bush Doctrine in illegal wars, and when it comes to nuclear energy he has chosen to expand funding for nuclear plants in the US rather than intensifying safety or shutting down plants that are dangerous by any standard; given that most of our nuclear facilities are about to reach expiration-dates that have to be renewed or shut-down.
The third part of this indictment of 'Our Immortal War-Criminal comes with the attempted manipulation of the global crisis that surrounds the potential meltdown of reactors in Japan (and possibly elsewhere very soon). This nuclear-crisis is being downplayed as "overblown hysteria" that is not really radioactively dangerous to anyone, because the UN has said that "nuclear energy is safe," even though the UN has steadfastly refused to analyze the data from Chernobyl, that is soon to be 25 years old.
"Amy the whole thing is "NUCLEAR MADNESS" which is what I called my first book in 1978. A new report from the NY Academy of Sciences has just translated 5,000 papers from Russian into English. It's the most devastating report I've ever seen. Up to a million people have already died from Chernobyl and people will continue to die from cancer for virtually the rest of time. What we should know is that a millionth of a gram of plutonium, OR LESS, can induce cancer; or WILL induce cancer. Each reactor has 250 kilos or five-hundred pounds of plutonium in it. There's enough plutonium in these reactors to kill everyone on earth.
I was commissioned to write an article for the New England Journal of Medicine about the dangers of Nuclear Power; I spent a year researching it. 'the propaganda from the nuclear industry says that 'it's low-level radiation and that's absolute rubbish.' If you inhale a millionth of a gram of plutonium; the surrounding cells inhale a very, very high dose-most die within that area, because it's an Alpha Emitter. Cells on the periphery remain viable, they mutate and the regulatory genes are damaged. Years later that person develops cancer.
Now that's true for radioactive Iodine that goes to the Thyroid, Cesium 137 that goes to the brain and muscles, strontium 90 goes to bone, causing bone cancer and Leukemia. It's imperative____ that you understand internal emitters in radiation. And its not low level to the cells that are exposed. Radio-biology is imperative to understand these days.
I totally agree 'Global Warming' is a terrible, terrible catastrophe. However I commissioned a study, done by_____ about three or four years ago called Carbon Free, Nuclear Free. The truth is that there's enough renewable technology now, right now, which is relatively cheap to supply the whole of the US's needs by 2040, without any carbon or any nuclear. We just need to have the politicians to get up out of the pockets of the nuclear companies, the coal companies, the oil companies (the same forces that Cheney breathed new life into with his SECRET US Energy Policies) and START FUNDING RENEWABLE ENERGY. Why isn't there a solar panel on every single house in America; solar hot water systems ­ with windmills everywhere. [Because that is WHY Cheney created HIS Energy Policies-to prevent this exact same solution from becoming available]
You know it would increase the GDP, and employ hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. This is the way to go; that is the prescription for survival. Nuclear Power creates massive quantities of radioactive waste: There's no where to put it on earth that's SAFE. [And this has been true since Dirty-Harry approved the use of nuclear for peaceful power, from the beginning] And as it leaks into the water over time it will bio-concentrate in the food chains in the breast-milk, in the fetuses that are thousands of times more radio-sensitive than adults. One X-ray to the pregnant abdomen doubles the instances of Leukemia, in the child. And over time nuclear waste will introduce epidemics of cancer, Leukemia and genetic disease and random compulsory genetic-engineering. And we're not the only species with genes of course, it's plants and animals-so of course this is an absolute catastrophe the likes of which the world has never seen before." Helen Caldicott on Democracy Now today.
That's it in a nutshell, and no matter how much the UN, the World Health Organization and the American Nuclear Regulatory Agency might protest; This is what the world faces today. A totally unnecessary energy policy put in place SCECRETLY by none other than Dick Cheney ­ America's premiere and now "Globally-Immortal War-Criminal, that ought to charged with his crimes and removed from any contact with the outside world-forever!
1) The Ninth Wave, Agenda 21
1a) Totalitaria
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