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The Astrolabe In The Hourglass
By Jim Kirwan

"The history of the astrolabe begins more than two thousand years ago. The principles of the astrolabe projection were known before 150 B.C., and true astrolabes were made before A.D. 400. The astrolabe was highly developed in the Islamic world by 800 and was introduced to Europe from Islamic Spain (al-Andalus) in the early 12th century. It was the most popular astronomical instrument until about 1650, when it was replaced by more specialized and accurate instruments. Astrolabes are still appreciated for their unique capabilities and their value for astronomy education." (1)

The Astrolabe is another of the wonders brought into the world by the Ancients; in this case as early as 150 B.C. I'm not an expert on this in any way; but I have to wonder how a simple device about the size of a pocket watch could have been used to guide people whether on the oceans or through the desert wastes so very long ago: Given that the principle inside the Astrolabe uses star maps to give the user an exact location for purposes of navigation.

The question is how was it possible to accurately create "star maps" for the miniaturized Astrolabe, so long before telescopes were developed in the West?

'The manufacture and properties of lenses were known since the time of the Greeks. Islamic scholars such as the 10th century Egyptian physician Alhazen made important contributions to optics. However lens were not introduced to Europe until around the 13th Century,' when eye-glasses became available in cities like Venice and Florence.'(2)

So, given this disparity between the time when the Astrolabe was in use and the time much later when telescopes were beginning to be perfected: How was it possible for the Astrolabes to be used for navigation long before there was a way for astronomers to create accurate star maps-much less to miniaturize those maps and be able to create a number of various maps to be used in a variety of locations; to guide the user to places that he or she had never been to before? The short answer might be that the knowledge came from outside the conventional world of Ancient Egypt; possibly from the same source that allowed the Islamic world to discover and use "numbers", higher mathematics, and the construction of the Pyramids etc.

It would appear that early man had help in figuring out how to navigate his or her way through the universe of that day and time. By comparison and despite all of our supposed technical-expertise it seems that the human-race in 2011 has no idea of where they are or where they might be going either upon this tiny-blue-planet or in the wider universe. This becomes even stranger when you realize that 'Amerrikans' never can seem to do anything for themselves without major help. That "help in finding one's way through life" almost always is either rented by the hour or contracted for by pre-arrangements. That "guidance" comes from government, from lawyers or from doctors, priests, officials of all kinds or even just the advice and the authority of traditions that have guided parents, teachers and others as they attempt to direct whatever needs to be done (according to societies needs-which vary widely between various peoples and traditions): But the point is the person goes first to someone else, anyone else, and only after that fails do they even consider thinking for themselves.

One thing in all of this which is crystal clear is that twenty-first century humans are about as bright as a box of rocks; when it comes to being able to decide anything for themselves (beyond the conventional or the traditional wisdom of the day). Everything most Amerrikans do seems to require some expertise that apparently most people do not have; and given this situation the first thing everyone seems to look for is some kind of rule-book, perhaps a guide or maybe just some professional advice. That's because the world of the New Millennium is purposely far too complex for most people to survive in without "help." Except that this concept is just another con-job brought to you by the same people that have cluttered up your life with complexities-unending; commercials without mercy; and literally tons and tons of advertising to convince people of their own inability to do anything right: This applies to marriage, child rearing, anything and everything to do with contracts, the law, government, medicine, education, health, and just survival in general. All of this was once-upon-a-time something that most people did for themselves; some far more successfully than others. The successful were called survivors; everyone else was just road-kill.


If our teachers had taught us "how to learn whatever we needed to know" (there is a system for doing just that, based on knowing what questions to ask); then 99% of our "problems" would have been eliminated before they came to be problems: That's why Rockefeller began killing real education in the 1930's.

To equalize this situation early-on, professions were formed and crafts-guilds were created to regularize the services that could be purchased, and charges could be set that balanced the services done for an appropriate fee. When specialties like medicine or law arose, then actual additional knowledge was required to finish an education that is technically based. From this same approach to business, wherein "LYING" carried real penalties: The same general compacts were made between people and the way those people interacted with others in their world; as well as how they should deal with other societies. In the West this was generally thought of as ethics or standard business-practices that had to be observed to preserve order and on that basis "laws" were created to codify behavior and further the advance of the whole society.

Of course there were outlaw countries and societies, just as men and women have always lied, sometimes. In the long run however the Pirates and the Bandits of the planet have always been eliminated by the same practices they tried to codify; however that tended to be long and bloody as well as totally counter-productive, if 'advancing' the society was ever the goal. What we have now exceeds all previous efforts at having a CRIMINAL based society by a factor of at least 1.5 Quadrillion, which is the current size of the fake society in which we all are now trying to survive. The only "living" being attempted is being done by the elites that almost own everything there is to own: Our fight is to reverse this colossal tidal-wave of corruption, theft, torture and mass-murder on a global scale. But humanity seemingly no longer has a compass, and there is no Astrolabe to tell us exactly where we are in the universe or the world-because we have thrown away all the things that could have prevented any of this from happening-and the true irony is we did it all for "money" that isn't worth the paper that it's printed on.

What has been happening since January twenty-fifth, 2011 is the reaction against this overreaching-Oligarchy that is long overdue; but which promises to take the world back to the basics of human existence that must start with human dignity, natural and uncensored speech, coupled with the freedom of movement and of thought in a needlessly complex world.

"Time' is another of mankind's creations, indicated by the broken mechanical clock, at the bottom of the hourglass, that nature has killed by  sheer perseverance which is what nature does to whatever man creates. Since we have not learned much from what we have allowed to kill our former world; nature is about to recreate the terms of existence that the survivors of this 'created-catastrophe' will either learn to live with or who will die because they are incapable of adapting to real CHANGE.

But here again there are choices to be pondered. CHANGES are indicated as a solar eclipse; while CATACLYSM is indicated by the supernova of a very distant universe.

Both of these images present circumstances that will affect us: What we have to decide is whether or not we will risk the complete destruction of the planet and everything upon it in a cataclysmic collapse; or whether we shall finally draw that line that must be drawn, to end this latest privatization-of-everything that was once public: Just so that the very foreign-few can own it all! There is a lot more to every life than 'money,' monetary-wealth, and illicit pleasures: If we ever want to do anything about the survivability of the earth, or the human race then there is really no choice at all. We must reverse this centuries-old attempt to capture the planet and enslave the human-race, but to do that the Amerrikans must throw away their blinders, tear off their gags, and open their ears to all those questions which they know that they have never asked.

Here's part of an exchange I recently had with a reader that attempts to outline how the above has actually affected Amerrikans in everyday life.

k) "Admittedly this is an uphill fight because so many have chosen to bury their deeply held so-called beliefs (which is a lie) because they never ever challenged what went into their conscious minds automatically. Real people tend to think for themselves and do what they decide is the right thing to do for themselves (in light of the whole community) but in particular whatever is decided has to have at least one toe in actual reality: Most of those that try to discuss the problem are not mentally house-broken and most have no idea what it means to ever have to fight for anything they actually "believe in." It's also noteworthy that most of them have never missed a meal; much less had to learn how to survive when failure will equal death. Amerrikans are simply not-equipped to understand what is really on-the-line in all of this.

Reader: Slowly the Zio-Cabal is becoming detectable to these rock solid belief systems as I point out that all committees are chaired by Zio-Jews, Banks, Wall Street, DOJ and on and on. But a thump on the Bible negates today's lesson. I have pointed out that men in Biblical days rode jackasses for transportation and had not a clue about modern science, jet planes, nuclear weapons and not a word in the Bible applies to America's circumstances and evil intent today.

k) If they continue to misunderstand then why not just toss the whole bag of dirty-tricks back into the world of business-common-sense: Would they simply accept an $80,000 car that they had paid for but that did not function and which would continuously break down: Or would they demand either a new car or all their money back with interest and penalties? Why would anyone NEVER QUESTION the people that are running the corporations that are stealing them blind? Moreover; how does anyone NOT have questions about everything that has happened over the last ten years that shows even an idiot; that those at the top are CRIMINALS, and not even very good criminals at that, because they don't even bother to hide what's going on - primarily because they KNOW that there will be NO CONSEQUENCES - regardless of the scale of criminality they have employed to complete the con. And perhaps most important how could anyone continue to do "business" with anyone that lies repeatedly abut every single thing they've ever done!

Reader: On the day of 911, I told these men that Israel did this event, it's just their style. Then Dr Ed Ward released the USGS spectroscopy results of 36 samples taken from Ground Zero and 2 samples has 3170ppm Strontium, a fission product and 55times background Tritium another fission product. Not a single peep from the mainstream media about the 1400 vehicles stashed unused, radiation possible. The future is bleak for Americans but they will only become aware of it increment by increment.

k) And therein lies the real problem. Amerrikans can only handle a few crumbs at any one time and only on one subject: hence it is literally impossible to present them with the complexities of this compound issue and expect them to DO anything about any of it - they are simply overwhelmed immediately: The short answer for which is that they will die, almost immediately when it finally gets rough out there - because they have no real knowledge about how one even goes about surviving in a real-world scenario wherein people have to actually fend for themselves because there is no one else to "DO" anything for them - once the shit hits the fan. These are people that have to HIRE others to do all their thinking for them from buying their clothes to buying a house or a car or insurance or to play the markets - even their marriages involve shrinks and advisors from all the dark corners of their failed lives - such creatures are not survivors: they are just PRETENDERS; pretending to do something that necessitates actual involvement in everyday life and the struggle that goes with every aspect of the lives we are all trying to live and improve on.

To such people the very idea that any-public-person is anything other than what they have been programmed to believe about that individual - is heresy. Whether it's about religious-ideology or the lies on which political-affiliations are built; nothing that they have previously accepted is ever fair game for their own questions that ought to arise - immediately! That's why we are so constrained (by our own "people") and that's why it is nearly impossible to change any of their own basic approaches to these intractable false-beliefs which have been in their sluggish-brains since they were barely more than infants People are not stupid by nature, they have just been too easily shaped by false-promises of pleasures or positions that no amount of purchasing power could ever get for them.

You might want to mention to them that just because they might believe something to be true; does NOT make it so. Nature has certain laws that no one gets to mess-with for very long and foremost among these laws are the CONSEQUENCES for outright failure. The US is a failed enterprise because it's population remains deluded into believing that they are owed 'the good-life'; when the truth is they are only owed what each and every one of them has EARNED. The NANNY-STATE is proof of the massive failure of this society that prefers to legislate what others can or cannot do with their lives; while those issuing the mandates get to do whatever they like - nanny-state-rules or not. It's all garbage and can never survive the test of time or the natural balances inherent in nature. . . that's my two cents.

Here's something from 1994 that I wrote about in 2004 which sheds a lot more light on the particulars of extremism and opposition to the nanny-state (that had already begun to takeover by 1994) and the pitfalls which have shredded a lot of what used to be part of this society in that process. . ." (3)

I wonder what happened to that massively-advanced world of the ancient-Egyptians: Was it the same thing that is happening to the world now-did the disillusioned-ease of their own lives con them into forgetting what really mattered, or was their end just the result of some kind of cycle? Maybe there were enough elements of both involved so that what ended them became the corpse upon which "their future & ours" could feed-on, so that there could be a "new tomorrow"?   



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